Who Leaves SummerSlam With Gold??

As this is one of the most highly debated subjects at the moment, I wanted to look at what exactly might go down at SummerSlam on and following the event.

The champions I’m referring to, Brock Lesnar and AJ Styles. A recent post was made on social media from the AT&T Arena who will be holding next month’s PPV.

The post in question earlier revealed three matches, but note that it does state ‘Card subject to change’. The matches revealed were Roman Reigns Vs Kevin Owens, (still)WWE Champion AJ Styles Vs Samoa Joe and also Jeff Hardy Vs Randy Orton.

It was also reportedly leaked online that WWE Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey would be at a LIVE Event post SummerSlam. Go Figure.

This could very much be a mistake posting this early, or a very deliberate attempt to kayfabe all of us. If so, hats off WWE.

These ‘leaked’ matches would imply that Jeff Hardy loses at SummerSlam most likely via a Randy Orton interference ‘outta nowhere’, I’m not sure if Shinsuke will have another opponent by then or an angle that plays into the Jeff/Randy match being a number one contenders match.

Also it implies that AJ Styles retains at SummerSlam most likely due to some shenanigans that demand a rematch for Samoa Joe, similar to the Nakamura feud AJ just moved on from. If done right, a series of matches with these two wouldn’t be such a bad thing, however we saw how they treated that scenario with Shinsuke so I was hoping for it to be a one and done for Joe.

The third match is Roman Reign Vs Kevin Owens, not for the Universal Championship, which leads me to believe that Strowman wins his match with Kevin and goes on to cash in on Brock, leaving Strowman on top, Brock as former champ at second with his rematch clause and Roman/Kevin falling in behind those two. Or, Brock simply wins the match, clean or not, and disappears off again into the wilderness not to be seen again for months, leaving Owens and Roman to feud, with Braun still waiting to cash in, that is providing he doesn’t try cashing in and fails. At this point that would surprise me.

As we have seen, Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman are not on good terms, and if you follow WWE’s YouTube page you may have noticed an uncut ending to Paul’s emotional comments last week on Raw, stating “against this Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns doesn’t stand a chance.” That was as far as the aired version got, yet in this clip, Paul thoughtfully follows up with “unless…..” and walks off looking noticeably happier and more relaxed, clearly plotting a scheme in his head.

I believe that this may lead to Heyman either siding with Reigns in the match and aiding him in defeating Brock, or so we are wanting to believe, as the other option is it being a scam and he means to help Brock all along. I can see his evil grin as all is revealed and Brock laughs with him like he did at Undertaker during their iconic WrestleMania match, this is Brock and Heyman after all.

Maybe he is planning on joining Braun or Owens and having them cash in on Brock, however my favourite theory is that nearing the end of the match, two huge men descend on the ring wearing masks, Roman is down, Brock is stunned and gets beaten down, Roman still stays on the mat, it is only when he gets up that the masks come off, revealing Akam and Rezar, the Authors of Pain, but this time led by a new manager, Paul Heyman.

Paul urges Roman to finish Brock and pin him, he hesitates, but then roars and delivers the final spear of the night, Roman has his new Empire and we get some damn exciting storylines.

A secondary theory that I give almost as much credence to is that earlier in the night, Seth manages to win back his title, but is beaten down after the match and saved by a returning Dean Ambrose, then later in the night Roman is also saved after winning his match, either from a mad Brock after a Heyman turn, or Braun trying to cash in. Shield reformed.

However, I like to add the twist of Paul getting Dean to aid Rollins in victory and they both then aid Reigns thus reforming the Shield on Dean’s first night back and gaining them both the title belts they are challenging for, this could be a heel Shield led defacto by a crazy Dean Ambrose with the other two just following their Brother, or a fully heel Shield which means most importantly a heel Roman, and you’ve got to love Seth as a heel. Not to mention it would mean Brock dethroned after all this time allowing the division to breath and Heyman advocating for them or simply turned on by them at the end of the night, either way, the odds are stacked against Brock this time.

What do you think about these rumoured matches, and how do you think the results will go on the night? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter.


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