2018 BOSJ Night 12 Review & Analysis

This is it, everyone! This is the final stop before the big two day finals. Tonight will set the stage for the final block matches on 6/3. No need to waste any more time, let’s get to the action!


Chris Sabin v. El Desperado:

Both men are sitting at 4 points so this match is a must win with Korakuen Hall looming in the near future. Desperado attacks Sabin before the match can even begin. Desperado is doing Desperado things and beating the hell out of Sabin with some chairs in the crowd. If I’m Chris Sabin I’m trying to get my flight back to Michigan bumped up so I can get out of this match. Sabin just makes it back in the ring before the Ref’s 20 count.


Sabin has some fire here and I don’t know where the hell it’s coming from but he isn’t going down without a fight. Sabin gets the apron punt kick and is giving Desperado a taste of his own medicine by throwing him into the crowd.


Win or lose, Sabin has had a hell of an entertaining run during this tournament. Desperado introduces a chair but Sabin is able to duck it and then superkick it into Desperado’s face. Just moments later Sabin is able to nail the Cradle Shock for the big victory, keeping him alive in the tournament…for now.


Winner: Chris Sabin


Ryusuke Taguchi v. Marty Scurll:

I’ve got a feeling we’re gonna get some serious shenanigans in this match. The Villain and The Funky Weapon are negotiating with Red Shoes on whether or not the hip attack is legal. The two kick the match off with some chain wrestling and as things are starting as a technical battle, the antics begin. Taguchi is living his best life in this tournament. Gets to show glimmers of his past self and still be The Funky Weapon.


Scurll is bragging about his ability to block the hip attack right as he gets clocked by the ass of Taguchi. Scurll is going full villain unleashing a barrage consisting of an eye rake, back rake, fish hook and straight right to the head. Marty is really working on the arm of Taguchi to soften him up for the chicken wing.


Taguchi is getting funky ladies and gentleman, we get a springboard hip attack followed by a Tope Con Hilo. Taguchi shows some heart and inches his way to the rope right as Scurll is working towards the Liger Special. Taguchi locks in the ankle lock on the outside and Scurll fights back into the ring. Scurll catches a hip attack and reverses it into the chicken wing but Taguchi fights out of it early.


After some back and forth with both going for the victory Scurll secures the victory with a roll-up and secures the two points to keep his tournament dreams alive. A fun mix of comedy, as well as serious action as both Scurll and Taguchi, know when it’s time to get serious. Taguchi being a legend of the division is still as relevant in 2018 as he was when he won the event back in 2012.


Winner: Marty Scurll


SHO v. Hiromu Takahashi:

Takahashi is on the top of the B-Block mountain and with the finals fast appraoching, he can’t afford a misstep against the very game SHO. Right off the bat, these two just begin clubbing the hell out of each other.

Hiromu may never get the respect he’s not only earned but deserves, but he is one of the best Juniors on the planet. That being said, SHO much like his partner, is going to be a star for a long time in this division.


Hiromu ducks a punt kick and converts it into a massive powerbomb onto the floor. Red Shoes begins his count as Takahashi makes his way back into the ring and SHO is slow to get up. Hiromu with a violent running missile dropkick off the apron, sending SHO into the second row.


SHO is full of heart and grit, he is fighting every second of this match. SHO with a slick backcracker into an armbar transition, but Takahashi fights to the ropes. The crowd is getting behind both as each wrestler is giving their all in this match. The end for SHO comes when Takahashi locks in the D and SHO has no choice but to tap.


Winner: Hiromu Takahashi


Kushida v. Dragon Lee:

Main event time and we’ve got two guys who are very alive in this tournament with 6 points each. An attempted show of respect from both but neither trusts the other enough to go through with the handshake. Beautiful chain wrestling to open the bout and a standoff to the delight of the crowd. These two are working at a blistering pace and it is a thing of beauty to watch.


Kushida is slowing down the speed of the match and is working on the arm of Lee to soften him up for the Hoverboard Lock. Lee is showing why he has dominated the B-Block up until this point as he is fighting back and making Kushida work. Kushida just cracked Lee with just a vicious looking springboard kick to the face, sending Lee tot hew floor.


Kushida climbs to the top rope and crushes Lee with a swanton bomb to the outside. This match is a fantastic main event as both men are using every tool they have in the box. Lee gets his knees up to halt a Kushida moonsault and he’s right back in the match.

Both men are fighting on the apron and throwing bombs eventually knocking themselves to the floor. Both are fully exhausted and just running on pure adrenaline. Huge dragon suplex out of nowhere and this match just keeps building! Both men clock each other at the same time and drop like bricks to the mat. THIS MAIN EVENT!


Kushida with the hoverboard Lock and Lee is fighting like hell to not submit. Lee goes to counter and Kushida transitions into a DDT that absolutely plants Lee. I have no idea how these two are still going. Kushida finally hit the Back to the Future and just like that it is over! Kushida now joins Takahashi at the top of the leaderboard of B-Block!


Winner: Kushida


Kushida helps Dragon Lee back to his feet and places an ice pack on his neck. They embrace in a show of respect as both men left it out in the ring. This match was beautiful, no other way to say it. A simple story of both men needing a win to keep their tournament hopes alive and giving everything they have to get there.

Updated Standings:

A-Block B-Block
Taiji Ishimori 8 Hiromu Takahashi 8
WIll Ospreay 8 Kushida 8
Tiger Mask IV 6 Dragon Lee 6
Flip Gordon 6 Marty Scurll 6
Bushi 6 Chris Sabin 6
YOH 6 El Desperado 4
Kanemaru 4 Ryusuke Taguchi 4

Stay tuned for our Semi-Final coverage today that will feature the last matches of the round robin format. Later today we’ll also have up our breakdown of the finals that happened earlier this morning. Keep your eye on @wrestlaholic and @wrestlaholic_JPN for our play-by-play of the finals!





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