Last week we had yet another wild and interesting edition of 205 Live. With two enticing matchups that set the stage for things to come. So here are my thoughts on the episode.


Match 1: Gran Metalik vs. Buddy Murphy

We started the night off with a match that included two dynamic and devastating performers as they attempted to improve their already high positions on the brand. The commentary did a nice job with how they framed the constant aggression of Buddy Murphy as they weighed both the pros and cons of his strategy, heading into his championship match early next month in Australia.

I also really enjoyed the creative counters that these men did to each other’s signature moves because they were very impressive physically and told a nice story of power versus speed. I hope Gran Metalik gets some more opportunities to show what he can do down the road because I love his unique style and the way that it interacts with the rest of the 205 Live roster!

Match grade 8 out of 10


Lastly, the promo after the match that Buddy Murphy had, showed a true star quality that is necessary to be a main eventer. I’m glad that he is finally being given a chance to show what he can do after years of being rarely seen in NXT. Can’t wait to see him versus whoever the Cruiserweight Champion is in the next few weeks!


Match 2 Mustafa Ali Returns!

We then transitioned into the in-ring return of one of 205 Live’s top prospects. After a month away Ali returned, though things weren’t as easy as he had hoped thanks to none other than the man that put him out, Hideo Itami. Itami watched eerily from the stage as Mustafa picked up some much-needed momentum with an impressive victory. I’m excited to see how this rivalry turns out going forward and thought the presentation of this segment was well done.

Too short to grade


Prior to the main event, we had two short promos between the equally young and arrogant upstarts, Noam Dar and Lio Rush. It was announced that their first ever meeting would be next week. I can’t wait to see what these men do when they square off. I also really appreciate the attention to detail of having Noam Still be his arrogant self to a certain extent, despite turning babyface recently. All too often in wrestling, I find that heels lose touch of what makes them unique and entertaining character-wise when they turn babyface, and I am glad that that is not the case here.


Main Event: Cedric Alexander/Akira Tozawa vs. Drew Gulak/Jack Gallagher

This was a solid traditional tag team match but sometimes that’s all you need in order to tell a good story. For example, I really loved how Drew and Jack isolated Akira as opposed to the champion. It gave the impression that Drew is afraid of the athletically gifted Alexander which helps add an extra dimension to their story.

It also felt really good as a fan to see some fresh blood in the main event scene in the form of Tozawa because he hasn’t been in the main event for over a year.  I truly feel like it was time for him to be given another opportunity now that the brand has been revitalized the past few months.

Match grade 7 out of 10


In terms of action, this was the high quality that you can expect from these four men so I don’t really have much to say in that regard it was just really enjoyable overall. The announcement of Drew vs Cedric in a title match for next week should be a really fun encounter and I can’t wait to see it!

Lastly, this was a very nice episode with a mix of a little bit of everything, can’t wait for next weeks stacked card as we move to Wednesday nights! Thanks for reading and remember to always give your feedback because it’s much appreciated.




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