The Wrestlaholic Hall of Fame



At Wrestlaholic we have been going through some changes as of late. You may have noticed that there hasn’t been a new issue of the podcast lately or that we may not be as active on social media. That is all with good reason as earlier this month after some in-depth thought and much needed time, the founder of this whole thing, Shayne Merriman, decided to step away.

Shayne has some great things coming up in the near future as he will be entering the Police Academy and is looking to do some serious good in this world. He also debuted a new project this week entitled “The Shayne Merriman Show.” His new show will be a monthly glimpse into his life and what he’s been up to. Shayne will always have a home here at Wrestleholic as if it were not for him, none of us would be here.


Shayne and I first met while we were both writing for Daily DDT. It was through our love of wrestling that he shared with me his idea to start a website and podcast. I first started as a rotating guest on Shayne’s podcast and would soon get promoted to co-host. It was then that he brought me in on the ground level of Wrestlaholic and we began the journey that we’re on today.

Shayne gave me an outlet to not only be creative but help others who want to follow the same path. I couldn’t be more excited to continue as the head of Wrestlahlic as I’ve made it my ultimate goal to fulfill his dream for this platform. We want to be a home for any and every wrestling fan in this world. No matter where you’re from, what you believe, heel or babyface, we have a home for you. That was Shayne’s vision and we will do everything in our power to carry out that vision.

It is with great respect and honor that I name my friend Shayne Merriman as the first ever inductee into the Wrestlaholic Hall of Fame! I couldn’t think of a better person to be the first inducted into the Hall of Fame wing of Wrestlaholic!!


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