G1 Climax 28 Night 9 Review

Folks we are back with some solid A-Block action! Emanating from Shizuoka, tonight’s event did some serious work towards separating the true contenders from those who will soon be eliminated. With that said, let’s go!


Minoru Suzuki vs Michael Elgin:

Big Mike is off to a fast start with his power moves on full display. He’s controlling Suzuki early here by simply muscling him around. But as we all know with Suzuki, it’s only a matter of time before The King gets the upper hand.



El Desperado distracts the referee and Suzuki gets a chair. A couple shots to Elgin with the chair and Suzuki is firmly in control. The two are brawling through the crowd and Minoru is choking Elgin with a chair.

Suzuki is now using the ringside barricades to shred the right arm and shoulder of Elgin. Enziguri by Elgin drops Minoru to a knee and buys Big Mike a small window. Big Falcon Arrow by Elgin in the center of the ring for two.



Suzuki takes it to the ground and locks a Kimura on the left arm, then transitions it into an armbar on the right. Elgin showing heart and power even with the dissection of his arm.

Even with Suzuki doing everything that he can in order to cripple Elgin, Big Mike isn’t quitting. Elgin is digging deep and showing he NJPW has shown repeated faith in him and has him doing well in this year’s tournament.



Buckle Bomb by Elgin followed by some power strikes and a Tiger Bomb for two. Both men have given everything they’ve got as they are both exhausted. After some slick reversals from both, Suzuki hits the Gotch Style Piledriver for the victory!

Winner: Minoru Suzuki


Hangman Page vs EVIL:

Evil is sitting comfortably at 6 points, meanwhile, Page has been having great matches but is in desperate need of some wins. Page goes for Rite of Passage almost instantly while EVIL counters with an STO attempt. Page heads to the floor to clear his head. The match picks back up with EVIL showing his strength with a grinding headlock.

EVIL tosses the referee for trying to stop him from attacking Page and this with the window Hangman needed. He grabs a chair, tosses it to EVIL then kicks it right into his face. Hangman gets EVIL back into the ring and connects with a Fallaway Slam pin for two.



EVIL is just whipping Page from barricade to barricade destroying Hangman’s back. EVIL connects with the Home Run and he is dominating Page at this point. Page is able to get in to break the ref’s count at 15.

Page is finding some strength from deep down and nails a beautiful Delayed German Suplex with the bridge for a two. Hangman sends EVIL to the outside and flattens him with the Moonsault to the floor.



Back in the ring Page goes for another Moonsault but EVIL rolls out of the way. Page lands on this feet and goes right into the Standing Shooting Star Press for two. EVIL hits a Darkness Falls out of nowhere but is only able to get a two.

A string of counters from both men ends with Page nailing the Buckshot Lariat for a two. The crowd is heavily behind Hangman! The match closes with EVIL finally connecting with the STO and putting Page down.



The LIJ man is staying on par with his brothers in the B-Block and the wins are Tranquilo. Sadly, Page loses on his birthday.

Winner: EVIL


Bad Luck Fale vs. Jay White:

Fale is seconded by fellow BC-OG member, Tanga Loa. Switchblade starts the match by sneaking up on Tanga Loa and attacking him to momentarily remove him from the match. White is repeatedly striking Fale but the big man isn’t going down.

The big Tongan goes to the outside and grabs a chair to taunt Red Shoes and White, meanwhile, Loa sneaks in and blindsides White behind the ref’s back.  Both men find themselves on the outside and during a crash into the barricades they knock out the English Commentary.



Jay White is working over Fale, after some heavy throws into the barricade he tosses The Underboss into a pile of chairs. White follows that up by sitting Fale up in a chair and throwing a Young Lion into him. I don’t know if trying to brawl with the big man is the right idea but it’s working so far.

Slingblade continues his onslaught and has used every Young Lion at ringside as weapons against Fale. Minoru Suzuki should be incredibly proud of how Jay White is manhandling these Young Lions. White makes it back into the ring at a count of 17 and now Fale is pissed and on the offense.



White ties Fale up in the ropes and goes on a chopping frenzy. He follows that up with a running European Uppercut and Draping DDT. Fale regains control and is able to get White down long enough to hit the Big Splash for two. White counters the Bad Luck Fall and is able to eventually get Fale up for a Saito Suplex much to the delight of the crowd.



A Bladerunner is countered with a Chokeslam attempt and White is pushed into Red Shoes knocking him out. Now Tanga Loa and Tama Tonga are attacking White like a pack of hyenas.



White fights off the Tongas and hits Fale with a low blow. Tama plants White with a Gun Stun out of nowhere. Fale finally puts White away with the Bad Luck Fall and gets himself some points.

Winner: Bad Luck Fale


Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Togi Makabe:

Makabe is getting the better of the early chain wrestling to kick the match off. Kevin Kelly and Rocky Romero are back on commentary after their brief outage due to Jay White. Makabe is muscling Tana around and he’s really trying to suck the energy out of The Ace.  Tana is showing his fighting spirit and he’s working his way back into the match.



We’re at a more even pace right now with both men getting in their shots and counters. Makabe with a nice Northern Lights Suplex with the bridge for two. Tanahashi with a nasty Dragon Screw to get the big man down.

Both men are standing in the center of the ring trading elbows, punches and chops. They’re just beating the hell out of each other. Makabe connects with a big lariat and a massive High Angle Powerbomb for two. Makabe is doing everything he can to take out Tana but The Ace won’t stay down!


Tana avoids the King Kong Knee Drop and ropes Makabe with a SLingblade for one. Tanahashi is feeling it and the crowd is fully behind him. Tanahashi hits a pair of High Fly Flows and gets the big win over a very game Makabe. Tanahashi now sits at 8 points along with EVIL.

Winner: Hiroshi Tanahashi


Kazuchika Okada vs. Yoshi-Hashi:

Main event time for Night 9 and we are going to get a banger as CHAOS members face off. Okada is looking to right his early faults and Yoshi-Hashi is on a mission to prove himself. Yoshi is out first and as Okada makes his entrance Hashi just stays stoic and pays his goofy shenanigans no mind.

Okada throws his shirt in the face of Yoshi-Hashi and this instantly breaks down into a brawl with Yoshi-Hashi throwing Okada all over the ringside area. Okada is able to counter sending Yoshi into the barricade. Kazu then throws Yoshi into a section of chairs in the crowd.



Though they’re both in CHAOS, it’s clear neither is taking this match lightly. Okada plants Yoshi with the draping DDT using the ringside barricade. Yoshi is able to break the ref’s count at 18 3/4. Okada has fully flipped the switch from awkward/goofy “broken” Okada to the Rainmaker. He is slow and calculating in all of his movements, just dissecting Yoshi.

Yoshi is defiant in the face of the former leader of CHAOS and is peppering him with forearms as Okada challenges him for more. Both men are countering Vertical Suplex attempts but Yoshi is able to adapt and hit the Bunker Buster. Big Draping Dropkick by Yoshi and he’s right back in this!



Both men are showing great fighting spirit and heart here. Okada with a Shotgun Dropkick that sends Yoshi-Hashi flying into the buckle. Okada hits the Rainmaker but Yoshi-Hashi kicks out! Yoshi hits his own version of the Rainmaker and follows it up with a Powerbomb-Backslide combo for two.

Yoshi-Hashi is all fired up and he is throwing everything in his arsenal at Okada but The Rainmaker won’t stay down! Yoshi is torturing Okada with the Butterfly Lock. Everytime Okada thinks he’s free from the grasp, Yoshi-Hashi locks it in even tighter. After several attempts, Okada is finally able to use his lanky frame to create a rope break.



Yoshi-Hashi is wrestling the match of his life. He has taken Okada to the absolute limits and somehow Okada is finding the strength to kick out. Out of nowhere, Okada connects with the Tombstone, a spinning Rainmaker, and finally a third Rainmaker to put away Yoshi-Hashi. Okada may have won the match but holy hell, Yoshi-Hashi looked the best I’ve ever seen him.

Winner: Kazuchika Okada


Current Standings:

A-Block B-Block
Tanahashi 8 Kenny Omega 8
Okada 6 Tetsuya Naito 6
Jay White 6 Kota Ibushi 4
Minoru Suzuki 6 Tomohiro Ishii 4
Togi Makabe 4 Zack Sabre Jr 4
Bad Luck Fale 4 Hirooki Goto 4
Michael Elgin 4 Tama Tonga 2
Hangman Page 2 Toru Yano 2
Yoshi-Hashi 2 Juice Robinson 0

What a night of A-Block action! I couldn’t have asked for a more action-packed day of wrestling. Fantastic stuff all around as no match disappointed. That’s it for me today folks, keep your eyes peeled for Mean Matt and tomorrow’s B-Block action!


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