Quantity Doesn’t Always Mean Quality

We are currently on a stretch where we will see three WWE network specials in the span of 6 weeks. When this new era of the brand split began we were getting shows that frequently but with them being brand specific, it didn’t seem as daunting. Now that PPV’s are joint efforts again, the weekly TV is not trying to tell three events worth of stories.

So on any given RAW or SmackDown Live, we could see a match that would set up Hell in a Cell, the next would be Evolution, then the third for Super Show Down. It’s just watering down the product and making the storytelling absolutely dismal.

I try and be as optimistic about WWE as I can, you’ll easily find those far more critical than I, but there are times when I just can’t find too many positives. For every Becky Lynch-Charlotte story, we are getting a weird Orton-Hardy. Going into HIAC Becky and Charlotte absolutely feels as if it should be inside the cell, and yet it won’t be since they are already booked for a rematch at Super Show Down.

With the size of the talent roster and having this many shows lumped so close together, there is more than enough television time where these shows could be vastly different. The WWE has five hours of main television each week. With that much screen time, most of the roster could make something out of nothing with just minutes of that. When several segments of the show are dedicated to the same 3-4 people when there is dozens backstage, it boggles my mind.

Despite public opinion, if you make it to the main roster of the WWE then you clearly have some ability that they feel is a necessity. Now I can see the other side of that argument and that the roster may have too many people, and that’s fair. But then that brings this back to my original point, with that much time, they could on a weekly basis give so many more superstars some shine.

Just imagine if Apollo Crews, Zack Ryder, Curt Hawkins, Chad Gable, Ember Moon, Naomi, Mandy Rose, all got more time on the weekly show. More than just a random backstage or being the fourth wheel in a tag match. ACTUAL time to build a character and tell a damn story. They could all crush it. Remember when Ryder won the IC Title at WrestleMania? The building exploded and I can’t remember a single fan disliking it. That could happen weekly if the effort was truly given.

I in no way am blaming the talent, and I don’t even think I’m truly blaming the creative, this goes right to the top. The main in the bosses chair is the one who sets the tone and creates the structure of each episode. He has his favorite toys and those are the ones that will get played with the most. Yeah, he may see an old toy in the bottom of the toy chest and want to play with it for an afternoon, but then it’s back to the favorite.

You could listen to a PPV preview special on any podcast and could very well have a difficult time figuring out if it’s Hell in a Cell, Super Show Down, or Evolution (depending on the match obviously). But all three cards have similar matches booked and it’s mind-boggling. Why should I care about HIAC when a majority of the same people already have rematches or similar matches booked for Super Show Down weeks later? Evolution is not exempt from this as many of the women’s matches for the first two shows have rematches or similar pairings at Evolution.

Instead of having multiple PPV’s crammed into such a tiny window, cut back on the bonus events and take the time to tell more in-depth stories. Or take advantage of what is arguably the most athletic and top to bottom talented roster ever and make the shows interesting. I’m really hoping I get proven wrong with how I’m feeling right now, but as each weekly episode goes by, I’m not optimistic.



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