Dolph Ziggler is the new Intercontinental Champion

Last night on Raw, Dolph Ziggler defeated Seth Rollins to win his sixth Intercontinental Championship.

Rollins was red hot as IC champ with some going as far as calling him WWE’s most valuable player thus far in 2018. With Brock Lesnar and the Universal Championship absent, Rollins carried the torch as Raw’s top full-time champion.

The portrayal of Rollins as a gutsy fighting champion led to appreciable contests against Kevin Owens, The Miz, Finn Balor, Elias and others. Pre-Raw, it appeared that Rollins was going to be champion for considerably longer or at least continue his feud with Elias.

Instead, Ziggler answered Rollins’ open challenge and ended Seth Rollins’ Intercontinental Championship reign at two-and-a-half months.

Before last night’s drastic shift in the Intercontinental title scene, Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre had been tearing it up as a bright spot of Raw’s otherwise stagnant tag team division. Arguably, they could’ve been—and could still be—next in line for a shot at the Raw Tag Team titles.

However, Ziggler’s Intercontinental Championship win is a surprising twist. It’s too early to tell what the plan is for him as champ as he will be defending the championship—and could very well lose it—against Rollins.

In the event that he retains, it could plant the seeds for McIntyre to turn on Ziggler at some point and capture the Intercontinental Championship for himself.

Regardless, Ziggler’s pairing with McIntyre and whopping sixth Intercontinental Championship has resulted in renewed investment in The Showoff.



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