Punk & Cabana v. Amann Trial Verdict

In what has been an incredibly interesting and to some extent downright strange event over the last week, the end of the Dr. Amann-Cabana/Punk trial has arrived.

After testimony from the parties involved as well as other WWE medical team staff, wrestlers, and Punk’s wife, it was left in the jury’s hands.

After only a couple hours the verdict was in and was in favor of the wrestlers. Both CM Punk (Phil Brooks) and Colt Cabana (Scott Colton) were found not guilty of all charges.

The case was built around the Thanksgiving Day podcast where Punk fully aired all of his grievances from his final days with the WWE. Amaan had claimed that he had suffered damages as well as emotional distress due to fans’ reactions to what Punk had said.

It had come to light that Amaan had not lost any employment with WWE and had received zero differential treatment from co-workers, his employers, his friends, or family. And he had not sought out any sort of treatment for the depression and distress he claimed. The biggest thing that he pointed to was fan jeers when he was in the arena and twitter attacks.

The biggest sticking point of the case came down to the incredible amount of hyperbole that Punk had used throughout the podcast with the embellishment of his possible staph infection. The lawyers for Amann were targeting the storytelling of Punk and his exaggerations. Whereas the defense made their case on the fact that it was clear Punk had complaints and was receiving less than desirable treatment.

As the case went on it felt more and more like the judge was getting less and less patient with both legal teams and their approach. It was definitely a test from the public as far as putting aside their fandom and truly trying to be objective.

This is great news for both wrestlers as Punk has a big fight with the UFC coming up THIS WEEKEND. So having at least a chunk of the week for final preparations and this stress off his plate must be a great feeling. For Cabana, he can now go back to being his fun-loving self and traveling the world doing what he loves. This has been a long ordeal for all involved and hopefully, all parties move on from this.

The case has been covered in great detail by our friends Ross Berman (@RossWBermanIV) and Nick Hausman (@WZRebel) over at WrestleZone. They delivered fantastic notes of the proceedings each day that were used by the entire industry. I would like to thank them for their diligent work and dedication to accurate reporting and coverage.


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