Wrestler of the Week: 8/24-8/31

Hello everyone and welcome to my first “Wrestler of the Week,” where I will pick one wrestler from this great sport we all love to spotlight, based off of their performance in that particular week.

This was honestly one of the quieter weeks in terms of show-stealing performances, however, it was still ripe with young stars struggling to make their mark, which caused some interesting unspoken competition. There are plenty of wrestlers I could’ve gone with but I decided to go with someone who not only had a good week but also showed nice promise for his future. That man is……..

Andrade Cien Almas


This past Tuesday Andrade had a very good televised battle with Daniel Bryan. However, what was most intriguing to me was how at home he looked in the ring with a man who arguably was much more used to being in the big time spotlight than he was himself.

Everything from the stiffness of the chops he threw, to the eloquent way that he and Zelina performed their pre-match promo, was superb! It was also surprisingly easy for me to suspend my disbelief in this encounter, partially because of how serious Andrade made the proceedings feel. At that moment it wasn’t just an exhibition match to fill TV time, for those 10 minutes or so it was the biggest match of Andrade’s life!

Despite the eventual disqualification caused by The Miz’s unrelenting pursuit of his adversary. This was still a nice contest and I believe that Andrade was helped immensely by being able to share the ring with a pair of world traveled veterans. Andrade is the future of pro wrestling and that’s why he is this week’s Wrestler of the Week.

Thank you all for reading and make sure to tell me your various opinions because I would love to hear them.


** Thank You to @Toms_customs for another great graphic for this feature!**


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