Over the past couple of months in WWE television there has been a quiet revolution, thanks to a major shift in how cruiserweight wrestling is presented by the WWE higher-ups and making a transition back to the days of yore where they were taken seriously such as WCW in the mid to late 90s.

It has overall been extremely fantastic to watch that unfold recently, So, therefore, I will be the official 205 live analyst for beginning with this weeks episode so let’s get started!


MATCH 1: Lucha House party (Kalisto and Lince Dorado) Vs Tony Nese and Buddy Murphy

This match came about as a result of the various altercations between these men over the past few weeks, as things have become extremely heated as all four men jockey for position in the ever competitive cruiserweight title picture. I’ve been a huge fan of Buddy Murphy’s since his debut in the cruiserweight division this past March because he brings a unique dynamic with him of speed and strength by being by far the biggest in the division at 203 pounds.

Also, he and Nese bring a very nice contrast to the quick and exciting Lucha House Party. However, I believe this match was not as action packed as I expected. which made me slightly disappointed. But regardless this match still was a very solid encounter that told the stories that it was supposed to.

Also regarding the somewhat disputable finish of Buddy Murphy tripping Kalisto, it makes me feel confident in that we will see these two great teams go at it again which is very enticing to me and I can’t wait to see it!

Overall Rating 6.5 out of 10


Quick side note before I move onto the next match, I find Nigel’s commentary during the matches of the Lucha House Party extremely enjoyable as he repeatedly denounces their high flying style with incredible disdain, which is a nice throwback to his ring of honor days where he had constantly used a combination of technical grappling and viciousness to keep hold of the now-defunct ROH pure championship for a record 350 days! While talking down to other styles of wrestling.


Match 2: Noam Dar vs Sean Maluta

Prior to this match, we saw a very nice video package in which it detailed the Noam Dars comeback from injury with his torn ACL last year. Which I really enjoyed and I personally believe that helped put into perspective how hard he worked to get back, therefore, making it easier for him to become likable now that is a babyface in this new era of 205 live.

This match was a very traditional paint by numbers squash match with a Noam victory yet at this stage in his return there’s nothing really wrong with that. We were however still given a very interesting glimpse backstage of his rival TJ Perkins watching the bout. Which makes me extremely intrigued for the next step in this rivalry going forward.

(too short for a grade)


If you are interested to see what Noam can do in big time main events you may check out this match he had with Jay Lethal a few years ago at WCPW in the following link below!


I also loved the promos between Cedric Alexander and Drew Gulack helping send more anticipation and drama for there Championship match at Summer Slam which is bound to be great if given the right time and tools to do so.


Match 3: Mustafa Ali vs Hideo Itami

This was an amazing main event! Both of these guys styles clashed wonderfully from the hard-hitting strikes off Hideo to the high octane offensive off Ali. There was plenty of action to be seen here, while also telling a great story of Ali being the underdog fighting from underneath in the only way he can.

Regarding Hideo, he is so freaking crisp in his strikes and I love how much aggression he is showing in his new heel run, It has truly given him a new lease on life in his career that he desperately needed! These guys really jelled together in what is surprisingly there first one on one meeting despite numerous interactions in multi-man match ups.

The ending in which Hideo repeatedly kicked Mustafa in the head until he was knocked out was extremely well executed and made me truly feel for the babyface. You should really go out of your way to check out this one if your curious as to what exactly WWE’s cruiserweight brand can bring!

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

This was a very nice episode that told a variety of different stories in enjoyable manners and I can’t wait for next week as we speed up on the road to SummerSlam! Thank you for reading and see you guys next week.

** Thank You to @Toms_customs on twitter for the fantastic logo art for this feature!**


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