Hello everyone and welcome to my weekly 205 Live review. Heading into this week we had some big news regarding the Cruiserweight Championship and it’s next contender, that man will be Buddy Murphy, thanks to his extraordinary victory last week. However, the question still remained, what would the fallout be after that huge announcement? Well, the time has come to find out so here we go!


Match 1: Gran Metalik vs Tony Nese

We started the night off with a very high flying and extremely personal competition between two of the best pure athletes in all of WWE. While we have seen some combination of these two groups go at it for a very long time now, they always find a way to pull out something new and innovative in order to keep the fans excited and invested. which I fully appreciate as a fan of this sport.

Such as the hurricanrana to the outside from Metalik to Nese. Or the vicious slam into the barricade that Nese made Metalik the unlucky recipient of as both men scrambled for an important victory. In the end, after a solid match, Gran pulled out the win which should set the stage for him to get more opportunities down the road at the top of the card.

Match Grade: 7 out of 10


This was a very solid start to the night’s action and I was very impressed with the performances of both men here. I am also excited for Metalik to battle Murphy next week as he continues to try to make his case for a future championship match.


Match 2: Noam Dar in action

(I apologize I didn’t catch the name of his opponent in this quick match.) This was a typical squash match showcasing the best of Noam’s energetic and extremely precise maneuvers. However, that was not the true story of the match because a certain young upstart known as Lio Rush was watching from commentary. Making his points known. He is sick and tired of fan favorites such as Noam and others stealing opportunities that he believes he deserves as a result of his extremely impressive 5 and 0 winning streak on 205 Live.


Match Grade None


I have said this before but I will recapitulate my statement, I am a huge Lio Rush fan and I believe that he has a lot of potential for his young age same goes for Noam Dar. so I can’t wait to see what is next for these two young men in this budding rivalry.


Match 3: Cedric Alexander Vs TJP

We ended the night with a very tense confrontation between TJP and Cedric Alexander after Cedric was interrupted whilst he was calling out his current main rival Drew Gulak. TJP requested in his uniquely sly and arrogant manner for a non-title match so being the fighting Champion that he is, Cedric obliged.

I really enjoyed this matches technical exchanges and thought that they were really impressive in showcasing the best of both men’s abilities. They made TJP seem like a serious threat as he took it to the normally dominant champion. Interestingly it was mentioned by the commentary team that Cedric is always wrestling even when it’s not necessary. Nigel McGuinness even compared this situation to the old adage ” pride comes before the fall”.

I am very interested to see where that storyline goes from here now that Cedric has all these different challengers lining up one after another. It reminds me a lot of the storyline that New Japan did with Okada recently. He valiantly fought challenger after challenger to the brink of exhaustion, until he had finally fallen to Kenny Omega earlier this year at Dominion.

In the end, Cedric once again kept up his winning ways by defeating TJP In a very close match with his finisher the Lumbar Check and celebrated until he was ambushed by Drew Gulak to close the show where he passed out in the Gu-Lock.

Match grade 7 out of 10


Just like the first match on this night, this was a very sound affair with some nice storyline implications setting the stage for the future which I enjoyed!

While I didn’t enjoy this episode as much as I have enjoyed others, there was still a nice variety of action with good storyline progression and sometimes that’s all you can ask for, this was a nice one hour watch or so. Next week should be some fun thank you all for reading!


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