2018 BOSJ Night 6 Review & Analysis

It’s time for the B-Block ladies and gentlemen! We’ve got some fun matchups on this night and the finals are right around the corner. With each match that goes by the competitors are going to get more and more desperate for points. With that said, let’s get into the action!



The match begins with a collar and elbow tie-up and some quick trades and some chain wrestling. Both Scurll and Sabin are getting their chances at the upper-hand and Marty is heavily playing tot he crowd. Both men try to kick on another but the kicks are caught and slowly each wrestler places the foot down. We get this a few more times and then the ref comes in to be the impartial kick diffuser. Both men shake the ref’s hand and as Sabin shakes the ref’s hand, Marty grabs his hand and goes for the joint manipulation.


The Villain begins to work the arm of Sabin and is working it like he was an Anderson brother. Sabin gets some momentum with a few counters and a strong snap DDT. Sabin goes on an homage to the 80’s and nails an Atomic Drop, Inverted Atomic Drop and Perfect Plex for two. Marty finally gets Sabin where he wants him and locks in the Liger Special to regain the upper hand. The two battle on the apron with Sabin sending Scurll into the post and then nailing a running somersault senton off the apron.


Scurll hits the superkick to the knee, then Sabin counters with his own superkick. The sequence ends with a massive lariatooooo from The Villain. The two trade some back and forth with Scurll getting the chicken wing and then Sabin a massive clothesline of his own. Thr end comes when Scurll nails the Black Plague out of nowhere and gets the major win.


Winner: Marty Scurll



This match ended before it could even begin, Both go for quick pins and multiple hip attack. Taguchi wins the battle with a roll-up in less than 2 minutes. Wow.


Winner: Taguchi



We’ve got CHAOS and Suzuki-Gun facing off here and Desperado is quick to attack the young Sho. Desperado and Sho wind up on the outside and Desperado begins to use the ringside chairs to inflict damage. Desperado just continues to work on the legs of Sho after the chair attack on the outside. Sho tries to fight off Desperado but it’s for not and continues to get beat down.


Every chance Sho takes to get back into this match just gets stopped by Desperado. Finally, Sho gets some steam following an armbar and dropkick to Desperado on the outside. Sho is showing some life and is getting quick spurts of offense to fight off Desperado. Sho goes for the last ride backstabber and Desperado kicks out at two.


After getting his knee worked over much of the match, Sho hits the Shock Arrow for the victory and two points. Much like his Roppongi 3K teammate, Sho has star written all over him. He’s going to be a major part of NJPW for years.

Winner: Sho



Takahashi makes his way out first and he’s got a giant, super cool looking “Best of the Super Juniors 25” book. Hiromu and Lee do not compare abs, Takahashi has learned Taguchi’s mistakes. The match starts at a rapid pace with a shotgun dropkick from Lee and some quick footwork from Takahashi. Then all madness ensues and the two go into a brutal and rapid-fire chop battle. Lee goes for a sweet huricanrana over the top rope but Takahashi counters it into a powerbomb onto the apron.


Hiromu sends Lee into the crowd and nails him with some chair shots. Quick spots and Hiromu with a seated dropkick for two. Takahashi then attacks the mask of Lee and attempts to rip it off. Lee hits a dropkick as Takahashi attempts a dive off the apron. Lee follows up with a gorgeous Top con Hilo. A great striking back and forth leads to a Lee upper-hand and he follows it up by mocking LIJ and Naito by doing the Tranquilo pose.


An absolutely gorgeous sequence where both men trade German Suplexes until both are just exhausted. Lee hits a running dropkick OVER the top rope. This match has been pure fire from the opening bell and hasn’t stepped off the gas at all. Takahashi nails an insane top rope seated senton to the outside. Both men exhausted and totally spent barely make it in before the referee’s count. Both trade brutal strikes and counters.


Lee hits a beautiful reverse huricanrana and Takahashi follows that with a pop-up Canadian Destroyer!!! After some striking exchanges the finish seems to be near, Lee sprints at Hiromu and Takahashi nails a sick release belly-to-belly suplex into the turnbuckles. The end emphatically comes when Lee hits the Dragon Driver for the win. This very well may be my match of the tournament so far. So many possible finishes and ways either wrestler could’ve won. Bottom line, holy shit.

Winner: Dragon Lee


Updated standing after Night 6:

A-Block B-Block
Taiji Ishimori 4 Dragon Lee 6
Tiger Mask IV 4 El Desperado 4
Will Ospreay 4 Sho 4
Flip Gordon 4 Marty Scurll 2
ACH 2 Chris Sabin 2
Yoh 2 Hiromu Takahashi 2
Kanemaru 2 Ryusuke Taguchi 2
Bushi 0 Kushida 2

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