Cruiserweight Chaos: 8/25/18

Hello everyone and welcome to my weekly 205 live review series this episode had a lot of interesting matchups that I am ready to give my thoughts on so let’s get started!

Match 1: Akira Tozawa vs Brian Kendrick

We opened the night with a nice match between two former Cruiserweight Champions where Tozawa was looking for some much-needed revenge after the violent ambush from the previous week by Kendrick and his comrades. I really enjoyed seeing Kendrick in the ring For the first time in a while because honestly, he is really good and deserves more credit for what he adds to matches from a storytelling perspective.

I also loved the attention from the commentary being given to the smarts and increased aggression by Akira, as he slowly wore Brian down with some lightning fast strikes while also keeping Jack Gallagher out of his way.

This was a very solid match and it told a nice story of experience versus aggression, and the right man won in Akira. It could also potentially set him up for a match with Drew Gulack if he does eventually win the cruiserweight championship from Cedric which I would love to see!

Match Grade: 7 out of 10

Match 2: Hideo Itami vs Michael Blaze

This was honestly a typical squash match showcasing the extremely brutal strikes of Hideo that I have written about to excess in the past, However, what sets this apart from previous affairs was the shocking and yet well-timed return of the vindictive and velocious Mustafa Ali!

This was a very energetic way to bring him back by having him save a lesser athlete from being demolished by the same man that put him on the shelf a few weeks ago. As the overall package, I enjoyed this segment very much and I can’t wait to see what’s next for these two men in their rivalry.

No Grade

The announcement of Cedric Alexander being in the building next week to call out Drew Gulak is a very enticing prospect and I’m glad that I have something to look forward to next week on the program.

Match 3: Buddy Murphy vs Kalisto

From the ridiculous strength and power of Buddy Murphy to the incredibly athletic skillset of Kalisto this match had a mix of everything with a wide variety of moves making it very easy to watch and get absorbed it. As evident by the loud chants of ” 205” that reverberated throughout the arena!

I also really enjoyed the unique spot in which Kalisto led Buddy Murphy into a trap using the Australians anger against him in a brilliant strategy making this match feel as much of a mental struggle as it was a physical one.

Lastly, I really felt that the victory by Buddy Murphy was the right decision because he needed a big window to get him back on track after all of the recent tough losses.

Match Grade 9 out of 10

To quote 205 live announcer Nigel McGuinness “once again Buddy Murphy puts in a classic!” Do yourself a favor and check this one out because it’s matches like this, that showcase why 205 Live has had such an impressive rebirth recently.

Overall I really enjoyed this episode once again. It kept all the storylines going in a very nice manner while also providing the great in-ring action that the brand has made its reputation on over the past few months. Thank you guys for reading and see you all next week!


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