Wrestler of the Week 9/1/18 – 9/8/18

Hello everyone and welcome back to my weekly Wrestler of the Week column. This week featured a plethora of historic moments and matches, from the WWE spectrum and beyond. I have contemplated between plenty of different athletes over the past week but I have come to a decision.

Cody Rhodes

This week we have a man who risked everything to make a dream happen both in an in-ring context and outside of it, thanks to his part in the extraordinarily well done promoting of the ALL IN event. Now for that alone, he was worthy of at least consideration for this week.

But the kicker for me in making my decision was the great match he had with Nick Aldis at that aforementioned event. Where these two men used a variety of old-school tactics mixed with new age athleticism to tell a story that was both relatable and exciting to witness unfold for everyone in that arena and at home.

For that 22-minute duration, everyone’s eyes in the wrestling world were on the Sears Centre, as thousands of people unanimously cheered Cody as he pulled through to defeat Nick Aldis. In what was in terms of pure execution and storytelling my favorite match of the whole week!

That is why Cody is my second official Wrestler of the Week. Thank you for reading and make sure to comment your suggestions or thoughts on this ongoing series.


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