G1 Climax 28 Night 8 Review

After an absolute barnburner of a night in night 6. It’s time for the B Block to be back in action tonight. Let’s see what’s in store for the block.


Hirooki Goto vs Toru Yano:

Fresh off some amazing matches, the CHAOS stablemates square off, both looking to grab another 2 points on the night.



Yano immediately goes for the turnbuckle cover before the bell! Neither wrestler even has their entrance gear off, are we seeing old Yano tonight?. Yano again almost steals 2 points but Goto is able to gain his bearings and take control of the match, shortly after he lands the GTR and pins Yano in short order keeping a spot near the top of B block.

Winner: Hirooki Goto


Tama Tonga Vs Tetsuya Naito:

After the antics of Tama and G O D, what will he have in store against the leader of LIJ Tetsuya Naito? Will there even be a match? Or are they just looking to wreak havoc on the entire block?



The tension in this match is palpable, people are growing tired of the nonsense being perpetrated by Tama Tonga and company, including some trading of words before the match even starts, Tama attacks Naito before the bell and draws major heat from the crowd.

But even after this heated exchange, Naito is still able to be “Tranquilo” and does his signature pose in the center after teasing a dive on both members of G.O.D.



Naito is starting to grow a little tired after having some of the longest matches of the tournament and this gives Tama the opening he needs to control the match early on.

Naito attempts a Destino but is thrown directly into the ref, Tonga Loa comes in to interfere but is cut off by EVIL, Bad Luck Fale comes in but is interrupted by BUSHI, this match is an absolute cluster.




When the dust settles, Naito trades low blows with Tama and finally is able to connect with Destino for the victory against all odds. Will these matches start to catch up with Naito?

Winner: Tetsuya Naito


Tomohiro Ishii vs Zack Sabre Jr:

An exciting matchup coming up next between the stone pitbull and the submission expert. The story of most of Sabre’s matches has been if his opponent has been able to keep up with his submissions. Let’s see if Ishii can withstand the onslaught from the British submission master.



ZSJ seems as though he wants to get into a slugfest with Ishii and I can’t help but wonder if that’s a intelligent idea from Sabre seeing as Ishii can both take it and dish out the violence by the bushel.

ZSJ finally starts to apply some of his signature submissions but Ishii is able to handle all of them early on. Ishii takes control and lays in some serious strikes on Sabre.



Ishii shows that he can throw on a submission or two with an ankle lock of his own, but Sabre reverses the submission until Ishii gets out of the hold by sheer brute force.

This match has broken down into a slugfest and both competitors are able to handle what each of them is throwing out, this is an all-out war and nothing short of exceptional from both.



In an astounding display, Sabre somehow manages to do the impossible and after locking in a triangle and taking a powerbomb, he used a sickening combination of holds to make the toughest man in NJPW tap out and ZSJ escapes with 2 points.

Winner: Zack Sabre Jr


Juice Robinson vs Kenny Omega:

Another matchup of champions pits the flamboyant US Champion Juice Robinson against IWGP Heavyweight Champion, Kenny Omega. This match has nothing but potential to be incredible from two great workers. Is Juice poised to pull off the upset against the cleaner?



This match starts off with an electric pace and although both workers are dealing with injuries, you definitely couldn’t tell from the style of the match they’re putting on. The match goes to the outside and a suplex on the concrete followed by a flying knee off the apron lets Omega know that Juice means business.



This match is going like a pendulum with Omega and Juice just going back and forth with an incredible offense, V-triggers and Juice Boxes both lead to near falls and some close calls. But after multiple failed attempts, Kenny Omega gets the One-Winged Angel and puts away a valiant Juice Robinson. Kenny now sits atop the B block at 8 points.



Omega brings Juice’s belt to him in a show of respect for the champion as he helps us champ to his feet after the match. An incredible display from the two of them, one of the better matches of the tournament, but again with the wrestlers involved, that’s hardly a shock to anyone.

Winner: Kenny Omega


SANADA vs Kota Ibushi:

A clash between two wrestlers on an upward path in the block, Ibushi is on 6 points and SANADA is on 4, both are right in the thick of it, and neither competitor looks like taking the night off match quality-wise. This could be an early indicator of who takes the block if Omega somehow slips up.



The atmosphere in the venue is electric as the fans excitement has met its clear peak, this is the match these two have been waiting for as the two of them lock up early, the crowd is split right down the middle between SANADA and Ibushi.

Great chain wrestling from SANADA in the beginning, he’s really showing off here, incredible stuff really. I’m already impressed and it’s maybe 5 minutes in tops.



The match heads outside and Ibushi misses the golden triangle but SANADA takes advantage and lands a Moonsault of his own. They brawl on the entrance ramp and the match makes its way back into the ring.

They start to slow the pace down a bit with a bit of a strike exchange in the middle, and lets not forget Ibushi’s serious kicks, so SANADA might wanna think before he ends up taking too many nasty kicks, which is exactly what happens as Ibushi lands a series of mean kicks followed by a flawless standing Moonsault.



The match ends up back outside the ring and Ibushi connects with a picture perfect Asai Moonsault, as beautiful as it is devastating. Ibushi showing a complete lack of care for his body or his opponent’s body, Ibushi is firmly in control at this point. But SANADA won’t let Ibushi take too much control as he reverses a Powerbomb and lands a missile dropkick of his own.

In an insane sequence, a skull end is reversed into a lawn dart attempt into another skull end and finally into a lawn dart for SANADA as he launches Ibushi headfirst into the ring post. The outstanding effort so far, top class work from two top class wrestlers.



SANADA finally gets Ibushi in the skull end after even more back and forth offense, and seizing upon the opportunity, he lands a Moonsault on the weakened Ibushi to grab the pin and the two points. This is a huge victory for SANADA as he now has 6 points and a tiebreaker over Ibushi. SANADA has just staked an undeniable claim for a winner of the B block. This is a can’t miss match from two can’t miss wrestlers, make time to watch this match, no excuses.

Winner: SANADA


Current Standings:

A-Block B-Block
Jay White 6 Kenny Omega 8
Tanahashi 6 SANADA 6
EVIL 6 Tetsuya Naito 6
Michael Elgin 4 Kota Ibushi 4
Okada 4 Tomohiro Ishii 4
Togi Makabe 4 Zack Sabre Jr 4
Minoru Suzuki 4 Hirooki Goto 4
Hangman Page 2 Tama Tonga 2
Bad Luck Fale 2 Toru Yano 2
Yoshi-Hashi 2 Juice Robinson 0


SANADA cuts a short promo exclaiming his love for NJPW and ends with “see you next time” and we will see you next time as well for our coverage of the G1 climax 28, don’t miss it!


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