9 Wrestlers Who Should Go Back to Developmental

Triple H was recently asked about the returns to NXT of Tye Dillinger and The Revival at live shows as of late, which turned out to just be them in their hometowns – however, his answer was exactly what we’ve been waiting to hear.

He said he was open for people to go to NXT who are maybe not dealing as well on the main roster as a refresher or to spice up live shows with one-off appearances.

Some may phrase it as being sent back down to NXT: I do not see it as a downgrade, more of an opportunity to have fun.

They can share their experience and wrestle differently than the main roster demands, but most importantly remind everybody, especially creative, why they were picked for a call-up in the first place.


NXT airs every Wednesday on the WWE Network (Credit: WWE.com)

We all know the current NXT roster isn’t without talent and experience by a long shot and neither are the people I would look to send to NXT, they are just in a kind of shell -unable to be at the top of their game because only so many people can be the highlights of the show.

If you’re not one of them, you have to try and take to social media to get things moving along.

Sometimes that works, other times not so much.

Some people, in my opinion, radiate better in a smaller arena than that which the main roster provides. Some people thrive in NXT only to fall flat on their face or be given silly gimmicks now that there are new people writing their stuff.

Just go and Google Bo Dallas’ developmental career. Or even that of Cody Rhodes, who never made it to the top of the heap until he left the company.

These people just need to be allowed to spread their wings a bit and have some choice over who they are character-wise; to allow them to continue growing, as opposed to being let go one Friday due to them having nothing for you creatively despite them booking you into the position you were in upon leaving.

Bobby Roode

Bobby Roode

Bobby Roode has held the United States Championship on the main roster (Source: WWE)

The Glorious One was doing really when he originally had his NXT run, it was different from his gimmick used in TNA – still in suits but now he wasn’t as serious or ruthless.

More boastful than before, he managed to get the gimmick over. His ‘Glorious’ chant and the entrance went well with his new found attitude, however on the main roster it just hasn’t manifested itself in the same way.

That’s not to say he hasn’t had different chances and earned them but he hasn’t been included in the main event scene as much as I would have imagined for a former TNA Champion.

I would have liked for him to have retained his gimmick upon arrival to NXT and on to main roster, feeling that it would have given him an even larger chance at success. I would like to see him go back and him interpret it as a downgrade, initiating his heel turn and now serious demeanour, allowing him to have rebuilt before eventually being plucked up like the little aliens in Toy Story to main roster, never to return again, maybe…

The B Team


Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel accompanied The Miz for most of 2017 (Credit: WWE.com)

The pair have done great with their roles in the Miztourage, I believe they just need to have a chance to not be looked at like jobbers who may get a sneaky win here and there if they cheat or get lucky, there was even the Social Outcasts thing.

Both of these wrestlers come from wrestling bloodlines and I thought they may have received better gimmicks, yet that wasn’t the case. Axel did have that period with Paul Heyman and Ryback but that also didn’t go as well as it could have done.

Also I mentioned Bo’s developmental career, there is no doubt that him and Axel both have great amounts of talents but are stuck in that low to mid-card.

The new tag team need to go and take out their frustrations on the NXT roster, tweak their characters and get serious about their approaches, become legitimate threats together and return to the main roster in a much better place than they find themselves now.

Tye Dillinger

Tye Dillinger

Tye Dillinger joined the main roster in 2017 (Source: GiveMeSport)

Tye Dillinger would be my next choice, as I feel like he got over a lot better with the smaller crowds than the larger crowds where the fun of his chant etc is lost compared to what it was, he isn’t ever really put into any significant roles but was hot when he was formerly on the developmental roster. It’s a shame to see that he isn’t given any opportunities as he is a hugely talented wrestler that is just lingering on the roster list at WWE.com. There are loads of new talents in NXT for Tye to face and blow the roof off with, also giving him a chance to rethink and add some extra layers to the gimmick before he goes back to Raw or SmackDown, so do the right thing WWE!

Curt Hawkins

Curt Hawkins

Curt Hawkins rejoined WWE in 2016

Curt Hawkins is next in line, he’s been on fire this last year with his losing streak steadily growing over time, which isn’t really the role I bet he expected to fall into.

The crazy thing is that he has loads of experience and talent, it for some reason or another gets overlooked and he is used similarly to Bo Dallas, as a feeder for everybody else.

I would like to see him go to NXT and then win his first match, then his second and third and so on until he is at a point that his current amount of losses becomes his amount of wins, returning to main roster as a badass that is sick of how long he’s been waiting for the chance and isn’t going to be stopped now, leading to loads of success on Raw or SmackDown, wherever is lucky enough to get the rebuilt Hawkins.

Apollo Crews

Apollo Crews

Apollo Crews use to be roommates with NXT star Ricochet (Source: WWE)

For a long time now, Apollo has been just wandering around the main roster waiting for that big shot to come his way, which it truly should have by now.

Yet here we are, still waiting for him to move past the stage he is at but it never really evolves. He has great matches and needs a little brushing up on the mic skills but he and possibly Titus and Dana could go back but with a lot more cutthroat approach rather than a comedic one.

They all deserve better and NXT Tag Team gold with their lovely manager by their side wouldn’t be scoffed at.

Mike Kanellis

Mike Kanellis

Mike Bennett uses his wifes last name in WWE (Source: WWE)

Since joining the company with his wife Maria Kanellis, Mike Kanellis hasn’t really done anything that I can remember and isn’t really giving me anything of interest to make me want to pursue his career further.

This is a shame because when I saw Mike Bennett wrestling for TNA I thought to myself as many others did that he would have to be on some sort of list at WWE due to the promise he showed as a performer, yet hasn’t been used in the slightest significant thing in WWE which is why I want him to go to NXT.

It would be a real shame if they got him here just to keep him away from other places and are just planning on leaving him to fester until they let him go.

In NXT, he could do exactly that and build himself into something that people will recognise and want to see when he returns in the future to main roster.

Please don’t waste this one WWE.


Mojo Rawley

Mojo Rawley

Mojo Rawley turned heel after attacking Hype Bro partner Zack Ryder (Source: GiveMeSport)

Another big man who had something going for him upon call-up whilst tagging with Zack Ryder, he was also able to win the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

His run on main roster so far has been dry, his character seeming whiny and unable to get to the top of anything, managing to score a few big wins here and there but never going past that point of entering into any major roles.

I want to see him go back there and dominate, get rid of the pro footballer look get some jeans on with some boots and a tank top and go destroy some folk.

I’m imagining his as that person at the bar you wish you hadn’t just picked a fight with, who then proceeds to wipe the floor with all of you, finish his drink, place a toothpick in his mouth and walk out. Be the badass we know you can be.



Rusev Day is extremely popular amongst WWE fans (Source: WWE)

Short and sweet, I say this purely because I want him to take the Rusev Day gimmick across and have a blast with it before returning to the main roster gimmick in hand to rightfully get pushed how he should be.

It’s reverse psychology, make WWE think they made it as popular as it is. Either way, push Rusev!

Balor Club


AJ Styles has joined with Gallows and Anderson in WWE, but not Finn Balor (Source: WWE.com)

This one I probably getting boos from all of you but I will explain.

All I wish for is that Gallows and Anderson go to NXT to show the whole company why they entered the company in such high regards and had so many title reigns as a team, which is exactly what happened with Prince Devitt (now Finn Balor).

He left a badass character who was being pushed to the stars and made him into a WWE character that can only go so far.

Balor needs to go back simply to start Balor Club officially and then dominate against factions like The Undisputed Era.

Dream matches against Aleister Black are to be found down this road, just enough of a short road for him to blaze a fire over in NXT and to come back red hot, his call-up sort of rebooted, otherwise he’s never going to see that Universal Championship match.

I could have said Ziggler or the Revival but I want to see them stay on the main roster and have their changes made there.

This could be the start of a new era in the company as a whole that starts to stabilise a lot of issues for a lot of people and freshens it all up a bit for us, so I for one plan to enjoy it if it does go to plan.

There were many others that I could have put in this list but NXT is only an hour a week and we don’t want to raid the rosters too much.

If you have any thoughts on anybody you would like to see or think I’ve missed let us know in the comments!



2 thoughts on “9 Wrestlers Who Should Go Back to Developmental

  1. dragonsandzombies

    You are so right, everyone would profit from guys going ‘down’ to NXT, whether it is just for one show or a longer time. It mixes things up and that is always good.

    I haven’t watched Raw & Smackdown for about a month now, cause it got so stale, but planning to get back in. Or trying to. There’s just so much good wrestling going on outside of WWE and both shows are not priority right now. NXT is though.

    I am sad that Bobby Roode’s character is so watered down and boring. He has so much charisma and is best when he can be cocky. His dancing face gimmick just doesn’t work.

    Oh, and yes – push Rusev! Put him on every damn show! 🙂

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