The Women go ALL In at Historic Event

It’s been days since the historic ALL IN event emanated from the Sears Centre on Labor Day weekend. The dust has settled and the competitors are now on their separate paths once again. But as I rewatched ALL IN today I walked away with one thought, the women stole the whole damn show. Don’t get me wrong there were some great matches and incredibly memorable moments, but the women are the story here.

Setting the tone early on in the night was Jordynne Grace. She was competing in the Over the Budget Battle Royal and she did not disappoint at all. The highlight of the battle royal was her battle with Brian Cage. Both were incredibly strong and just seeing her get the upper hand on The Machine was awesome. Grace even joked that she has set a PR for her squats when she lifted Cage up.

Jordynne would go on to have other great moments in the match with her powerbombing Cage and then eliminating him. She would even get in the face of legendary badass Bully Ray and not back down a step. Slugging it out with the tag team legend and even coming close to eliminating him before he could toss her over the rope. Just an absolutely great showing by one of the wrestling scenes up and coming shining stars. I highly recommend seeking out any and all of Jordynne’s work and prepare to become a fan!

Later in the event fans would be treated to my personal match of the night. In a Fatal 4-Way match we would get Madison Rayne v. Chelsea Green v. Dr. Britt Baker vs. Tessa Blanchard. This match had such a great story going into it and these four did not let anyone down.

Baker came out wearing a modified doctors jacket and with one of the surprises of the night as she entered to Adam Cole’s music. A subtle wink to her significant other. Green would enter in a fantastic play on the Batman villain, Two Face. She would be half Hot Mess and half Chelsea Green. One of the fun parts of the match was her changing personalities throughout and also changing her moves based on which character she was. Rayne kept it simple and but exuded confidence being the veteran of the match and a former 5-time Knockouts Champ. Blanchard had a hell of an entrance being flanked by her legendary family, her father Tully Blanchard and stepfather Magnum TA.

The match was fireworks from the opening bell and fans would get treated to moments where each woman got to shine. With this being the only women’s match on the card these four definitely had some pressure, but they didn’t show a single crack. To me, this was the match of the night, from bell to bell I felt it had the best action of the show. During the match, there were moments where it honestly felt like any of the four could walk away with the victory.

Each of these highly talented wrestlers gave their all in this match knowing the magnitude of the event.  None of them held anything back with all four hitting their finishers and feeling victory in their grasp. There was one moment where there was a rapid succession of dives to the outside the made the crowd jump to their feet. When the dust settled it was Tessa Blanchard that walked away with the victory in a hell of a hard fought battle. When the final bell rang all four embraced in the center of the ring and raised each others’ hands.

Keeping in full swing with Jordynne, Chelsea, Tessa, Britt, and Madison was Penelope Ford. She managed Joey Janela in his match against Hangman Page and made her presence felt. Not only did she help Joey when he needed it but she also had her own moments to shine. As Hangman was on the outside she would ascend the top rope and nail a picture perfect crossbody to Page on the floor. She got involved in the match again later on getting in the face of Hangman.

This led to a fantastic sequence where she showed off her athletic ability and even planted Hangman with one hell of a Stunner! Again, knowing how important this event was and how big it could be for everyone involved, Penelope didn’t miss her shots at all. Another example on this night of the women taking what they’re given and stealing the damn moment.

Another woman to make an appearance on the show would be Brandi Rhodes. She accompanied Cody for his NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship match as she has done countless times. Brandi made sure she was there for anything Cody needed whether it be words of encouragement or trying to motivate him. At one point she sacrificed herself and took a diving elbow from Nick Aldis to the back. She may have not been out there for long but she 100% made her time count and like all the women on the rest of the show, totally shined.

ALL IN was a historic event for the fact that without any true promotion support it sold out in record time and sold more seats than any independent in decades. Nobody knows what the true ramifications of ALL IN will be but in the here and now, it provides hope and a feeling that wrestling is heading for a new boom period.

The fact that coming out of such a historic event where so many things happened that the women arguably stole the show, in my opinion, says even more. These six women knew what they had to do and went out in front of over 11,000 people and crushed it. Go out of your way in a hurry to see anything and everything that you can with these wrestlers involved. Not only is women’s wrestling in great hands with these competitors involved, but wrestling as a whole.


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