G1 Climax 28 Night 6 Review

The Korakuen Hall nights end here and we have some great matches on deck to wrap up these series of nights!

Toru Yano vs Kota Ibushi:

The last time these two met in the G1, Yano secured the victory after only 51 seconds and it almost happened again after an early series of roll-ups, but Ibushi was able to weather the storm.



Ibushi continues the story of using Yano’s tactics against him by removing the ring pad, but Yano responds by removing the other 3 turnbuckle pads in an astounding display. Have I mentioned Toru Yano has been incredible this G1 because he’s been incredible and these matches are filled with story. Yano might have officially joined the “must watch” ranks in the G1 if at least for the humor and story alone!



Yano reverts to his old antics and snaps Ibushi’s win streak after rolling up the golden star after a low blow, and by the way, Ibushi’s hands were taped together by Yano, I guess that’s one way to beat him. And Yano gets his first 2 points of the tournament.

Winner: Toru Yano

SANADA VS Zack Sabre Jr:

Zack Sabre Jr has a claim for the best technical wrestler on the planet, but SANADA is no slouch and is keeping up with ZSJ early on in this match, quite a clinic of pure wrestling.



As the match continues SANADA is able to keep right uphold for hold in an outstanding display from both. SANADA manages to reverse out of a submission attempt and use Sabre’s own European roll up for the surprise victory!



Quite an upset for SANADA, let’s see if he can ride this momentum!

Winner: SANADA

Tetsuya Naito vs Juice Robinson:

Naito tried to get an advantage early, attacking juices hand the night before in their tag match, showing Juice that he means business, and he immediately begins to work on the hand as soon as the match starts.



The injured hand of Juice Robinson continues to be the main story of his matches, with Naito altering his signature offense to strategically attack Juice’s hand, he is not taking the US champion lightly.



After the match gets a little slow, the pace picks up quickly. Such a hot finish from these two really shines at the end as they reverse finisher into finisher into finisher and even kicks out of Destino. But Naito is Naito and rises above, hitting yet another Destino to pin the US champ and get two points.

Winner: Tetsuya Naito

Kenny Omega vs Tama Tonga:

Before the G1 special in California, this match had a very different feel, after the attack from the Firing Squad, this match has much more gravity to it. The BC-OG Tama Tonga vs new “leader” Kenny Omega.



Before the bell even rings, the firing squad jump Omega and start beating down on the best bout machine. But hangman Page and Chase Owens come out for the save and brawl with Tanga Loa and Fale.



Emotions run high throughout the entire match as Kenny deals with interference from the BC-OG and it all spills over as Tama hits red shoes with the gun stun and is disqualified. In the ensuing chaos they try to injure Omega with a chair and in the nick of time, Ibushi makes the save and prevents Kenny from suffering major damage. Things are getting ugly in the Bullet Club civil war.

Winner: Kenny Omega

Tomohiro Ishii vs Hirooki Goto:

Put on your helmet and mouth guards, this match is gonna hit hard, what a main event to end the night with as these two warriors clash in which will definitely be a stiff matchup.



No disappointment here as these two come out of the gate with flurry after flurry of insanely stiff attacks with neither giving up any ground to the other competitor, buckle up for this match folks.

Ishii gets right up in goto’s face and exclaims “what’s the champion gonna do?!” In English, cementing Ishii’s intent to go after Goto’s Never Openweight belt should he end up victorious over Goto.



Somehow these two still manage to keep up an unrelenting pace and continue to just drop bombs on each other, this is the personification of fighting spirit, Bushido, guts, whatever you want to call it, these two have it by the boatload. I think I have a new match of the tournament already.



These two left it all out on the mat tonight. Back and forth, I couldn’t have asked for a better match, and when the dust finally settled after they’ve both reached their limits, Ishii managed to land the brainbuster and finally vanquish the idea that Goto has had his number in the G1. Keep an eye out for Ishii, he definitely has more in store for us.

Winner: Tomohiro Ishii

Current Standings:

A-Block B-Block
Jay White 6 Kenny Omega 6
Michael Elgin 4 Kota Ibushi 4
Togi Makabe 4 Tetsuya Naito 4
Tanahashi 4 SANADA 4
EVIL 4 Tomohiro Ishii 4
Hangman Page 2 Tama Tonga 2
Minoru Suzuki 2 Hirooki Goto 2
Okada 2 Zack Sabre Jr 2
Bad Luck Fale 2 Toru Yano 2
Yoshi-Hashi 0 Juice Robinson 0

Ishii is a man of few words, so no ending promo from him. But again a great ending to a solid night of wrestling in the G1, now it’s time for a bit of a break until the tournament starts up again.


One thought on “G1 Climax 28 Night 6 Review

  1. dragonsandzombies

    This was one of my favourite days so far, even though Ibushi lost. He’s unreal, pulling off moves like that with his wrists tied together. What a legend.

    I was happy to see that people are finally reacting to the Tongans cheating and running out to interfere. Should have happened a bit earlier, but at least we are there now.

    Goto vs Ishii was definitely an amazing match!


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