Five Wrestlers who need to Stop Using Common Wrestling Moves

So let’s face it some wrestler do moves well and some…. Should quit doing the move. You know how Brock Lesnar does 5000 suplexes every match? It’s because he’s good at them. You know how his finishing maneuver is not the Shooting Star Press. That’s because the move nearly killed him,,,,, twice. Here are five moves certain wrestlers should just give up on.

The Spear: Edge:

People argue about whether Jim Duggan or Goldberg invented the spear but they did it for the same reason, it’s a football tackle. Both Duggan and Goldberg played pro football and having them finish their matches by tackling someone was natural. They practiced the technique in scrimmages….they were good at it. Then you have Edge. Edge is one of the greatest performers of all time. He had fantastic charisma and managed to always reinvent himself. His spear, however, was terrible.

When done correctly the spear should look like it’s going to knock you out of your boots and onto the map. Edge’s looked more like a slightly angry embrace. Instead of firing himself at you and tackling you Edge grabbed you around the waist and….hugged you. Not a good looking move.



Thesz Press: Randy Orton:

Lou Thesz invented the move and named it after himself, though plenty of wrestlers did it. For a while, in the old AWA, it was practically a law that every wrestler had to do a Thesz Press during the match. Even Steve Austin did a pretty good version of the move even if it was just an excuse to punch someone in the face. And then you have Randy Orton. I am not a big Orton fan in the first place.

I think he’s coasted pretty far on an excellent physique, a great finisher, and a famous family. Orton is an all-around lazy wrestler and his Thesz Press looks like it. He never exactly hits the spot he’s supposed to and every Thesz Press he does looks like a botch of another move. Stick to your RKO, Randy.


STF: John Cena:

This vicious submission maneuver was invented, once again, by Lou Thesz but popularized in the ‘80’s by Masahiro Chono. It looks incredibly painful when done correctly. STF is short for “Stepover Toehold Facelock”. It is performed on an opponent who is lying face down on the mat. A wrestler grabs one of the opponent’s legs and places the opponent’s ankle between their thighs. The wrestler then lies on top of the opponent’s back and locks his arms around the opponent’s head.

The wrestler then pulls back stretching the opponent’s back, neck, and knee. The problem with John Cena’s version? It just never looks locked in. His arm is incredibly loose around his opponent’s head and it looks like his opponent could slip out at any time. Clearly, no one wants to injure his opponent but Cena needs to make this maneuver look more painful.


Elbow Drop from the Top Rope: CM Punk: 

You cannot see the Elbow Drop from the top rope and not think of Randy Savage. He sold the move amazingly. He was perched very steadily on the top rope, got great height and it looked like his elbow went right into your heart muscle. Shawn Michaels also did an incredible version of the same move. CM Punk is one of my favorite wrestlers and he does the move as a tribute to Savage but it just doesn’t look good.

First, he never looks comfortable on the top rope. He always looks like he’s eager to jump too early and when he lands, that elbow can be anywhere from the head to the leg. It looks like a sloppy imitation of Savage’s thing of beauty.



Punch: Shane McMahon:  

For a sport that is not about boxing, there is a lot of punching in pro wrestling. Learning to throw a convincing punch is one of the first things wrestlers do. From Bobby Eaton to Arn Anderson wrestlers can throw a punch so well you’d swear they were trying to kill the person. And then you have Shane McMahon. 

The problem is Shane McMahon does have some punch training. The problem is his training does not translate into realistic wrestling punches. Although Shane is probably throwing the punch the right way, it just looks terrible in a wrestling context.

Most of these wrestlers are well loved. Most of these wrestlers are really good at what they do. But please, one and all, stop using these moves!!



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