Why CM Punk Needs To Be ‘All In’

After witnessing CM Punk’s loss at UFC 225 against Mike Jackson, in what was his second loss since signing to the company oh so long ago.

Managing to last out the three rounds this time, not by skill but by the fact that his opponent was toying with him and could have made it worse real quick; having had many chances where he could have ended it but chose not to.

He acted so much of a fool in-fact that he alongside Punk were both told that they wouldn’t be fighting for UFC again.

UFC 225 Ultimate Media Day
CM Punk was easily beaten by Mike Johnson (Source: UFC)

Punk has categorically said many times that he doesn’t want to return to WWE.

He would maybe consider a Ring of Honor event if the circumstances were right as he has a lot of history with the company but has said he will not be at All In in September.

He will be at just the One Hour Tees signing which sold out immediately so the man himself said he is going to stay as long as he can on the day of the signing to accommodate for as many fans as he possibly can.

The significance of being very close friends with the Young Bucks; it would seem, they are running this big show in the same place at the same time that Punk will be there… coincidence?

Let’s not forget that his remarks about not wrestling again were made just before his fight, where mentally he is going to be in a zone where he was like: ‘Nah I’m concentrated fully on this one thing (UFC 225). I have no interest in this other thing you’re presenting me’ (All In).”

He, of course, could be trolling us and it’s all a work brother!

I’m interested to see where Phil ‘Chick Magnet Punk’ Brooks goes next on his chess board.

Punk is a former WWE and World Heavyweight Champion (Credit: WWE.com)

Does he now sign up to train and fight elsewhere or accept the inevitable?

We will never escape our CM Punk chants and holds a special place with many fans, so why not return and make wrestling even more fun again. I miss those pipe bombs and the cocky, sometimes arrogant demeanour that made Punk stand out just as much as his in-ring prowess.

What better time for a good old pipe bomb promo than in today’s current bubble of expansion.

Punk was the longest holding World Champion of the current era for the company until they allowed Brock Lesnar’s Universal Championship reign to surpass that, which most fans do not recognise as anything significant due to his lackluster attitude and the fact that he is better at not being seen than John Cena is. This, of course, was a subtle dig at Punk, who has just been successful in beating a court case against his former doctor assigned by the company, Chris Amann, so, what goes around…

What would have been a better time to return would have been before Lesnar had gone past Punk’s record, at the last title defense and screwed him out of the belt, thus keeping Punk ahead on that list of longest holders, then went on to face Brock at Money in the Bank in Chicago.

Not only have the Young Bucks said they speak to him regularly and that he’s not totally against the idea, similar was said by current SmackDown star Samoa Joe, who is also a close friend to ‘Chick Magnet’, claiming that he can tell Punk will wrestle again and that he has still got a passion for it.

Smackdown Live star Samoa Joe is one of the few wrestlers who keeps in contact with Punk (Source: WWE)

Just imagine what a return to WWE would look like, with Daniel Bryan back, Samoa Joe on board, AJ Styles, Nakamura, Kevin Owens, not to mention those that are on their way up such as Pete Dunne, Adam Cole, Velveteen Dream, Aleister Black, Johnny Gargano and others.

Alternatively, he could choose to go to Ring of Honor as stated or even New Japan. I like the thought of Punk vs Omega or Okada, Ibushi, Ospreay, Zack Sabre Jr, even an old rival in Cody.

Imagine also what Rey Mysterio or Chris Jericho vs CM Punk in a New Japan ring would look like. Even better, Kenny Omega vs Chris Jericho vs CM Punk in a ‘Best in the World’ match at next year’s Wrestle Kingdom, which hopefully is announced enough in advance that Daniel Bryan goes and joins in the fun after his contract expires on September 1st, the day of All In.

At the end of the day, we want to see him finish the story he started and I think he still wants to finish it, eventually. All In is the perfect way to start that first step back into it all, doesn’t have to be for WWE and him joining elsewhere will be a good way of getting back at them, more importantly he comes back home where he belongs, as we are still sat here by the window, watching, waiting to let him back in.


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