2018 BOSJ Night 9 Review & Analysis

The best of the super juniors keeps on roaring through Japan and tonight’s show takes place in Tochigi auditorium. A smaller venue with a crowd to match, no “super no vacancy” here. Let’s see if the smaller crowd gives the show a more intimate feel.


Taiji Ishimori vs Tiger Mask:

If you would’ve told me before this tourney started that I’d be super hyped about Taiji Ishimori vs Tiger Mask, I’d have definitely given you a side eye, but here we are! One of my most anticipated matches since both of them are putting on spectacular matches, let’s see what they can do.


Ishimori immediately jumps on Tiger as soon as he enters the ring, not giving the veteran any room to breathe as he works him in the corner. Ishimori must be carb-loading because, in the next stretch, Tiger Mask offers up some potatoes in return, great to see Mask really getting his stuff in throughout this tourney.

Both workers are really getting an opportunity to shine in this match exchanging solid offense almost endlessly throughout the match, even though both these two are on the wrong side of 30, they clearly demonstrate that they both have plenty left in the tank.


Tiger Mask just straight up paintbrushes Ishimori in a sequence that ends with a tiger driver for a 2.9 count, both did a great job of convincing me that was the finish. Tiger Mask sets up for the German suplex which Ishimori reverses into the bloody cross but only lands a two count! He then follows up with a cradle DDT for the 3 count and the two points. Great back and forth from these two, a definite must watch!


Winner: Taiji Ishimori



Another matchup of one of my favorites with a surprise performer, ACH and Buahi square off after having both put on nothing but solid performances over the course of this tournament.


Ach starts off by getting Bushi’s shirt off and nailing some mean chops but Bushi returns the favor by using the shirt to choke ACH, Bushi is quite the crafty veteran here. Bushi gets ach to the outside with an insane 2nd rope ddt to the apron. The two make their way back into the ring and ACH hits, even more, mean chops to Bushi, someone gets this man an ice pack.


The middle of the match starts to lose steam but towards the end, it picks back up with both workers just bringing their absolute A-game to the A-Block. Though ACH seems to have the upper hand, he gets caught with the MX and Bushi notches another victory to his belt. Great showing from both of them. Honestly, at least 80% of this block has yet to disappoint.


Winner: Bushi


YOH vs Flip Gordon:

Two wrestlers putting on great matches but headed on different trajectories. Flip is on his way up, but YOH is getting closer and closer towards elimination as he is still only on two points, we’ll see if he can put it together and secure some more points.


They start it off old school with a handshake in the center, good to see these two showing respect. An early sequence teases a simultaneous dropkick spot but flip waits a moment and is able to capitalize and nail a dropkick on Yoh. I see you out there learning, flip, keep it up.

Yoh showing that he knows a thing or two by keeping flip grounded with some submissions including an impressive head scissors. They pick up the pace and Yoh lands some great shots in the corner before hitting a suplex for a two count.


The match makes its way to the outside with flip hitting an impressive rope to rope outside dive. Yoh locks in a dragon sleeper after a pinning predicament from flip. Flip breaks out and the two exchange thrust kicks with a lot behind them, amazing stuff.

Yoh picks up the victory after a great superkick reversal on flip into an amazing pin. Two more points for Yoh and the dream is still alive for the 3k representative for the A-Block. Great match from these two, again, add these guys to your must-watch list.


Winner: Yoh


Will Ospreay vs Yoshinobu Kanemaru:

Well here we go, somehow Kanemaru is in the main event, I guess, for some reason. But again it is against Ospreay so at least he’ll make Kanemaru look way better than he has any business looking. Kanemaru has had some shocking victories in this tourney (aka any victories) could Ospreay be next on his list?

Kanemaru attacks Ospreay from behind and looks pissed but, Ospreay immediately bounces back and hits an amazing dive to the outside, this match is starting hot! Ospreay turning the table and attack Kanemaru on the outside and brawling with the Suzuki-gun veteran until Kanemaru blasts Ospreay with a chair and throws him into the front row.


Ospreay is really taking the advantage here with his high flying and Kanemaru doesn’t seem to have an answer for the aerial assassin. Kanemaru does swing some momentum back towards his favor with a tornado DDT but Will swiftly gets it back with some scintillating offense. This kid is good.

Kanemaru and Ospreay go back and forth with waist clutches until they collide with the ref and Kanemaru gets in some of his famous heel antics. Kanemaru almost gets Ospreay with his whiskey while Will and the ref argue over using a chair, but Ospreay has him scouted and closes his mouth with a superkick and watches the whiskey fly harmlessly into the air.


Kanemarus attempt at a diving DDT is met with an insane kick to the head from Will which’s sets up a shooting star press onto the second rope! Ospreay hits the red arrow for a two count, but follows up immediately with Stormbreaker and puts Kanemaru away for the win. No cheeky victory for Yoshinobu tonight. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the two of them put on a great performance tonight, yes, a great performance from Yoshinobu Kanemaru. I highly suggest checking that out!


Winner: Will Ospreay


Ospreay closes the night with the mic thanking all the fans for attending in both English and Japanese in a great sign of respect. He mentions himself sitting on 6 points with two matches left against Tiger Mask and Flip Gordon, he mentions that he has respect for both of them, but he is the best of the super juniors and the IWGP Jr heavyweight champion.

Updated Standings:

A-Block B-Block
Flip Gordon 6 Dragon Lee 6
Tiger Mask IV 6 El Desperado 4
Taiji Ishimori 6 Sho 4
WIll Ospreay 6 Marty Scurll 4
Kanemaru 4 Chris Sabin 4
ACH 4 Hiromu Takahashi 4
Yoh 4 Kushida 4
Bushi 4 Ryusuke Taguchi 2

With multiple wrestlers on 6 points at this point in the tournament, the blocks are far from decided. Every match is important so make sure to stick right here for more reviews and results all the way to the finals!


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