NXT Takeover: Chicago – Preview

For the second time in their history, the NXT branch of WWE will be gracing Chicago with their presence.  They have quite a bit to live up to from the first one, as it not only had the start of the Gargano and Ciampa feud but also one of the best matches in WWE history between Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate.  If any card has the chance to top it though, this would be it.  Start to finish, there isn’t a weak match on the card, and I think it’s safe to say that we are all in for a treat.

Just a side note here, as I’m not sure what order the card will actually be in, there is no real rhyme or reason to the order I put them in here.




NXT Women’s Championship Match

Shayna Baszler (c) v. Nikki Cross

As seems to be the case with NXT as of late, the one match featuring the Women of the brand has every chance to steal the show.  Cross emerged as a bit of a darkhorse contender for the title when she literally stole the belt from Baszler, which led to the match being made.  This also sheds light as to why Cross wasn’t included in the recent batch of call-ups, even though I do see that coming soon.

Baszler has been nothing short of a dominant champion since defeating Ember Moon for it, but she also hasn’t faced someone the caliber of Cross. This will be a great test for Shayna as Cross is not only an experienced competitor but she is a wild woman that will do whatever it takes to leave Chicago with the title. This thing could easily spill out into the crowd and around the arena before the bell even rings.

I think Cross is going to give Baszler a hell of a fight and make her EARN that championship, but ultimately it will be Shayna’s night. As much as I’d love for Cross to stay in NXT, she should soon join her family up on SmackDown Live and wreak havoc on the main roster. The next few challengers for Baszler should be Dakota Kai, Kairi Sane, and Candice LeRae. Three incredibly talented wrestlers that can tell amazing stories with the merciless champion.

Winner: Shayna Baszler




NXT Tag Team Championship Match

The Undisputed Era (c) v. Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch

The Undisputed Era has been running on all cylinders since their arrival at NXT Takeover Brooklyn III. Since then they have added some gold to the trophy case as Adam Cole is the North American Champion, and Roddy Strong, Kyle O’Reilly, and Bobby Fish are all NXt Tag Champions per the “Freebird Rule.” Now don’t get me wrong, The Undisputed Era is great and I’m a big fan, but Lorcan and Burch are no slouches.

Both challengers are known for their smashmouth hard-hitting style in the ring. And neither man knows the meaning of the word “quit.” This sure as hell won’t be an easy night at the office for Strong and KOR by any means. Much like Nikki Cross in the Women’s Title match, Lorcan and Burch are going to make sure Undisputed Era earn those belts.

This is going to be a fast-paced match with some incredible technical work by all four men. Each wrestler in this match is highly talented not only in the striking game but in submission work as well. Undisputed Era will leave Chicago as champions but Burch and Lorcan will make sure they know they were in a fight.

Winner: Undisputed Era




Ricochet v. The Velveteen Dream

This will be without a doubt the most athletic match we see all weekend. The things that these two are capable of is beyond belief. This feud began instantly with Ricochet’s debut with the company. Until that point Dream had been the one stealing fan’s imaginations with his athleticism. Now he has to share the spotlight with someone just as talented and maybe even more so.

The thing that sticks out the most in this buildup has actually been their social media banter. Dream has been going to next level heights with his trolling of Ricochet, even going as far as taunting him with his old Lucha Underground persona. Richochet would follow those taunts up by scorching Dream with his elimnation from Tough Enough. Ricochet would soon answer one of Dream’s callouts by doing an amazing flip to the floor and getting right into his face.

This match is going to be must see and I highly advise anyone and everyone to not blink during this one. Both men definitely have great things in their futures not only in NXT but WWE overall. My feeling is that Dream will get the big win and continue towards the NXT Title.

Winner: Velveteen Dream




NXT Championship Match

Aleister Black (c) v. Lars Sullivan

This is going to be a hell of a fight folks. Black is undefeated in his time with NXT and Lars isn’t far behind. Neither man has felt the taste of defeat but Sullivan does have a draw under his belt. Black is riding high after winning the NXT Title from Andrade Almas and Sullivan has been running through the roster to get here.

I honestly don’t see Sullivan defeating Black as Aleister feels like a major star and someone the WWE will haev on top for a long time. But what this match will present is a big stage test for Lars to see if he can also be on that level in the future. Sullivan is a legitimate monster and will get his offense in and make Black work to retain his title. I see Black walking out still the champion but Sullivan will absolutely make a statement and continue his ride to the top.

Winner: Aleister Black




Chicago Street Fight

Johnny Gargano v. Tommaso Ciampa

This is it folks, the match we’re al lhere for. The match this is a year in the making. Yes, these two have locked horns before but this is easily the biggest platform for their feud. We saw some hints at this during their match for the CWC and glimpses here and there during their tag team run. Whether it be a frustration from Ciampa or the never say die atttiude of Gargano, it’s all lead to this point.

One year ago was the attack from Ciampa on Gargano to close out the original Chicago Takeover event. Ciampa has held nothing back in his attempts to end his former friend’s career and banish him from the wrestling world. Gargano though has not shown any signs of backing down, even stalking Ciampa at his home at all hours. The wildcard in this match with be Gargano’s wife, Candice LeRae.

We’ve seen Candice get involved and unfortunately pay for it with her health. She has also pleaded and begged Johnny to not continue his attempts at revenge against his former brother. This is gonna be violent, it’s gonna be bloody, and both men are going to be different when it’s all said and done. Where as Gargano got the win in their last match, with nothing stopping Ciampa from going to the depths of his evil, I think he will come out on top. The culmination of this feud could come as soon as Summer Slam or Survivor Series, just in time for one or both to get called up.

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa


That’s it folks! Tonight’s card is going to be one hell of a show and per usual, NXT will put the main roster on notice. I can’t wait for Takeover in just a few hours and I hope you all stick to @wrestlaholic and join in on the fun with us!


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