Is A WWE Women’s Tag Division Feasible?

With all this talk of Women’s Tag team Championships, mentioned by new SmackDown General Manager Paige in a recent tweet, I wanted to look at how this could be achieved, as in would it have to be dual branded or could there exist one on each brand? There is even the possibility that it would be brand exclusive and that Raw would then introduce another new title, possibly a mid-card title for the women’s division on the red brand.

Looking at both of the rosters, there are 13 female superstars on Raw, 15 in SmackDown meaning for it to be a single brand title there could be up to six teams on that brand….if all of the stars were able to pull double duty in both the singles and tag divisions. Given this, we are not likely to see all six teams performing in tag matches on the same nights so the double duty thing can be worked around with careful shuffling, yet I personally think a dual-branded belt would add a lot of depth to the division, with them being able to go back and forth between Raw and SmackDown, meaning a lot more matchup scenarios.

I don’t see all of the 13 women of each brand joining a team, and I would imagine that there would be three to four teams per brand, possibly more, with many of them all still having singles careers at the same time up until the tag division was fully in place and established. I will start with SmackDown’s roster first, as it was their General Manager who put forth the suggestion.

So just to make sure we are clear, this is a dual-branded belt, with the champs being on both shows, whilst teams are built on the individual brands.





Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch

These two friends make up half of the WWE’s Four Horse Women, they have battled each other in numerous wars and have been at each other’s sides through many, many more. I would expect these two to be odds-on favorites in any match where they are challenging or in fact defending Tag Titles. Given their experience in the company now and how well they gel together, plus the friendship adding the element of them falling out here and there like all good friends do, I would look for them to be one of my pillars of the division and build around them character wise.



The IIconics

Ever since these two were put together in NXT they have been fun to watch each and every time our screens have been graced with their presence, they are sly and funny at the same time, with them having the ability to steal the win when they need to. I think that these two could be a great heel team to build your division around and it would give them a platform to show what they are truly capable of. They’ve entertained since showing up in SmackDown and I have no doubt that the pairing will continue to do so long into this new era of expansion into more Women’s wrestling.



The Bella Twins

I think that we are long overdue an appearance from these two WWE Women’s legends and what better way than for them to help by building up the new Women’s Tag division? Their experience and skills would be invaluable to the newer stars and could be a great way to get eyes in the venture with how successful their show is and all the recent Daniel Bryan and John Cena news bringing them all back into the spotlight, they don’t have to stick around as they’ve both done their time and have other things they want to do in life while they can but I wouldn’t mind seeing them for a while in an effort to kickstart this thing.



The Riott Squad

Since debuting on SmackDown this trio has been as dominant as they could be, given the other storylines going on and who they’ve been put against, now over on Raw, after being swapped for the new SmackDown GM Paige’s former stablemates from Absolution Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose. The tag of Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan would work wonders in the division aided by their boss Ruby Riott as a third wheel, possibly even using the Freebird rule to capitalize on situations, making them a legitimate threat to even the most seasoned pairings.


With all those great sounding pairings, now I’m going to look at how Raw’s women and see if they have what it takes to have the belts on their home brand.





Nia Jax & Ember Moon

Nia is currently in the midst of her Raw Women’s Championship run and is no stranger to working well with others, so gold and teamwork are in her repertoire, and with Ember Moon coming up from NXT red hot off of her battles with Shayna Baszler she joined the main roster with ease and is no doubt being watched carefully with regards to where she needs to be placed on her path to being the future female face of WWE. With these two teaming up and being a badass combination they could easily wipe the floor with the rest of this list.



Ronda Rousey & Natalya

As of late Natalya has been the victim of a few underhanded beatdowns, with Ronda Rousey being the one to make the saves on each occasion. I already feel like WWE is in the process of pairing people up on the down low, yet these two could be a great team….. if their friendship lasts that is. I would expect like all things in WWE eventually they come to an end and it’s usually brutal, I would expect these two to be very dangerous on the same page.



Alexa Bliss & Mickie James

For a while now these two have been as thick as thieves and with this mention of teaming people up for gold what better way than to have someone’s back and they have yours, let’s just hope Alexa doesn’t treat Mickie like she did her last friend Nia Jax. I think Mickie James’ experience from years with the company and others will run off on Alexa in the ring and she already has the charisma and character that together they could be the total package. I would expect their nasty sides to lead them to gold on more than one occasion, so long as they continue to co-exist.




Although the former leader and creator of this stable, current General Manager Paige, has told the two other members that Absolution is dead, I believe that these two can find success together, having debuted on the main roster together and built a relationship with each other. They work well together and were shown to be dangerous enough any time the faction would confront other stars. Question is what would the effect of there being no Paige involvement have, would the pair just never be able to see eye to eye or would they become one of the most dominant teams in the division due to their craftiness and speed, only time will tell.



Banks & Bayley

I know that at the moment this pairing just wouldn’t work. Both of them are in the midst of a bad breakup, with the former best friends sliding further and further down the slippery slope towards an eventual encounter between the two, a repeat dog their NXT classic, just with a lot of simmering tension and more experience behind the two of them. Despite this, WWE has teased the Horsewomen vs Horsewomen match in the eventual future, plus we only have Ronda and Shayna so far from the MMA side. So there is time for this feud to happen, allowing Banks and Bayley to eventually get past their differences and back in the same page, which would undoubtedly see them become a fan favorite to become Tag Champions.


Also, if the titles were cross-branded, does that mean that one female from Raw could tag with another from SmackDown? If so, I would absolutely love to see Ronda Rousey team up with Asuka. What if NXT were involved and there was Rousey & Baszler Vs Charlotte & Becky…

Whatever the eventual outcome, I would welcome a Women’s Tag Team Championship division as long as it was booked well and done to work in favor of the roster numbers, it is the next natural step in WWE’s frontier of the evolution of women’s wrestling. Who knows, maybe it’s the first step to that long-awaited Horsewomen Vs Horsewomen match, fingers crossed, only time will tell.


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