Is Cody About To Set A New Record??

Since the day that Cody Runnels left WWE, all eyes were on him and what would happen now with regards to his career, with which he was at the time not pleased concerning its direction – he had no choice but to sink or swim.

He is, of course, the son of the ‘American Dream’ Dusty Rhodes, there was no sink option.

Not only did he swim, he dominated the independent wrestling ocean like a Great White Shark. He set his sight in prey and hunted it down until he stood at the top of the food chain where he should have been able to get in WWE, had they let him control his destiny a bit more.

The question at first was how would he do without the machine that is WWE by his side, the answer is he knocked it out of the park. He made the right choice.

Being a second generation wrestler he had eyes on him long before his WWE run went sour, with a stellar developmental career, being the fourth Triple Crown winner in Ohio Valley Wrestling, the feeder system at the time, long before NXT was born.

On the main roster, he was a multiple Intercontinental and Tag Team Championship holder and had been part of Legacy, a faction of second generation wrestlers led by Randy Orton and aligning him with Ted DiBiase Jr.

Cody had his highs and lows, eventually giving up after playing his Stardust gimmick alongside his brother Dustin ‘Goldust’ Rhodes, so he took his ball and went home, then he found some buddies who liked to play ball and they all went and played big league games.


Cody and the rest of Bullet Club has redefined independent wrestling.

Then after the challenge was led down, he went and started his own league…

The businessman, idea maker, make it happen and prove them all wrong mentality runs in Cody’s blood.

Not only is he the first person, alongside the Young Bucks, to sell out a 10,000 seat arena in two decades outside of WWE (it was done in less than half an hour), he still stands as the only person to have been at WrestleMania, Wrestle Kingdom, Battle of Los Angeles, Final Battle and Bound For Glory within a one year period.

Soon he may be on his way to another landmark, never done before record, when he takes on NWA Champion, Nick Aldis at All In.

The stipulation at the moment is that Cody has to win his Triple Threat with Dalton Castle and Marty Scurll to gain the Ring of Honor Championship thus making it a title vs title, winner takes all match.

He could become the only second generation wrestler to have held the NWA title. 

Nick Aldis Global Force

Nick Aldis is the current NWA Champion (Source: GFW)

He could be the first co-ROH/NWA Champion, one of them will, providing Cody wins the three-way.

But, to top the craziness off, at the G1 Special on 7th July from the legendary Cow Palace, newly crowned IWGP Champion Kenny Omega will defend against Cody, who by then will have the ROH belt or not.

This isn’t the first time Cody will have faced the IWGP Champion while holding the ROH Championship, after facing Okada during his last run as ROH champ.

Cody could theoretically walk into All In as IWGP and ROH Champions, then win the NWA belt. Would the World (Wrestling Entertainment) implode if someone held so much legendary gold at once?

I doubt think Kenny is going to lose so soon, but let’s say that something happens at the G1 Special causing them to feud even more, and let’s say that ‘Okada Vs Omega: Part V’ isn’t whats going to get booked for All In, how great does this sound, a Winner Takes ALL Triple Threat at All In: NWA Champion Nick Aldis Vs IWGP Champion Kenny Omega Vs ROH Champion Cody Rhodes.

This could be the unification of so much history and prestige, it would undoubtedly have some sort of lasting impact on the wrestling world we know and love.

Let us know what you think in the comments, do you think Cody can do the unthinkable and hold all three titles?

I can imagine Dusty sat somewhere up there with an uncontrollable grin across his face. Well deserved.


Cody held the ROH World Championship for 175 days in 2017 (Source:


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