G1 Climax 28 Night 5 Review

Folks we are working our way through the G1 and they are not slowing down one bit. Night 5 took place from the historic and always energetic Korakuen Hall. With the tournament almost a third of the way through and guys starting to get desperate for points, the clock is ticking. Let’s get to Korakuen Hall and some great A-Block action!


Michael Elgin vs. Jay White:

Elgin finally gets a break from having to wrestle other powerhouses but now has to switch his mentality to watching out for the underhanded offense of Slingblade. Elgin gets out to an early advantage just powering White all over the ring. Jay isn’t giving the entire match away though as he is sneaking slick counters in to balance out the strength advantage of Big Mike.



The match has an incredible back and forth as neither wrestler gets a full advantage before the other can get in some offense. Big Mike is mixing in his athletic offense and then throws in some heavy strikes to rock Jay.

Jay White hasn’t been a slouch in this match though, he’s been able to hit the Saito Suplex and some serious strikes. Slingblade goes on an impressive stretch of counters as he avoids everything that Elgin tries throwing at him.



The energy in the match is coming to a fever pitch and both men are starting to throw everything they have in their arsenals. Both hit big time suplexes on the other and it’s still anyone’s match to win. The ending finally comes when Elgin goes for the Elgin Bomb but as he’s done several times this tournament, White grabs the ref effectively breaking up the move. Jay hits the low blow into the Blade Runner combo and gets another big win.

Winner: Jay White


Yoshi-Hashi vs. Minoru Suzuki:

Minoru Suzuki is 0-2 so far in this tournament and Yoshi-Hashi is going to pay the price for those losses. The match kicks off into an instant brawl with both men beating the hell out of the other. Hashi gets the early upper hand and goes for a chair but his conscience gets the best of him.



Suzuki uses this moment of weakness to get back on top and crack Hashi’s hand into the post. An early ref bump leads to Suzuki tossing Yoshi into the crowd and then just peppering him with chair shots.

Suzuki goes full sadistic evil genius and he is just torturing Yoshi-Hashi. He’s tearing at the shoulder and arm of Hashi and is using the ring to aid him in his evil plan. Hashi is digging deep and finding some heart as he goes on a string of offense that gets him back in the match. Yoshi-Hashi nails a Diving Head Hunter but only gets a two count.



Suzuki gets back on the advantage after fighting off a Powerbomb and is now back to going after the arm. Minoru locks in a Fujiwara Armbar and cranks the hell out of it until Hashi can get the rope break.



Yoshi is able to counter out of the Gotch Piledriver and hits Suzuki with a heavy lariat and a Bunker Buster. He’s able to get the Butterfly Lock applied but Suzuki gets to the rope. After some back and forth, Hashi goes for the Butterfly Lock again but Suzuki is able to counter early this time and finish Yoshi-Hashi with the Gotch Piledriver. Minoru Suzuki is officially on the board!

Winner: Minoru Suzuki


Togi Makabe vs. EVIL:

This is gonna be a hell of a bout and we’re going to see two hosses just beat the tar out of each other. Both men go right after it and start peppering one another with strikes and shoulder blocks. Both EVIL and Makabe find themselves on the outside and business really picks up.

They take turns whipping the other wrestler in the barricade. EVIL grabs a pair of steel chairs, one got wrapped around the neck and head of Makabe and the other, well, was swung at full speed and EVIL cracked a home run out of Korakuen Hall. Makabe is able to get back to the ring as the ref gets to 17.



The brawl continues as both make their way up to the bleachers and Makabe is able to avoid the John Woo Lariat to hit EVIL with one of his own. Back in the ring both Makabe and EVIL are going for their signature moves and are trying to get the win.



After a few attempts, EVIl is finally able to lock in the Banshee Muzzle but Makabe gets to the ropes. In a super creative counter, Makabe avoids the Darkness Falls by beating the hell out of the Traps of EVIL.



We get a just a parade of lariats as each man gets their own and then we see a double lariat spot. EVIL bounces back from a knockdown to hit Makabe with another lariat and the STO for the well-earned victory.

Winner: EVIL


Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Bad Luck Fale:

Tanahashi is going to have to rely on his quick offense and being able to hit and move before Fale can get his hands on him. Fale is out here with the Guerillas of Destiny and the Tongan means business. Tanahashi has an early strategy of chopping the big man down and is going after the legs of Fale.



The match spills to the outside as Tana hits a Cannonball and then gets tossed into the announce booth. Fale follows that up with a chair and Red Shoes is distracted by this allowing Tanga Loa to attack Tana.

Fale is working a great strongman style and is just muscling Tana around. Fale sends Tana into the corner and crushes him with a set of just monstrous lariats. Tana is able to get his strategy back in line and hits a pair of Dragon Screws to breakdown Fale.



Fale gets a set of near falls after his Big Splash and a Samoan Drop. The match is about to hit the climax as both men are going for their finishers. Tana gets the Twist and Shout but can’t connect with the High Fly Flow. Fale connects with a Grenade for a close two count.

Tanahashi gets the Slingblade and finally squashes Fale with the High Fly Flow but Red Shoes is pulled out of the ring by Tanga Loa. Loa attacks Tanahashi and as Fale goes for a lariat he misses and decks Loa.



Tama Tonga makes his way into the ring and plants Tana with a Gun Stun. Fale goes for the pin but Red Shoes defiantly gives the Tongans the double middle finger and DQ’s Fale.

Winner: Hiroshi Tanahashi


Hangman Page vs. Kazuchika Okada:

It’s main event time folks! leading up to this match, Page had demanded that the “real” Okada show up and knock off all the goofy shenanigans. Page has had some strong performances as of late and he wants to be able to say that he beat The Rainmaker and not this shell.

The match opens with Page and Okada trading holds with neither getting the dominant position. Page starts to take the match over and hits a great sequence of a clothesline to the outside, a Slingshot Senton over the top and then a suplex in the ring for two.



Page is in full control of this first portion of the match and is working over Okada. Okada tries to fight off the offense of Hangman but to no avail. Page avoids an Okada Senton and hits a gorgeous Standing Shooting Star Press for the near fall.

Okada is showing signs of his former self as he begins to fight off everything that Page is throwing at him. Okada sends Page to the floor with a dropkick and then begins to work the big man. Sending Page into the barricade and then connecting with a Yakuza Kick, sends Page into the crowd.



Hangman hits the Buckshot Lariat on the outside and just like that he’s right back in the match. Both men go for their finishers with Okada countering the Rite of Passage and Page fighting off the Tombstone. Page is able to get the Top Rope Neckbreaker that he’s been using frequently as of late but Okada wisely gets out of the ring.

Hangman sends Okada back into the ring and then take his head off with a gorgeous Buckshot Lariat but only gets a two. Both men have given it their all and are throwing everything including the kitchen sink at the other. Okada avoids the Buckshot Lariat and Page counters a Rainmaker attempt.



The end comes when Okada counters a Rite of Passage into a Rolling Lariat that is then followed up with a Rainmaker.

Okada gets the hard-fought victory. As a fan, I honestly feel that Page should be walking away with the points as he put on a hell of a performance against Okada. But much like Suzuki earlier in the night, Okada is finally on the point sheet.

Winner: Kazuchika Okada


Current Standings:

A-Block B-Block
jay White 6 Kenny Omega 4
Michael Elgin 4 Kota Ibushi 4
Togi Makabe 4 Tetsuya Naito 2
Tanahashi 4 Tama Tonga 2
EVIL 4 Tomohiro Ishii 2
Hangman Page 2 Sanada 2
Minoru Suzuki 2 Hirooki Goto 2
Okada 2 Zack Sabre Jr 2
Bad Luck Fale 2 Toru Yano 0
Yoshi-Hashi 0 Juice Robinson 0

Night 5 was alright, nothing too special to write home about. Suzuki and Okada finally getting some points was a good story evolution with us having plenty of time left. I’m really looking forward to seeing where the A-Block ends up as it looks like Jay White’s block to lose. Keep an eye out for Mean Matt and his breakdown of Day 6 later today!


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