2018 BOSJ Night 4 Review & Analysis

Night four was all about the B-Block and the show was very good from start to finish. The show would once again take place from historic Korakuen Hall. But on this night, it wasn’t only the Juniors that had some action.

After a tag match that saw Naito and BUSHI pick up a tag victory, the arena went dark and Chris Jericho appeared on the screen! Y2J would cut a scathing and expletive-laden promo on Naito warning him about his future at Dominion on June 9th.

This will be the last of the Best of the Super Juniors tour that will be featured in its entirety on New Japan World until the final two shows. They will, however, be uploading the tournament matches as they continue through the round robin format. Let’s get into the action!



Sabin carries over his gameplan from his match with Kushida and relies heavily on a ground-based attack to wear out Sho. The RPG3K member didn’t shy away from the ground battle and put Sabin through the ringer with his submission move set. As the match progressed both men would begin to dig deep into their high flying and impactful arsenals. Sabin would begin to unleash an onslaught of strikes on Sho getting the upper hand and culminating in a series of superplex attempts by Sabin, where he was finally successful on the third attempt.


Smelling blood in the water Sabin went for his Cradle Shock but Sho fought the attempt off and began to fire up on Sabin. Sho nailed a series of German Suplexes and went back to his submission attack with a Fujiwara Armbar that transitioned into a cross armbreaker. The two begin to exchange finish attempts and counters when Sho finally locks in the Package Piledriver for the big victory and the 2 points.

Winner: Sho



The two friends and allies are very respectful of one another in the pre-match shenanigans. The match began with Taguchi and Lee comparing abs, sadly Taguchi lost the fight. The story of this match was the conditioning and agility of Taguchi. Yes, I said Taguchi. Throughout moments in this match, Funky Weapon would have long stretches of avoiding any offense from Lee due to his agility. At one point in the match, Taguchi ran the ropes from what felt like an eternity until he blew himself up.

This wasn’t all the Ryusuke Taguchi show though folks and Dragon Lee put on a great performance in his own right. Hitting beautiful aerial moves and using his speed to avoid Taguchi attacks made Dragon Lee look like a million bucks. Both men know each other so well that this match had a higher level of counters than most wrestling fans may be used to in an ordinary match. The end would come after a Taguchi near fall and Lee was able to nail the Desnucadora. Placing Dragon Lee atop the table in the B-Block.

Winner: Dragon Lee



The match kicked off before the opening bell even rang. Scurll was out to the ring first and as Kushida made his entrance he would chase Scurll through the crowd until Marty could make his way back tot he ring. AS the match began both men would show their submission wizardry, exchanging hold for hold with neither coming out on top. Both men would ramp up their attacks with each move being more vicious than the last. The pin attempts would begin to add up at this point as well.

The two men would trade submission and roll-up attempts for quick victories with no success. Kushida went on a tear at this point and began to steal the match from Scurll when Marty put an instant halt to Kushida’s momentum with his patented joint manipulation. Scurll would snap the fingers of Kushida which would play a role in the finish. Kushida would attempt the Hoverboard Lock but due to his injured hand, he couldn’t lock it in. Instead, he would put Marty away with the Back to the Future for the much-needed victory. Kushida is now on the board with two points and Scurll finds himself at the bottom of the table with two losses.

Winner: Kushida



This was the most vicious and violent match of the tournament so far and added as a spectacular new chapter in the rivalry of Desperado and Hiromu. Takahashi kicks the match off by attacking Desperado and would send him to the crowd. Hiromu beats Desperado all over Korakuen Hall and at one point hit probably the most violent dropkick I’ve ever seen. Takahashi hit Desperado so hard that Desperado flew several feet back. Now the violence wasn’t entirely in the hands of Hiromu as Desperado would get his receipt throughout the match.

Another brawl on the outside would see Desperado throw Hiromu into what appeared to be a small table that had zero give in it. He followed that up with an assault with ringside chairs to the back of Takahashi. He would then re-enter the ring while and remove a turnbuckle pad and whip Hiromu into the exposed buckle. The men would fight to the outside several more times during the match with both just narrowly beating the referee’s count. As the match reached its fever pitch both would attempt and counter one another’s finishing moves. El Desperado would finally put Hiromu away after a low-blow, Guitarra Del Angel, Pinche Loco sequence. Incredible match that sees El Desperado join Dragon Lee atop the leaderboard for the B-Block.

Winner: El Desperado

This really was a solid card from start to finish. All of the BOSJ matches lived up to their hype and followed through. I recommend watching all four of the tournament matches and the Jericho promo. The undercard was light and enjoyable as well but nothing beyond Jericho/Naito is must see.

Below is the updated standing after four nights of competition:

A-Block B-Block
Taiji Ishimori 4 Dragon Lee 4
Tiger Mask IV 4 El Desperado 4
ACH 2 Chris Sabin 2
Flip Gordon 2 Hiromu Takahashi 2
Will Ospreay 2 Kushida 2
Yoh 2 Sho 2
Bushi 0 Ryusuke Taguchi 0
Kanemaru 0 Marty Scurll 0

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