2018 BOSJ Night 5 Review & Analysis

Sorry for the delay folks, the smaller house shows have a rather dodgy upload schedule. But here we are! Back with some more incredible A-Block action! The single hard cam no commentary shows are still going on, as to be expected from the middle of the pack when it comes to the shows.

BUSHI vs Tiger Mask:

Bushi attempts to start the match off with some heel beatdown shenanigans, but the ref has enough and takes the chair from the masked LIJ junior and gives Tiger Mask an opportunity for some early offense. Did someone forget to tell Bushi that LIJ is sorta babyface now? He cranks the heel up to 11 in this match, giving the ref a hard time, holding submissions way after rope breaks, he’s going full bore heel and I love this performance from him. It’s the first time I’ve really been into Bushi this tourney and I hope he keeps this up, really cements Mask as the comeback babyface.


Bushi really dictates the pace through this match as a good heel should mask getting some hope spots here and there, but it’s mainly the Bushi show here. Tiger Mask still has what it takes as he takes control at the end and puts together a sizzling final stretch with a tiger driver followed by a super tiger suplex and finishing Bushi off with his signature bridging German suplex. Great victory for Mask here, and can you believe he’s in first place in A-block?!?!


Winner: Tiger Mask IV


ACH vs Yoshinobu Kanemaru:

One of my faves in this tourney against my definite bottom basement performer, I’ll try and keep my bias to a minimum. People are really going on about Kanemaru as a good grumpy old heel, but he just isn’t clicking with me and I feel like his spot could be better used on an up-and-coming junior from another promotion. Kanemaru starts out hot with a beat down series interrupting ACH’s entrance! They finally make their way into the ring and Kanemaru begins to work on the injured shoulder of ACH. I guess this makes Kanemaru a good heel since I shoot cannot stand him. 90% of these matches are outside spots and heel nonsense, maybe I’m getting worked but I’m just not into anything this guy does, next year give us Taka!!


ACH getting some comeback offense in, and Kanemaru actually reversed into a tilt-o-whirl DDT so I guess I can’t hate this guy too much. Also being in matches against guys like Kanemaru really gives ACH the chance to shine as a babyface and the crowd is still 100% behind him. ACH lands an insane backflip kick to Kanemaru while he’s in the corner, so many great things from this guy, ACH goes for the 450 but misses and does an amazing job selling the shoulder. This sets up the final sequence as Kanemaru spits whiskey in ACH’s face behind the back of the ref, gets a brainbuster followed by a two count, and hits his diving DDT to seal the victory and pick up the 2 points. Solid finish to an ok match. You can skip this one, and I never thought I’d say that about an ACH match.


Winner: Kanemaru


Flip Gordon vs Taiji Ishimori:

The next match keeps the trend going with one of my absolute faves squaring off with someone I could honestly take or leave. By no means am I burying flip, but I’m just not buying into the hype, maybe I’m not ALL IN, but then again I’m not in the crowd, and for all intents and purposes, they are 100% into Flip. Ishimori also getting lots of crowd love with an incredible move set including THAT FREAKIN BOTTOM ROPE HANGMAN GERMAN SUPLEX!!!!!


Again, who even thinks of doing that sort of move?! Incredible stuff from Ishimori. Flip knows how to call out to me with a falcon arrow on Taiji for a near fall, Ishimori gains control and tries to ground flip with submissions. A shock victory for Flip as he snags one from Ishimori with a bridging rolling cradle after narrowing avoiding Taiji’s finish. Great match from both of them, really showing their stuff!


Winner: Flip Gordon


Will Ospreay vs YOH:

Main event time folks and the excitement I have for this one is palpable, Yoh really has an opportunity here if he can put on a great match with the Aerial Assassin Will Ospreay. Sho is getting more of the early accolades, but Yoh is putting on quite the perforce himself. The two competitors share a kiss on the hand before starting, looking like they’re out here to have fun, the crowd is electric as soon as the bell rings, Yoh starts it off early and leads to a clean break followed by some taunting.


Ospreay returns the favor with some stiff shots to the youngster, this match is hot straight outta the gates! It’s a hard tempo to keep up but Ospreay keeps it interesting during the middle of the match with some creative submissions on Yoh, and some really mean chops. Yoh does really get a chance to get his stuff in with some great moves on the apron and slaps an intense dragon sleeper on Ospreay and will start with his almost banshee-like selling until he breaks the hold. Ospreay almost messes up a Sasuke special but Yoh manages to get under Ospreay and avoid any embarrassment for the two of them. Ospreay tries his Stormbreaker early to no avail and kicks the match into another gear, seriously amazing things from these two.


Every near fall is believable after the sort of moves they pull off, I’ve been on the edge of my seat ever since, an incendiary final stretch with an Essex destroyer followed by the Stormbreaker to give Ospreay the W, they share an embrace at the end to send the fans home happy. Make no mistake, Ospreay is the ace of the Jr division, but Yoh and Sho are gonna be STARS, I literally cannot say enough good things about them, Roppongi 3k is an incredible team but the two of them are just as good as singles workers, they’re going to be making impacts in junior heavyweight wrestling for years on end.


Winner: Will Ospreay


Updated Standings:

A-Block B-Block
Taiji Ishimori 4 Dragon Lee 4
Tiger Mask IV 4 El Desperado 4
Will Ospreay 4 Chris Sabin 2
Flip Gordon 4 Hiromu Takahashi 2
ACH 2 Kushida 2
Yoh 2 Sho 2
Kanemaru 2 Ryusuke Taguchi 0
Bushi 0 Marty Scurll 0

And that wraps up the May 25th house show, started off a bit slow, but had a world class couple of matches to end the night. Ospreay and Tiger Mask are now atop the A-block but there are plenty of points up for grabs, so make sure not to miss any nights, but don’t worry, we still have you covered here for every night of Best of the Super Juniors 2018!!


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