Why I DON’T Think Braun Strowman Needed To Win Money In The Bank

I’m going to address something that I’m sure a lot of you have already thought yourselves, which is the fact that in my opinion Braun Strowman definitely did not need to win the Money in the Bank briefcase. The monster among men was successful in this year’s ladder match against the likes of Bobby Roode, Samoa Joe, Rusev, Kofi Kingston, Kevin Owens The Miz and Finn Bálor.

There is the case to be made that he is at a point in his career where it’s a viable achievement especially considering the lack of title reigns compared with his dominance. I argue though that not only is Braun credible enough that he doesn’t need the belt, unless there is a plan we’re not seeing, which I will get into shortly, and there’s the fact that other people in that match could have been much better choices to hold the briefcase.



The ‘plan’ they likely have in mind is for Braun to be used as a way out if the fans turn hostile during Reigns’ eventual Universal Championship win, which sucks if that’s the case as it shows they hold him as their second choice, especially given the fact that I think Braun was by far the most credible threat to Brock’s reign to date, the only other option is to use it for a heel turn after a face like Rollins wins the belt, who knows….

I would have liked to have seen either Rusev, The Miz, Finn Bálor or Samoa Joe to win, as I think Bobby Roode has been used too poorly so far on the main roster for it to be a good usage of the time, Owens would be able to be used well with it but I don’t think he is in as much need as some others on the list, and I didn’t want Kofi Kingston in the match because truthfully I wanted it to be Big E that was chosen out of New Day and for him to win it.



Setting up his heel turn, their break up, and Big E’s badass run that we all know he has in him. I wouldn’t even mind if Kofi and Xavier stayed as a tag team, but none the less, Kofi was chosen as he would have had more ‘entertaining spots’ that we’ve seen multiple times already.

Imagine if Finn would have won, given the fact that he had to relinquish the belt after an injury in the inaugural title match, then never receiving his owed match, just a couple of years of being used to get other people over mostly.

Yet if Reigns was down, Brock Lesnar was closing in for the finish, then Bálor’s music hits, Brock looks up the ramp in confusion and anger, yet Finn appears behind the Champ, who is worn out from delivering ten F-5’s, thirty Suplexes of various variety and receiving multiple Spears and Superman punches, to be swiftly taken out and pinned by Finn, finally getting his belt back and ending this tiresome Reigns/Lesnar feud.



On the other side of the coin, there is Rusev, who is desperately in need of a top spot, and could use the chance to further the character and give him some gold again, which is something the man most definitely deserves, he’s steering the Rusev Day movement into mass popularity and is seemingly railroaded every time, as if to tease us that he is this close to the win, but not close enough.

I envision his music hitting near the end of a title match or just after the title has changed hands, and him getting a similar reception to that of Dolph Ziggler when he cashed in his briefcase way back when. The best thing is that he can be used to cash in on almost anybody barring Daniel Bryan and the win would get over right now.



Samoa Joe also could have been used wisely, especially with the likes of AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura and Daniel Bryan on SmackDown, just to name a few. The feuds he could have are endless, and they’re not even really scratched the surface on what Joe is capable of, which is what would have made him so dangerous as a MITB winner, always stalking his prey until the right moment, then appearing from nowhere to choke them out, slap them back to consciousness, cash in and then choke them out again. Out of all of the people here, he would have been the biggest threat to any Championship reign.

Finally, there is The Miz, who ultimately doesn’t really need it, but would have made sure it was used wisely, which I imagine as being just after Daniel Bryan has won the WWE Championship, making Miz the most hated superstar in all of WWE (barring maybe Reigns and Lesnar).



Hot off of his InterContinental Championship reign over on Raw, when traded to SmackDown we all knew he would have to cross paths with Daniel Bryan eventually, the two of them having exchanged barbed words and The Miz mocking Daniel Bryan during his retirement through injury and stealing his moves whilst renaming them. There will be a pay off to this build eventually, and this could have been it, but I suppose at least now we know that their feud isn’t headed down that road. Whatever road it takes, I’m ready to go there!

It’s a shame that one of these men didn’t win, and so is the fact that I feel like a year and a historical win is wasted somewhat due to the fact that Braun is capable enough that its just not necessary and other superstars would have certainly been better served with the win, with many possible storylines able to branch out from that event. Hopefully whatever they have in mind is worth it and I’m wrong, if not then hopefully they get it right next year, what do you think? Let us know in the comments below!


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