Wrestler of the Week: 9/16/18 – 9/23/18


Hello everyone and welcome to my next edition of Wrestler of the Week. This week was honestly very big in terms of WWE specific talent thanks to Hell in a Cell and an excellent edition of 205 Live. As a result, there was plenty of great in-ring matches to analyze and pick apart,

However, when the time came to make this decision I thought there was one wrestler that had risen above his peers. That man is………


Randy Orton




Over the past few weeks, I have attempted to write about young or up-and-coming talent each week, but this vicious viper found a wonderful way to get my attention.

That was with his brutal and downright disturbing match with Jeff Hardy inside the chilling Hell in a Cell structure. Every single thing about this match was written and executed to perfection by all involved. I was honestly more impressed with Randy in this match because of how easily it seemed that he was able to convey his aggression and malice towards those in attendance with every movement he took.

This truly felt like the hardcore matches of old and because of that I really enjoyed it. I also loved how through the process of heat transference, Randy took all of the love that fans had toward Jeff and transformed it into loud and ferocious jeers. Therefore making it all the more cathartic when this madman is eventually stopped by an up-and-coming babyface whenever that may be.

Thank you for reading this weeks wrestler of the week article, like always I would really appreciate feedback from all of you on your thoughts.


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