Cruiserweight Chaos: 8/21/18


Earlier this week we had seen yet another wild addition of 205 Live which was the finale of a very WWE centric weekend of events in Brooklyn New York, and the cruiserweight division was well represented during the second biggest weekend on the professional wrestling calendar!

However, there was one question on everyone’s mind could they keep up the momentum? it’s time to find that out, so ladies and gentlemen welcome to this weeks 205 live review.


Match 1 TJP VS Noam Dar:

We had opened the night with the conclusion of the recent trilogy of bouts between these two great athletes. First things first, I really like the new heel rendition of TJPs theme song because I think it adds a new layer to his personality and his cockiness making him even more hateable as a result.

Now onto the actual match itself, I found this really enjoyable from a technical wrestling perspective and it provided a nice contrast to the highflying main event that was to come. It was also really nice to see Noam work as an underdog babyface for the first time as he fought from underneath scratching and clawing for the chance to hit his offensive maneuvers.

I loved the callback from the last match in the series, as Noam countered the Boston Crab into the ropes that were originally his downfall previously, thus showing the extraordinary craftiness that is necessary to be a babyface in this modern era. In regards to TJP, I thought he worked very nicely as a foil for Noam in this match and that he has a bright future as a heel on this brand if he can be packaged in the right manner.

Overall Rating 7 out of 10


We then were led into an in-ring promo segment from Drew Gulack as he demanded a rematch for the Cruiserweight Championship after he just narrowly lost in a great bout at Summerslam this past Sunday.

This was very nice for me to see because it provided a new dimension to the character of Drew as opposed to the calm technical bruiser that we have become accustomed to, it was good seeing him riled up for a change. Cedric also did a good job here as he seething with rage, whilst insults were being thrown at him with vicious venom and malice.

Overall this segment was very short and to the point, it found a nice way to keep this rivalry spinning on the back burner while not taking too much time away from the main attractions on this weeks episode I can’t wait to see more!


Main Event Tornado Tag: Tony Nese/Buddy Murphy vs. Lucha Dance Party:

Finally, it was time for the main event, which was a rematch of the tag-team bout that I have very high praise a few weeks ago.

This was an extremely fast-paced affair with some very nice psychology peppered in for good measure. Such as Buddy Murphy targeting the injured thumb of Lince Dorado throughout the brawl.

Nese and Metalik also showed some great promise with their spots in this match and I could easily see them both being big stars in the future even outside of the Cruiserweight realm if they continue having amazing performances such as this one!

The ending of Kalisto yanking on the foot of Murphy almost as a form of payback for what happened all those weeks ago was a very nice way to keep both teams strong after the result, I would love to see a tiebreaker between these two great teams eventually!

Overall Rating: 8 out of 10.

Overall I really enjoyed this episode because it showcased a great variety of in-ring styles and kept the major rivalries in play without making them feel stale or out of style just yet, can’t wait for next week! Thanks for reading.


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