2018 BOSJ Night 8 Review & Analysis

Hey folks, we are here to talk about Night 8 of the Best of the Super Juniors which took place on May 27th at the Nagoya Conference Center Event Hall. The tournament only has a few days left and points are going to become harder and harder to come by. With the finals occurring on June 4th, time and wins are both in high demand. Let’s get o the action!


Marty Scurll V. El Desperado:

The match starts hot before the bell can even ring as Desperado goes after Scurll but Marty is able to get control. Scurll instantly starts working on the arm of Desperado. After some quick exchanges, Marty locks in an Octopus Stretch. The action heads to the outside and now we’re in Desperado’s world. Fighting through the crowd both men are using anything and everything that isn’t bolted down. As they make it back to ringside, Desperado is in at a count of 18 and Scurll 19.


The second half of the match tells the story of Desperado working on the knee of Scurl and Marty trying to find ways around the injury. Quick Oklahoma Roll by Scurrl gets him a 2-count near fall. The Villain begins to rile the crowd up with taunts of his patented Chicken Wing but Desperado counters with a powerful Spinebuster. Desperado has really taken control of the match and is inflicting some serious damage.


With Scurll on the outside, Desperado sets a chair up under the knee and uses a second for a one-man Con-Chair-To on Scurll’s leg. Marty is still showing some fight and crushes Desperado’s hand with a nasty jumping stomp. Desperado sets up a chair in the corner, attempts to whip Scurll into it but is countered and goes head first into his own weapon. Desperado goes for a low blow and Scurll counters it into the joint manipulation, breaking Desperado’s finger. The end comes moments later as Scurll locks in the Chicken Wing and locks up the much needed to points.


Winner: Marty Scurll 


Chris Sabin v. Dragon Lee:

The crowd instantly breaks into a chant for Lee. Not surprising with the level of matches he’s had during this tournament. Quick chain wrestling with neither man truly getting the upper-hand on the either. Double dropkicks and a standoff to the delight of the Nagoya crowd. Sabin sends Lee to the outside then nails him with a beautiful punt kick. Sabin is the first to fly with a beautiful Missile Dropkick.


Lee gets the control of the match through some agility and a lightning fast Head Scissors. He follows that with a gorgeous Tope con Hilo to the outside. Striking exchanges with neither man getting an advantage. Both are feeling the physicality of the match and roll to the apron where they continue the striking battle.


Both men are trading major shots and it feels like each one could lead to a victory. Lee nails the double stomp from the top and goes for the pin, Sabin gets his hand on the rope at 2. Sabin gets a near fall after a Springboard Tornado DDT with Lee kicking out at 2. The end comes when Sabin hits the Shock Wave on Lee. Very fun match and a big 2 points for Sabin.


Winner: Chris Sabin


Kushida v. Sho:

Fast paced chain wrestling to start the match, neither wrestler gets the upper-hand, and they separate. The ground battle continues as Kushida tries for the Hoverboard Lock and Sho the Armbar. After neither can get the submission they separate once again to the cheer of the crowd. The submission war rages on as Kushida has now decided to really focus on disabling Sho with an array of different Armbars.


Sho finally gets away from Kushida enough to get his own offense in and he has a clear game plan of taking away Kushida’s leg. Sho is working with a repertoire of leglocks and is really trying to disable Kushida. Kushida is back to wrecking Sho’s arm, hits him with a shotgun dropkick in the shoulder and then nails a DDT into the Hoverboard Lock. Kushida is showing great skill with his submission game.


Sho uses a pair of rolling German Suplexes to set up an Armbar but Kushida gets to the ropes. Kushida just keeps wrenching on Sho’s arm. Sho shows great heart, breaking the submissions time after time. Kushida finally gets the opening he wants and puts Sho away with the Back to the Future. Kushida is sitting pretty with the finals coming up this weekend. Much like Yoh in the A-Block, Sho is really displaying glimpses into the future and the Juniors Division is going to be in great hands with RPG3K.


Winner: Kushida


Ryusuke Taguchi v. Hiromu Takahashi:

The match doesn’t start out well for Taguchi, he goes for a Hip Attack to the outside and Hiromu just side steps. Takahashi gets a moment of relief, runs from one end of the arena to the other trying to clothesline Takahashi, but again Hiromu side steps and Taguchi goes face first into the wall. Hiromu is dominating Taguchi through the early porton of the match.


Taguchi goes for the Hip Attack but is twice countered by Hiromu with Atomic Drops. Finally on the third attempt Taguchi is successful and he is starting to build some steam in a bit of a comeback. Beautiful Missile Dropkick from Taguchi and he begins to rile the crowd up with some Nakamura-esque celebrating. Both men hit a level of power that gives the match a spark and neither are feeling any pain. Finally after a heavy back and forth both men collapse in exhaustion.


Takahashi counters a Hip Attack into a German Suplex and Taguchi hits Hiromu with a nasty Lariat. Both wrestlers are going for that homerun knockout shot but neither can connect for the win. Taguchi begins using an Ankle Lock to try and slow down Takahashi. Both Taguchi and Takahashi begin to try and get a win by any means and a series of roll-up atempts build to the finish of the match. The end comes when Hiromu locks in a filthy Triangle Choke and Taguchi has no choice but to tap.


Winner: Hiromu Takahashi


Updated Standings:

A-Block B-Block
Flip Gordon 6 Dragon Lee 6
Tiger Mask IV 6 El Desperado 4
Kanemaru 4 Sho 4
ACH 4 Marty Scurll 4
WIll Ospreay 4 Chris Sabin 4
Taiji Ishimori 4 Hiromu Takahashi 4
Yoh 2 Kushida 4
Bushi 2 Ryusuke Taguchi 2


The B-Block is starting to take shape and with the finals just days away the top of the table is separating itself from the pack. There are a few more shows left and then the finals begin on Sunday. Sunday will be the final matches of the round robin format with both blocks having their final matches. Then on Monday the A-Block winner will face the B-Block winner for the crown of Best of the Super Juniors. Keep posted to Wrestlaholic for more coverage!


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