G1 Climax 28 Night 16 Review

The lights shine brightly in Yokohama tonight for the super important 16th night of the g1 climax, there are so many scenarios that can happen tonight, so let’s see how things end up after this evening of action.


Tomohiro Ishii vs Juice Robinson:

Two opponents on opposing sides of momentum as Ishii fresh off a victory over none other than Kenny Omega. And Juice Robinson is fresh off a loss to ZSJ, let’s see if the flamboyant one can bounce back.

Juice was able to be more aggrieved against Sabre but he attempts this sort of style against Ishii and it may have bad results for him, as Ishii can dish it out just as good as he can take it.



Robinson takes the cast off early and has had mixed results after doing so, but it seems to have a great effect for him here as he takes control early.

Now the strikes are starting to pile up and Juice is not backing down and manages to even get the better of Ishii during an exceptionally heated exchange.



Juice looked incredible out there, but Ishii has just been a force of nature, and after more vicious strikes and reversals, lands the brainbuster and pins Juice for the victory. Ishii now has wins over the IWGP heavyweight champ and the US champion, so he potentially has two title matches in his future.

Winner: Tomohiro Ishii


Zack Sabre Jr vs Hirooki Goto:

In a battle between Chaos and Suzuki-Gun, Goto and ZSJ square off for little more than pride, but that doesn’t mean either wrestler won’t give it any less than 100% tonight.



These two start out looking to really hurt each other, but Goto comes out on top and they head to the outside. They have a bit of a brawl and Sabre almost gets Goto by count out, but Goto makes his way back into the ring, where he’s immediately put into a series of submissions by Sabre.

Sabre again with some more gruesome submissions, but Goto manages to reverse one into an Ushi-Garoshi and score a two count. Great back and forth from these two.



In a shocking reversal of affairs, while it looked like Goto had the momentum, Sabre catches Goto in a European Roll for the flash pin and the victory.

Winner: Zack Sabre Jr.


Tama Tonga vs Kota Ibushi:

No time for an intro here, Tama Tonga jumps Ibushi on the entrance ramp to try and gain an advantage over the golden star before getting back into the ring.



Tama gets Ibushi back into the crowd but Ibushi breaks free from Tama and hits him with a Moonsault from the balcony in another incredible aerial display, but after he gets Tama Tonga back in the ring, Loa comes down and distracts Ibushi enough for Tama to gain the upper hand again.



Oh look, another ref bump/interference spot as Fale comes out, but this time Omega makes the save and cleans house with a v-trigger on Fale. But it’s not enough as Tama hits the Gun Stun on Ibushi and pins him putting a huge damper on his B-block hopes.

Winner: Tama Tonga


Kenny Omega vs Toru Yano:

Omega is still lying in the ring after a post-match beatdown from the OGBC, and Yano comes rushing down to try and pin Omega in his weakened state, but Omega kicks out of the pin and the match continues. Nice try Yano.



Yano tries to get Omega counted out by tying Omega to one of the young lions outside and Kenny drags him in before the count of 20 and manages to get separated from the young lion.



Oh, I must’ve had a glitch in my feed because I guess I’m watching WWE RAW now because the Tongans interfere with this match as well. This is crap plain and simple. This is the G1 climax, there’s no room for this booking. I’m not even going to cover the rest of this match.

Winner: Toru Yano


Tetsuya Naito vs Sanada:

It’s a battle of stablemates as LIJ members Naito and Sanada square off in a match with huge implications for the rest of the block. A win for Naito puts him directly in the driver’s seat for the block. He controls his own destiny or should I say, Destino.



Naito puts his fist up for a fist bump, Sanada goes to accept but is grabbed by Naito and thrown into the corner. And Sanada avoids Naito’s Tranquilo pose because he has his leader scouted and would definitely know what to expect.



The action goes outside and Naito really takes control while on the entrance ramp, working over the neck of Sanada which has given him problems before. Sanada makes his way back but Naito immediately goes back to work him over.



The real story of the match is that Sanada won’t just lie down for his stablemate, and even more surprisingly, he can hang with Naito, but Naito lands the Destino for the win and he still has his sights set on the G1 final.

Winner: Tetsuya Naito


Current Standings:

A-Block B-Block
Tanahashi 14 Kenny Omega 12
Okada 12 Tetsuya Naito 12
Jay White 12 Kota Ibushi 10
EVIL 8 Zack Sabre Jr 10
Minoru Suzuki 8 Sanada 8
Bad Luck Fale 6 Tomohiro Ishii 8
Michael Elgin 6 Hirooki Goto 6
Hangman Page 6 Tama Tonga 6
Togi Makabe 4 Juice Robinson 4
Yoshi-Hashi 4 Toru Yano 4

It all comes down to the b-block final matches most of all, Kenny vs Kota settles the entire block with the winner headed to main event the Budokan. We’ll be covering the block finals and the G1 final, so don’t miss it!


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