2018 BOSJ Night 10 Review & Analysis

Here we are again folks another day of B-Block fun! Much like the A-Block, things on the B side are going to come down to the wire. If this is one of your first forays into New Japan, this was a great way to start. Great quality matches, solid storytelling, and drama for days. Best of the Super Juniors is a great way to dip your toe into the NJPW waters, especially with the G1 coming up fast. With that said, let’s get to it!


Marty Scurll v. Dragon Lee:

This is gonna be a hell of a match between two guys that could easily find their way into the finals of the tournament. Dragon Lee once again finds himself as the crowd favorite. Scurll has been a fan favorite throughout the tournament has run into the white-hot babyface named Dragon Lee. The match starts at a blistering pace with Lee getting the dominant end early on and Scurll begging off. Scurll turns an abdominal stretch into a sunset flip for a quick count but a Lee kick out. Scurll nails his trademark superkick feint knee kick to take Lee down.


After the first exchange, it has been all Scurll. The Villain lives up to his namesake and ties the tail on Lee’s mask to the bottom rope and proceeds to stomp Dragon repeatedly. You don’t get to run the Villain Club by being nice folks. Lee is finding some life and hits Scurll with some quick and flashy offense to get back into the match. Lee has fully taken this match over and Scurll is seeing his early advantage disappear. The men fight on the apron, Scurll hits an enziguri and then his apron superkick to get right back on top.


A great counter sequence that sees Scurll go for a top rope joint manipulation, Lee counter to set up the stomp, Scurll tosses him off the top, and then Lee rolls out of the way of a moonsault. These two are showing why they’re some of the best in this division with their knowledge of each other’s abilities. Both men are fully exhausted as they’ve given everything they’ve got. The end finally comes when Scurll locks in the Crossface Chickenwing and secures himself another two points. He now joins Dragon Lee at six points!


Winner: Marty Scurll


Ryusuke Taguchi v. Sho:

The legend and the future of the division face off in this match-up. Sho comes out of the gates with a more traditional striking stance while Taguchi is shucking and jiving almost like he’s dancing. Sho begins trying to shoot arrows at Taguchi, but the Funky Weapon is just too damn agile. Sho finally hits Taguchi in the ass with an arrow. Sho has had enough of the shenanigans and is taking it to Taguchi with strikes and submissions.


Sho is showing some great submission work as he transitions a rear naked choke, into an armbar, into a leglock. Absolutely wonderful groundwork from the young Junior. Taguchi uses the hip attack to get Sho to the outside then follows up the attack with a springboard plancha and a Tope Con Hilo. Funky Weapon is gaining steam and fast with a set of the Eddie Guererro Three Amigos. Sho then gets into his own skillet of suplexes and uses a set of German Suplexes to gain momentum of his own.


Sho really dominates the final portion of this match with his ground skills and is showing some serious talent with his submissions. Taguchi, however, has answers to each and every submission that Sho throws at him. It looks like Sho has this match locked up when Taguchi uses a Kooriyama Suplex Hold for the win. Yes, Taguchi may have gotten the win, but the bottom line in this match is that Sho is better off with this loss. Much like Yoh in the A-Block, Sho is going to be a star for years to come.


Winner: Ryusuke Taguchi


Chris Sabin v. Hiromu Takahashi:

The match starts with a handshake and Hiromu won’t break the lock Sabin gets frustrated and hits Takahashi’s hand and this sets Takahashi into a fury. The action quickly goes to the outside as Sabin sends Hiromu to the floor then hits him with a beautiful somersault senton. The two find themselves once again on the outside where Takahashi avoids the punt kick and nails Sabin with an apron bomb.


Takahashi is beginning to brutalize Sabin with a mixture of strikes, submissions, and moves on the outside. Sabin is trying to muster up some momentum but his strikes just don’t have any force behind them. Just as it seemed that Sabin didn’t have much left in the tank he plants Takahashi with a DDT. The crowd is starting to get behind Sabin as he uses an enziguri to set up a missile dropkick. Sabin follows up that sequence with his trademark springboard tornado DDT and apron punt kick.


The crowd is all about Takahashi as they erupt with his every move and taunt. high velocity exploding belly to belly suplex into the corner from Hiromu. The two are now going move for move in a game of one-upping each other. Hiromu uses a standing head scissors to take Sabin down and transitions that into the triangle choke for the victory.


Winner: Hiromu Takahashi


El Desperado v. Kushida:

Desperado attacks Kushida to kick things off in our main event. The Time Splitter soon fends off the dastardly assault and takes the action to the floor. Kushida uses a chair as a launching pad for a somersault senton on the floor. Desperado uses Red Shoes to distract Kushida and then gets the upper hand. As we’ve seen Desperado do throughout the tournament he is using some chairs to dissect the knee of Kushida.


Desperado places Ushida onto a cart and proceeds to wheel him through the crowd, crashing into every chair in sight. Desperado is having his ay with Kushida and is wrenching his knee pretty hard.

Kushida goes for another cart ride and the early going has been all Desperado. The masked assassin of Suzuki-Gun isn’t showing any signs of slowing down his attack either. Red Shoes being the awful ref that he is, won’t make the count during a pinfall by Desperado due to his action with the chairs at ringside.


Desperado goes back to the gameplan and is torquing the hell out of Kushida’s knee with a half-crab. Kushida is running on pure adrenaline as he gets in some offense and caps it off with a Tope Con Hilo. Kushida slams Desperado’s arm onto the top turnbuckle and begins to work over Desperado for the Hoverboard Lock. Beautiful Spanish Fly into an armbar from the top rope, absolutely stunning from Kushida.


Red Shoes is down and Kushida makes Desperado tap to the Hoverboard Lock. With the ref still down, Desperado cracks Kushida with a chair then revives Red Shoes. Kushida is running solely on heart and grit at this point, finding just enough strength to fend off Desperado. Kushida finally musters enough steam to plant Desperado with the Bak to the Future for the win!


Winner: Kushida

Both blocks are tight as hell going into the final days. really fun night of Junior Division action as NJPW continues to show why they have the best Junior/Cruiserweight division in the world.

Mean Matt will be back with coverage from Night 11 and the A-Block from 5/31. The B-Block returns on Saturday 6/2. Then Sunday will be the first half of the finals where we will see the remaining matchups and find out the winners of both blocks. The winners will then face on Monday for the Best of the Super Juniors crown!


Updated Standings:

A-Block B-Block
Flip Gordon 6 Dragon Lee 6
Tiger Mask IV 6 Hiromu Takahashi 6
Taiji Ishimori 6 Kushida 6
WIll Ospreay 6 Marty Scurll 6
Kanemaru 4 Chris Sabin 4
ACH 4 El Desperado 4
Yoh 4 Ryusuke Taguchi 4
Bushi 4 Sho 4





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