G1 Climax 28 Night 2 Review

So the B block gets off to a start tonight, and what an act to follow from the A block on night one. So let’s not waste any time and get right to it!


Toru Yano vs Tomohiro Ishii:

So the stone pit bull is the first to get the night off and face Yano. But Yano this year appears to have a little more fire under his ass this year. Yano does keep up his old antics though going for the ringpost early. And Ishii takes a slingshot to the exposed corner.

I thought I’d be sleepwalking throughout Yano’s matches this year but I’m really enjoying what I’m seeing from the DVD salesman this evening.

Yano has had more offense this match than his entire G1 career, honestly. I guess this is a new gimmick from Yano, but his old antics lead to his demise as he tries a few nut shots, but in the scramble, Ishii turns the table and hit a low blow of his own and rolls up Yano for the 3 count. Great stuff from both guys.

Winner: Tomohiro Ishii


Tama Tonga vs Juice Robinson:

The flamboyant one takes on Tama Tonga with some new gold around his waist and with Tama carrying a chip on his shoulder after the attack from G.O.D. on the rest of the bullet club. Both these competitors are definitely out here with something to prove.

Juice opening up the proceedings with some chain wrestling on Tama Tonga, but Tama is keeping up with him hold for hold. Juice is trying to just work a wrestling match, but Tama is hell-bent on taking the match outside, but the US Champ won’t relent.

Tama hits the Tonga Twist but Juice kicks out and Tonga starts to work on Juice’s injured hand. Juice hesitates before using his left hand and in the scramble Tonga takes control.

Juice attempts pulp friction, but tanga loa interferes and receives a beat down from Juice. Juice attempts the move again but Tama reverses into the Gun Stun and picks up the two points. This might be a look into the rest of the tournament for Tama Tonga.

Winner: Tama Tonga


SANADA vs Hirooki Goto:

A rematch from 2016 in which SANADA picked up the shock victory. Obviously, that match is still fresh in the mind of both wrestlers as they meet again on night 2.

The match starts early with a slugfest outside and Goto getting thrown onto the barricade, starting out super hot. SANADA really out here with something to prove with some really impressive offense. SANADA is really dictating the tempo here and flying around all over the place.

Goto is digging deep early and brings the slugfest into the ring, really showing his fighting spirit. He lands the Ushi Garoshi but cannot follow up allowing SANADA to get back into the match.

After a blistering finishing sequence which saw both wrestlers struggling to hit their respective signature moves, Goto hits 2 GTR’s to put the LIJ member away once and for all. A huge win for the NEVER Champ.

Winner: Hirooki Goto


Zack Sabre Jr vs Kota Ibushi:

Taka still accompanies Sabre to the ring and cuts a promo in Japanese for the British submission machine, putting over his submissions and his new move: the Zack-Driver. This match is already giving me goosebumps. The technical masterclass of Sabre vs the high flying insanity of Ibushi.

These two are absolutely laying into each other, stiff strikes really accentuate the insane offense these two are using against each other and this is only the first night of the block!! Sabre counters Ibushi’s triangle Asai Moonsault with a legbar on the apron, just wonderful stuff from these two.

I legitimately cannot even name the series of holds and submissions that Sabre has Ibushi locked into. But somehow Ibushi soldiers on and lands some super stiff kicks on ZSJ, no slowing down from either of these two.

The blistering pace keeps on going as Sabre hits two consecutive PK’s but can only manage a count of two, just so many moves back and forth from these two.

After mind-blowing exchanges of submissions and high flying, Ibushi hits the Kami Go-Ye and secures 2 points in a hard-fought victory over Sabre. Such a high bar set from these two to start the tournament.

Winner: Kota Ibushi


Tetsuya Naito vs Kenny Omega:

If any two wrestlers could follow up the incredible match between Ibushi and ZSJ, it’s our two next competitors, Naito and Omega. They’re poised to absolutely rip the roof off of the arena just from hype alone.

In keeping up with the theme of the night, they are just going at a lightning speed, and Kenny starting the mind games by mocking Naito and Naito responds in hand with his trademark “Tranquilo” pose.

Just a great display of back and forth offense from these two, Omega tries to pull up the outside mat, but Naito dives out onto Omega and Omega lands square on the exposed concrete and puts Naito firmly into the driver’s seat for the time being.

The momentum continually swings between Omega and Naito at a breakneck speed, back and forth back and forth, you may need a neck brace after watching this one.

Somehow every match outdoes the match before it, and these two lay it all out on the line, reversal after reversal and a series of insane spots leads to Omega finally connects with the One-Winged Angel and manages to get the 3 count on Naito on a match I hope you saved up your stars for. And to think, we have weeks of this event remaining, it can only get better!

Winner: Kenny Omega


Current Standings:

A-Block B-Block
Michael Elgin 2 Hirooki Goto 2
Tanahashi 2 Kota Ibushi 2
Jay White 2 Kenny Omega 2
Hangman Page 2 Tama Tonga 2
Togi Makabe 2 Tomohiro Ishii 2
Yoshi-Hashi 0 Juice Robinson 0
Minoru Suzuki 0 Zack Sabre Jr. 0
Bad Luck Fale 0 Sanada 0
Okada 0 Toru Yano 0
EVIL 0 Tetsuya Naito 0

The action continues in the B-Block on the 19th in the hallowed grounds of Korakuen Hall, make sure to stick with me and Bad Brendan as we cover every single night (yes every single night).


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