So About Bobby Lashley…

When Bobby Lashley departed from Impact Wrestling in January, rumors of a return to WWE immediately flooded the internet.

This came to fruition three months later when Lashley appeared on the Raw after Wrestlemania, receiving a massive ovation in the process.

Sadly, it’s been downhill ever since.

Lashley’s first stint in WWE netted him a United States championship reign, two runs with the ECW Championship, and a marquee match at Wrestlemania 23. Considering his quick rise, it was a shocker to most that he abruptly left WWE in 2008.

Not previously known for standing out, Lashley quickly remedied this during his time in Impact Wrestling. As “Walking Armageddon”, he became miles better as a performer and talker to the point that he was the most enticing piece—EC3 aside—of an otherwise dull company.

With his time in Impact Wrestling over, some hypothesized that he would instantly be thrust into the Universal title picture

The way his run is going currently, that theory could not be more wrong.

Lashley’s indomitable trash-talking aura, bone-crushing Spear, and general badassery have been sacrificed in favor of a generic stalling suplex and a series of atrocious segments centered around his upbringing, specifically his sisters.

To Sami Zayn and Lashley’s credit, they made the most out of a predictably awful segment but it’s clear that WWE has not played to the latter’s strength whatsoever.

While saying this would typically promote laughter, WWE would be wise to take a hint from Impact Wrestling who used Lashley effectively enough to make him a believable constant in its main event scene. If they don’t, they risk destroying all of the buzz behind his return.









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