Cruiserweight Chaos: 9/19/18

This week we witnessed another action-packed edition of 205 Live that included two matches. Each had their own stakes and feel, here’s my review of that episode!

Quick anecdote before we get started, I realized throughout the show that this was taped before SmackDown Live, as opposed to after which had been the case for the past two years of programming. This was greatly appreciated because I could tell the crowd was more into the matches which made them more exciting as a result.


Match 1: TJP vs Lince Dorado

We opened the night with an exhibition between the smug submission specialist known as TJP facing off against the gravity-defying Lince Dorado. This was really fun from an in-ring standpoint thanks to the incredible variety of tactics on display. Though it was slightly lacking in terms of a story at first.

However, the finish helped make up for that. TJP ripped off the mask of Lince in a very vigorous manner to squeak out a roll-up last minute. I’m very interested to see what these men can do going forward with more of a storyline in future matchups if those do come to pass.

Match grade 6 out of 10


These guys did what they could with the time allotted and I respect what they were able to put together. The commentary was also good since they made sure to mention that TJP defeated Dorado’s ally Gran Metalik to win the revamped Cruiserweight Championship.

We had then gotten the news that Lio Rush found a way through “other obligations” to postpone his match with Noam Dar till next week. This was a very nice way to give Lio Rush some much-needed fan backlash from a storyline sense. While also serving a dual purpose giving Cedric and Drew extra time in the ring for the main event, which they used wonderfully.


Match 2 Cruiserweight Championship: Cedric Alexander (C) vs Drew Gulak

After weeks of build-up, it was finally time for the Summerslam rematch everyone was waiting for! The high-flying fan favorite Cedric Alexander and the despised and dominant Drew Gulak would meet once again. It’s been seen in recent times the excellent chemistry that these men have as opponents, so obviously, expectations were high and thankfully these two warriors did not disappoint.

Everything from the exhilarating counters to the vicious strikes were well done and I truly got the feeling that every move mattered. This added some urgency and importance to the proceedings.

But by far my favorite spot of the match was a small one where Drew left his feet for a simple yet effective top rope clothesline. I’ve spoken in recent months how it’s nice to have character consistency so that way you feel something one way or another. When a character goes against said consistency, such as Drew going to the top rope in a moment of desperation it invokes a feeling within fans.

In the end, after a terrific 20-minute exchange Cedric retained the championship he holds so dearly and will now go on to face Buddy Murphy in two weeks at WWE Super Showdown!

Match Grade 9 out of 10!


This was one of the best matches I have seen in 205 Live since it’s rebirth in early April and it truly had a nice mix of all that is necessary for a big championship match. So you should probably do yourself a favor and check out this one if you ever get a chance because trust me, you won’t regret it!

My thoughts on the show as a whole this week are simple, it was really a one-match show. However, that one match was so good that it helped raise the episode up in terms of overall enjoyment for me. See you guys next week!


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