G1 Climax 28 Night 12 Review

We’re storming through night after night towards the Budokan and there’s no sign of slowing down, so let’s see what tonight has in store!


Tama Tonga vs Tomohiro Ishii:

The bad boy Tama Tonga is eliminated from contention but that won’t stop him from trying to throw a crowbar into the works, but he sure hasn’t encountered anyone like Tomohiro Ishii, and it’ll take every trick Tama has in the book to slow him down.



It’s clearly a case of Ishii being able to handle all of the nonsense Tama and Loa can throw at him. He survives interference from Loa on multiple occasions. They attempt to beat him down with a chair, but he manages to break free and beat down the duo with the chair himself. Even Bad Luck Fale gets involved and is unable to beat Ishii with the grenade.



Tama reverses a brainbuster and finally hits the gun stun and after all, that secures the pin and gets 2 points to raise his total to 4 for the event.

Winner: Tama Tonga


SANADA vs Juice Robinson:

It’s a battle between the United States champion and the cold skull and though Juice is eliminated, he won’t let that get in the way of putting on some superb matches towards the final stretch.



They begin by walloping each other on the outside and whip themselves into such a fervor that they’re almost counted out. But make it back right on the count of 19.



In the heat of the moment, juice removes his cast which has been a sort of albatross for him the entire tournament. And this proves to be the spark he needs as he lands his series of punches and takes Sanada down with the pulp friction to most likely end Sanada’s slim chances in the G1. Quite the match from these two this deep in the tournament.

Winner: Juice Robinson


Tetsuya Naito vs Toru Yano:

Yano seems to have returned to his old ways unfortunately but still manages to head to the ring in a dead sprint! Let’s see if he’s able to wiggle his way out of this one.

Naito turns the table on Yano and tapes his wrist to the barricade and Yano almost has to drag the entire barricade into the ring with him to beat the 20 count.



Naito makes it through the usual Yano gamut and lands Destino and pins Yano and gets another crucial 2 points to stay right with Kenny Omega in this tournament.

Winner: Tetsuya Naito


Kenny Omega vs Zack Sabre jr:

The Omega train just keeps on going and going and nobody seems to be able to even slow him down. But then again, Kenny hasn’t met anyone quite like ZSJ. Can the British submission expert derail Kenny’s momentum?



Kenny showing he’s no slouch when it comes to the ground game with some impressive ground-based offense early until Zack takes control, targeting Omega’s leg.

Kenny takes Zack outside and they brawl well into the crowd for a while until Zack manages to get back into the ring. The outside brawling definitely favoring Omega.



Zack is all over Omega with an astounding array of submissions but Kenny seems to be able to handle all of it and manages to avoid falling victim to Sabre. After a series of creative roll-ups, Omega manages to roll up Sabre for 2 additional points mining him up to 12. And Sabre is coming unglued on the outside.

Winner: Kenny Omega


Kota Ibushi vs Hirooki Goto:

The Golden Star takes on another hard-hitting contest against Goto and looks to secure the victory to keep his G1 final hopes alive.

This is a very pro-Ibushi crowd as it is in his hometown, and they’re strongly behind everything he does, going absolutely nuts after he hits his golden triangle outside Moonsault.



Goto gets an advantage after landing an Ushi-Garoshi early, which slows down Ibushi and allows Goto to take control and attempts an avalanche code red until Ibushi backflips to escape from it.



This wouldn’t be an Ibushi vs Goto match without some seriously stiff offense, and these two bring it by the boatload, a variety of sickening strikes from the two of them at a blistering pace.



Ibushi withstands the assault from Goto and lands a Liger Bomb followed up into a Kami Goye to grab 2 points to keep him competitive with Naito and Omega though Ibushi has the highest mountain to climb facing Naito, Tama, and Omega respectively.

Winner: Kota Ibushi


Kota cuts a promo thanking the crowd for attending and says he hopes to go all the way and win, and with performances like this already, I wouldn’t be even remotely surprised if he manages to pull this off.


Current Standings:

A-Block B-Block
Tanahashi 14 Kenny Omega 12
Okada 12 Tetsuya Naito 10
Jay White 12 Kota Ibushi 8
Minoru Suzuki 8 Zack Sabre Jr 6
Bad Luck Fale 6 Tomohiro Ishii 4
Michael Elgin 6 Hirooki Goto 4
Hangman Page 6 Tama Tonga 4
Togi Makabe 4 Juice Robinson 4
Yoshi-Hashi 4 Toru Yano 2

Another incredible night in the books, and the shadow of the Budokan looms heavy over everyone left with a chance in this tournament. Let’s see how these last few nights pan out, and as always, you can count on myself and Bad Brendan to keep you posted for every night!



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