2018 BOSJ Night 11 Review & Analysis

With the final block matches on the horizon, everything is left to wrestle for in Aomori, and except for one or two wrestlers, everyone is still in the running to win the A-block and advance to the finals June 4th! This appears to be the last of the single cam shows as it’s business as usual for the 3rd and 4th.

Flip Gordon vs BUSHI:

These two are most likely not advancing on but both have put on very good shows over these past 11 nights it’s a good series of complimenting styles for the two of them and let’s see what they have in store for us!

Bushi has been absolutely killing it with his choices for masks and suits, can I give an award for best dressed in BOSJ? Because I’d 100% give it to the LIJ man, great stuff.


The crowd must not have gotten the memo about Bushi being a heel because they start off hot for him, not sure if he’s over on his own or if it’s residual LIJ love, either way, he definitely deserves it.

Flip is out here garnering favor with the crowd with his signature series of kip-ups and flips, including a creative way to do a clean break, with a backflip nonetheless. The two make their way out of the ring which is the usual MO with Bushi. He drags Flip back into the ring and starts using his shirt to choke out the high flyer until the ref breaks it up. Bushi sticking to the game plan here grounding out Flip and keeping him on the mat instead of in the air.


They exchange some really stiff shots throughout the match and keep up a great pace, more than I was expecting from the two. Flip hits his springboard superkick to Bushi and sets up for the 450 but Bushi like a true veteran gets his knees up and almost catches Flip with a roll-up.

They trade even more shots back and forth but Bushi manages to evade Flip’s offense and lands the MX on Flip and gets the pin. With that loss, Flip Gordon is eliminated from contention. For a relative newcomer, he made quite an impact on the crowd and the office will most likely have taken notice.


Winner: Bushi

ACH vs Taiji Ishimori:

I didn’t think my hype could get even higher but two of my absolute faves in one match and an opportunity for ACH to play spoiler really gets me fired up for this one.

ACH comes out looking serious for this one and gets right in Ishimori’s grill during the introductions. They start off super hot with a great chain of near misses until ACH lands a brutal chop on Bone Soldier.


ACH has his shoulder taped pretty heavily, and Taiji uses this to his advantage to take control of the match by working over the shoulder. Taiji gets ACH in the corner and lands his still incredible hangman German suplex. Then Ishimori takes the action outside with an incredible dive into the crowd.

They work their way back into the ring and keep up a blistering pace, both men really getting a chance to shine here even though Ishimori is the odds-on favorite. ACH has a shocking amount of control in this match and Ishimori does a great job of making him look like a million bucks. Great work from both of them.


ACH goes to the turnbuckle to hit the midnight star but he takes too long removing his shoulder tape and Taiji rolls out of the way. Soldier gains control of the match landing some savage strikes in the corner, and after two Bloody Crosses he gets the victory over ACH in an amazing match, chalk this one up on my “can’t miss” board.

Winner: Taiji Ishimori

Will Ospreay vs Tiger Mask IV:

Two candidates for tournament MVP square off with everything on the line for Ospreay especially with Ishimori keeping the pressure on the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion with his victory in the previous match. I have no idea how this match isn’t main eventing, as YOH and Kanemaru will have their work cut out for them.

The two competitors start off with a handshake of respect in the center and immediately lock up, and I’ve just noticed that they have matching gear with a red and gold motif, the colors of NJPW. I don’t know how he’s doing it, but Tiger Mask is keeping up with Ospreay move for move, in the beginning, looking amazing out there.


Will takes the initiative and gets in some great offense but Tiger Mask retaliates with a tombstone piledriver which sends Ospreay reeling into the mat outside. He makes Mask look great with his selling of the tombstone and just gets back in at the count of 19 to keep the match going.

This series places tiger mask firmly in control as he works over Ospreay’s shoulder in the corner. Ospreay attempts to gain momentum but falls to the ground after bumping on the corner directly into his injured shoulder.


As mentioned in previous articles, anyone that’s left complaining about the selling of Will Ospreay is plain out of touch and definitely does not watch his matches. He’s out here making Tiger Mask look like an absolute killer.

Ospreay sets up Stormbreaker but Mask escapes and almost hits a tiger driver, Ospreay wriggles his way out, and they both drop each other with outstanding dueling head kicks, after which the two exchange absolute belters, I need an ice pack just watching these exchanges.


Tiger Mask hits the Tiger Driver but only manages a two count, after a massive avalanche tiger suplex he goes for another tombstone piledriver, but miraculously Ospreay reverses it into a Stormbreaker and gets out of there with the 3 count and 2 points to keep himself neck and neck with Ishimori. This loss effectively ends Tiger Mask’s BOSJ hopes, but I can’t wait to see him tie-up with ACH on the semi-final day.

Tiger Mask shakes Ospreay’s hand and bows to the crowd to wrap up another incredible display, the man shows no ill effects of time, and hopefully, he has many more BOSJ tournaments in his future.


Winner: Will Ospreay

YOH vs Yoshinobu Kanemaru:

Tonight’s main event pits the young talents of YOH against the grizzled experience of Kanemaru in a match which will probably leave YOH feeling the effects of in the AM.

Grumpy old Kanemaru lands a mean boot to the face of the 3K member to start off proceedings but YOH answers back immediately and the two lay into each other early.


As per usual, Kanemaru dumps YOH outside and throws him into a pile of chairs and works him over on the outside, of all the crowd brawling Kanemaru has done this tourney, this definitely looked the best. Kanemaru gets back to the ring and tried to get the count out victory but YOH scrambles back in before the count of 16.

Kanemaru with some harsh ground and pound on YOH to wear him down and keep control of the match, hitting a basement dropkick followed by another unceremonious drop to the outside. Kanemaru might be relying on the outside brawling a little too much but that’s just his style, he tries the count out again, but YOH gets back in at 19.


Kanemaru brings it back outside again, but YOH reverses an Irish whip into some chairs, gets back into the ring, and nails an amazing tope to Kanemaru. YOH doesn’t want the count out win and drags Kanemaru back into the ring. YOH hits an avalanche brainbuster into a falcon arrow but only gets a two count for his troubles.

Kanemaru hits both a low blow and whiskey to the face of YOH but can only manage a two count, and the crowd is super fired up now! YOH nails a superkick and a roll up for the win. Great stuff from these two. Kanemaru got better as the tourney has gone on, and YOH has yet to disappoint. Not a bad main event after all.


Winner: YOH

Updated Standings:

A-Block B-Block
Taiji Ishimori 8 Dragon Lee 6
WIll Ospreay 8 Hiromu Takahashi 6
Tiger Mask IV 6 Kushida 6
Flip Gordon 6 Marty Scurll 6
Bushi 6 Chris Sabin 4
YOH 6 El Desperado 4
Kanemaru 4 Ryusuke Taguchi 4
ACH 4 Sho 4

Night 11 is in the books, and the blocks are all finishing up on the 3rd and there’s only a few left in the running, but these matches look to be thrillers. Look for my A-Block coverage ASAP!


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