WWE Money in the Bank 2018 Preview & Match Card

With The ‘Greatest’ Royal Rumble and Backlash in our the rear view, now it is time for WWE to pull their proverbial finger out and give us a great Money in the Bank event this year, there is no reason why this isn’t achievable.

I’m going to run down the list of matches announced so far for WWE Money in the Bank 2018, coming from the Chicago Allstate Arena, Sunday, June 18th on the WWE Network at 7pm EST/4pm PST with a kickoff show starting an hour before that at 6pm/3pm, with viewers in the United Kingdom able to tune in from 11pm kickoff, 12am Monday for the main card. We still have the go home shows, although I don’t extort any more matches to be added, maybe just modified. It is also noting that although the event is cross-branded the Money in the Bank match winners can only challenge for titles on their own respective brands.



Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Lana Vs Charlotte Flair Vs Ember Moon Vs Natalya Vs Sasha Banks Vs Alexa Bliss vs Naomi Vs Becky Lynch

I’m liking the fact that prior to this match they’ve allowed Becky Lynch to tap Charlotte out, I just have no idea where that is going as Asuka is headed for gold and Charlotte beat her, meaning in my eyes Becky deserves a shot at the title soon. However, I also feel like the fact that there are no stories or feuds between the competitors going into this match, that makes it a simple answer for me, Natalya wins. Possibly with the aid of Rousey, her new BFF, then screws her later on in the night or a little further down the line, letting Rousey look over her shoulder for a while, awaiting the inevitable.

I don’t see Charlotte Flair or Alexa taking it, I would like for Ember Moon to win personally but with there not being much to go in with it could literally be any one of these women. I only say Natalya due to her friendship with Rousey and that is the only link to one of the title scenes at the moment.

At least we know we won’t be seeing James Ellsworth this time around. It is worth noting that if Lana pulled off the win here and Rusev wins his match later in the night, we could see the first ever couple as holders of the briefcases, and that’s a dynamic I’m already interested in.



RAW Women’s Championship Match: Ronda Rousey Vs Nia Jax (c)

This match makes no sense unless you take the Natalya scenario into account. Ronda Rousey simply hasn’t been there long enough or involved in enough to warrant her taking this spot in my opinion. With many other people on the roster who have been grinding for their title shot for a long time and now have a bit longer to wait.

I like how they’ve made Nia look in her segments where her and Ronda have come face to face and I don’t think she deserves to lose the title yet. But this is WWE so who knows what they have decided. The rumor is that they’re not feeling like they’ve got their money’s worth and unless she’s in the title scene she is going to lose her shine fast. I can see it from that side but I think the long game would have worked better in building her against the rest of the roster first, at least the shot would make more sense.

Plus, we’ve all seen Jax tap out to numerous armbars from people less trained than Rousey. So I see a hokey finish where Natalya attempts to come out and Rousey sees the briefcase, Jax blindsides her and picks up the win. Nattie swears she was there to help or support Ronda and the scene is set for the next event, with both champ and challenger still looking strong going forward, and Nattie still holding the briefcase to give it that extra spice the division needs.



SmackDown Women’s Championship Match: Asuka Vs Carmella (c)

I see this match ending very quickly unless there is some sort of interference. I actually don’t have much to say about this match, it is just WWE’s way of crowning Asuka and getting rid of Carmella’s Money in the Bank briefcase in time for this year’s event.

Asuka should have won at ‘Mania, however, Charlotte Flair was picked to win and the streak was ended, Asuka has lingered on SmackDown with not much to do apart from getting jumped because nobody seems to be able to go one-on-one with her other than Charlotte. Hopefully, this is her time, but what then?



Intercontinental Championship Match: Seth Rollins (c) Vs Elias

This match has been brewing for a few weeks now, with Seth and Elias both being great on the mic, and that guitar shot!! Seth has been on fire as of late and is on a quest as the Intercontinental Champion to prove he is the best. Elias has a few problems with that though, seeing himself as the one who should be in the spotlight.

I expect a good match here, not as technical as with some opponents but Elias is definitely someone who should not be underestimated. While I don’t feel like it will hurt Elias to lose to Rollins, it would be good to see him get a title run soon.

We have seen time after time that Elias can appear out of nowhere, strumming his guitar, only to challenge a top main event star and has been successful on more than one occasion. Seth will have to be very careful with this one and Elias would look good with a title, giving him some new things to do. however, I believe Rollins will win this one, but only just…



SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match: The Bludgeon Brothers (c) Vs Gallows and Anderson

I would love for the Club to reform by way of Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson winning the SmackDown Tag Team Championships, after all, they are a very well decorated team, recognized as such all around the world, and AJ Styles is the WWE Champion, for now…

I’m not counting Gallows and Anderson out at all as they are definitely capable of beating Harper and Rowan. However, I think The Bludgeon Brothers are going to pick up the win here, retaining the titles once more on their path of destruction through the SmackDown tag division.

I’m happy with their new characters and would like to see these two teams feud for a while, rather than them running out of people to bludgeon, although there’s always the imminent arrival of Sanity…..



Jinder Mahal Vs Roman Reigns

This is another one of those matches that just doesn’t seem to make sense on paper, although I’m secretly thinking it may deliver better than we are all expecting, at least I hope it does.

Both men are no stranger to being placed at the top and receiving criticism for it, both men went with it and stuck to their guns and rumor has it that Reigns is going to be facing Lesnar again at SummerSlam, which I’m sure you’re all glad to hear.

At the end of the day, both men are fully capable of doing what is asked of them, maybe not the best of the best but they show commitment at least.

I’m sure they both think the same as us, and would much rather have a match higher on the card, but they are still going to go out there and give it their all so I personally plan on cutting both guys some slack, it’s not their choice where they get put, let’s just try to enjoy the ride at least.

I expect interference on Jinder’s side, with Reigns swatting away all challengers with superman punches before picking up the win. I would be very surprised if Jinder is given the win on this one.



Daniel Bryan Vs Big Cass

When Daniel Bryan returned from concussion induced retirement earlier on this year we all had a list of dream matches in our heads, and to be fair we’ve already been treated to a couple of them with more seemingly teased for further down the line. Many people are frustrated that this Bryan/Cass feud is still a thing, I am as well, but I also see it as good use of over, established talent.

Bryan is being used to tell a story that will hopefully help Big Cass further on in his career, yet the story seems to have stalled and is being kept around with the same premise rather than evolving. Big Cass is bigger than Bryan. That’s the best the writers had.

I suppose it’s simplistic like some of the old storylines of decades ago that some people view as superior to how things are done nowadays, but this isn’t decades ago, it’s 2018. This match should be the one to finish this feud and then Bryan can get on with completing my wish list, yet with WWE’s track record I would put a small amount of money on Daniel Bryan Vs Big Cass still being a thing at SummerSlam.

I can only hope that we are headed for a Daniel Bryan Vs Shinsuke Nakamura feud off of the back of this for the WWE with Joe added into the scene with a Money in the Bank briefcase.



Bobby Lashley Vs Sami Zayn

This is another feud that seems silly on paper because it is. Plagued by some of the worst promos and segments Raw has had in a long time, some may say worst ever. I have mentioned recently that Lashley is stuck in limbo now that Lesnar has signed a new deal, the length and details of which are still not fully disclosed, meaning that Lashley is now going to waste away on the Raw roster.

I’m starting to think he would have been loads better off had he just been brought back as a top NXT guy until Brock was less busy defending his title across the Universe. Or, just drop Roman/Brock and go ahead with Lashley/Brock. The Destroyer Vs The Conqueror.

Instead, we have Sami Zayn being told to do these ridiculous segments about Bobby’s sisters and childhood that make absolutely no sense. Lashley can be good on the mic, he’s just better if he looks like he is shooting rather than blatantly looking like he is acting. I expect Sami to put up a good fight here as he is one of these who doesn’t get the long drag out matches anymore since NXT but still is allowed to hold his own for the most part against other top guys.

I expect Lashley to come away with the win here though, that’s what makes sense, which means WWE will likely have one or all of his ‘sisters’ interfere for Sami to steal the win. Either man winning is fine with me at this point as I just see this as filler en route to Brock, but Bobby makes the most sense.



WWE Championship Match-Last Man Standing Match: AJ Styles Vs Shinsuke Nakamura

This is a match that I am looking forward to greatly, but expect it to turn into a low blow fest, with both Shinsuke coming out on top this time around. He has been unsuccessful in his first attempts at AJ’s WWE title, so I hope they let him have it this time, far too many people get into the zone of losing time after time and not being credible as the challenger anymore.

They did it with Roman, Braun, even Austin Aries, let’s learn from our mistakes and just do what needs to be done. AJ has been a great Champion for SmackDown and has represented his brand well, but this is all he’s got going on at the moment. He will benefit from the switch and being back to the hunt for the title rather than just getting whacked in the Crown Jewels week after week.

I expect both men to give us a great match here if they are allowed, and hopefully, they get the time that they deserve, as we all know just how much of a barn burner it could be between the two men. WWE needs to make this the match of the night barring the actual Money in the Bank matches, and depending on the structure of the card, a fresh briefcase winner could add an extra dimension to this match, someone like Samoa Joe.



Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Finn Balor Vs Samoa Joe Vs Bobby Roode Vs Braun Strowman Vs Kevin Owens Vs The Miz Vs TBA (Big E, Xavier Woods or Kofi Kingston)

There are a few juicy scenarios here. The aforementioned Lana and Rusev dual holders, Joe or Miz entering the WWE title picture with a bang, Finn or Braun getting to finally take the title off of Brock, Owens as the winner jumping Brock at the end of his SummerSlam match with the aid of Zayn, or the best rumour I’ve heard so far, which is that Big E is the New Day member to participate, he wins with their help and then turns on them by saying he is the winner, not them.

Then he has the excellent singles run he was en route to having when he was called up from NXT. I have also heard rumblings of Joe being the winner, however, Finn is owed his shot, Braun is Braun, and Bobby Roode just seems to be here to fill a spot, so storyline wise I am going to suggest that it should be The Miz who wins this match.

Just imagine, Nakamura wins the belt, Daniel Bryan spends his time after the Big Cass feud working his way to the title, only to be chopped down at the last minute by The Miz, who will steal the title from him and lead us into what should be one of the best revenge/retribution style storylines in years. Bryan always being kept one step behind, screwed at every turn will make him a bigger star than he already is. That’s how it should play out in my eyes, however, I wouldn’t begrudge any of them for winning as long as the pay off is worth it when built up.

Fans would like Rusev to pick up the win, and he deserves the push, so does Joe after his return. Aiden English could factor into this match at some point I expect. I also expect him to run into Braun.

Expect lots of ladders to get snapped in half by Strowman and him to most likely get put through both announcers desks, maybe even from the top of a ladder, how else will any of them stand a chance against the ‘Monster Among Men?’ I would like to see him clutching that tiny briefcase (compared to him) and using it to inflict pain on people over the next few months until cash in, with the case being bent up and no longer resembling a briefcase, my call though is Samoa Joe or The Miz.



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