2018 Best of the Super Juniors Finals Review

It’s all on the line now, we return to the hallowed ground of Korakuen hall to wrap up the 2018 edition of the storied Best of the Super Juniors tournament. And boy what an event it’s been, with an absolutely loaded lineup from both blocks, this tournament will be talked about for years to come, and we haven’t even seen the final.

I’ll be cutting to the chase(Owens) here and covering only the final since it’s the only match with any sort of gravity to it. So enough talk, time for Hiromu and Bone Soldier to put a bow on the proceedings.


2018 BOSJ Finals: Hiromu Takahashi (B-block winner) vs Taiji Ishimori (A-block winner):

So here it is The Timebomb vs The Bone Soldier REBORN, Los Ingobernables de Japon vs Bullet Club, Hiromu Takahashi vs Taiji Ishimori. My prediction for the champ vs an absolute powerhouse of the junior heavyweight division, the ceiling for this match is incredibly high, and a shot against the IWGP junior heavyweight champion Will Ospreay is on the line so let’s get to it!

Korakuen Hall crowds are notoriously enthusiastic and they really bring the noise for these two early, plenty of love for both Hiromu and Ishimori.

Ishimori avoids the sunset bomb and they brawl deep into the crowd in Korakuen, they go up into the second tier of the crowd and Hiromu lands an insane dropkick in the crowd while taking a mean bump on the concrete. Hiromu sets up for a powerbomb on the steps, but Ishimori reverses it and sends: Hiromu tumbling down an entire set of concrete steps are you kidding me?!?!?!? Clearly, he has won this match because Hiromu must be dead, but somehow the timebomb recovered and beats the count and hustles back into the ring.

Ishimori is in firm command at this point, hitting his signature neck twist on a near lifeless Takahashi. Hiromu rolls out of the ring and Ishimori works over Hiromu with the chair and then the two again wander back into the ring.

Ishimori showing his experience and a newfound style by wearing out Hiromu with a series of submissions, draining the timebomb’s energy. Until Hiromu escapes and finally nails a sunset bomb to the outside, and lemme tell you, that move never looks safe for either Hiromu or his opponent. Takahashi has no regard for his own safety let alone Ishimori’s safety, he shows this with an apron dropkick onto Taiji into a plethora of chairs on the outside, if he is able to walk after the age of 35 it’ll be a miracle of modern science.

The crowd is still at an electric level with the match chugging along at a breakneck pace, with only periodic breaks in the action for the two of them to wail on each other with strikes, until Ishimori reverses a headscissors into a crossface in the center of the ring and it could really be the end right here, this is the move he put Yoh away with just the night before, but the crowd wills Takahashi to make the final stretch to the ropes and breaks the hold, such an incredible spot. The crowd is 1000% Hiromu tonight.

Hiromu is really grabbing the match by the horns with a release German suplex into the corner which flattens Ishimori, he proceeds to set up for what I can only describe as a top rope sunset driver that I swear could’ve killed Ishimori.

Ishimori escapes a timebomb attempt and they trade absolutely incredible reverse-ranas which leaves both men lying on the canvas. They recover and begin to throw brutal elbows at each other, again such a pedal to the metal pace for this match.

Ishimori connects with the bloody cross but can only get a two count. And Hiromu locks in his triangle choke! This move has become a new finisher for Hiromu and could be what it takes to win BOSJ, but Ishimori powers out with a spectacular buckle-bomb to escape the hold.

Ishimori goes for the 450 but Hiromu gets his knees up just in the nick of time, and then Hiromu hits a butterfly piledriver and locks in the triangle again, but Ishimori this time makes it to the ropes to break the hold. After both of them attempt their respective finishers, but Hiromu hits the Timebomb and gets the 3 count! Hiromu Takahashi is the 2018 Best of the Super Juniors winner.

Winner: Hiromu Takahashi


Ishimori looked absolutely incredible throughout the match and the tournament, but after the midpoint of this match, it was all Hiromu. The crowd respectfully chants Ishimori’s name as he is escorted to the back. And then, the trophy is presented to Hiromu as the winner of the 25th BOSJ.

Hiromu gets the mic and exclaims his intent to win the IWGP jr heavyweight championship at Dominion which in turn draws out Ospreay. Ospreay takes the mic and congratulates Hiromu on his victory and tells him that Ospreay is the best because he has the IWGP junior heavyweight belt and he’s not even afraid to face him at Dominion.

To which Hiromu replies in English “thank you, meow” and finishes his promo with telling the crowd that this is their Best of Super Junior and he dreams to have the IWGP junior heavyweight belt and to return to Korakuen as IWGP junior heavyweight champion.



Such an emphatic speech front the winner, this is sending the hype for Dominion in Osaka through the roof! Not only do we have Okada vs Omega IV and Naito vs Jericho, we now have Hiromu vs Ospreay which will be an absolute classic.

And this concludes our coverage of the 2018 BOSJ, many thanks to Bad Brendan for covering the equally as stacked B-block. And there’s barely any room to breathe as Dominion in Osaka is right around the corner, and you bet we will be right here covering it! Thank you for following us throughout the entire tournament.


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