5 UK Wrestlers WWE Will Be Gutted To Have Missed Out On

WWE has been snapping up talent from the United Kingdom for the last two years as their expansion across the pond has continued.

With Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate and Trent Seven at the forefront of their first tournament in January 2017, this year’s tournament will feature some completely new faces including Travis Banks, Zack Gibson and Kenny Williams.

However, as with every division expansion, there are some who escaped the clutches of Vince McMahon and Triple H.


Will Ospreay is known for his high-flying offense (Source: njpw1972.com)

The Aerial Assassin and member of Kazuchika Okada’s CHAOS, Will Ospreay is one of the best wrestlers in the world.

As current IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion, he has been putting on brilliant matches across the globe with competitors such as Kushida, Matt Riddle and even Okada himself at New Japan’s Anniversary Show.

Currently performing for New Japan, Revolution Pro and Defiant, amongst others, it doesn’t seem like a logical move for Ospreay to jump ship and head for Orlando just yet.

He has consistently said on Twitter and in interviews that he is very happy with where he is at right now, touring Japan and the United Kingdom as well as spending a month this summer in Australia.


Grado is known as the ‘Wee Chancer From The Tap End of Stevenson’ (Source: Grado)

The Scottish man from Stevenson is one of the most charismatic performers in wrestling today.

His comedic prowess is second to none, and despite not being the greatest inside the ropes, the microphone skills would be very entertaining for the diverse WWE audience.

Currently, Grado has taken a slight step back from wrestling as he has focused on acting but did recently feature on Impact’s tapings during April.

He would be a good lower card addition if Grado did ever decide to go to WWE, however, it is unlikely we will be hearing ‘Like A Prayer’ through WWE speakers anytime soon as he is booked as the top babyface for World of Sport’s revived show.


Jimmy Havoc
Jimmy Havoc is known as The King of the Goths (Source: Twitter)

British hardcore wrestling would not be at the level it is now if it wasn’t for Jimmy Havoc.

The King of the Goths is a massive name in the UK and has the accolade of being the longest reigning Progress World Champion, as well as many other independent British titles.

He can work effectively as a heel or face, whether in a deathmatch/hardcore style of a match or in a more traditional WWE style.

He does have good links to Progress and Insane Championship Wrestling, both of whom have working relationships with WWE, therefore it is possible that we could see Havoc on Raw, Smackdown or NXT one day.


Nick Aldis Global Force
Nick Aldis was formerly known as Magnus in TNA/GFW (Source: Global Force Wrestling)

Husband to Mickie James, Aldis has been a professional wrestler since 2003 and is originally from Norfolk.

As the holder of the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, Aldis mainly performs for Ring Of Honor but does travel around the world; defending the most prestigious belt in wrestling.

You would think his marriage to James, who is currently performing on Raw, would mean his route to WWE would be simple but as it stands, Aldis doesn’t look close to signing for WWE.

His next biggest match could potentially be at All In with Cody, in a title versus title match in front of the biggest independent crowd ever seen so he won’t be in the WWE until at least October.


Chris Brookes
Chris Brookes is already a veteran of the British independent scene.

Brookes is one of the few big UK independent wrestlers to not have been picked up by WWE or ITV.

Brookes has been a mainstay in Progress, Rev Pro, Defiant and IPW:UK over the years and still has time on his side, at 26 years of age.

He has formed successful tag teams with Kid Lykos in ATTACK and Progress, as well as Travis Banks as one half of CCK.

Originally from Tiptree in Essex, Brookes has pinfall victories over Trent Seven and Amir Jordan – meaning he would be a great addition to the WWE United Kingdom roster.







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