Wrestler of the Week: 9/22/18 – 9/29/18


Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of my Wrestler of the Week column. This week was a very busy one for wrestling that included lots of interesting matchups and moments. While I had plenty of candidates to choose from, there was one man who rose above the rest in an incredibly entertaining championship bout.


Will Ospreay




That was the twenty-five-year-old British breakout star known as Will Ospreay! For the first time in eight months, he competed at Ring of Honor wrestling during one of their biggest pay per views of the year, Death Before Dishonor. Showing off an incredible array of his usual high flying and mixing it nicely with his new more aggressive in-ring persona.

When he squared off with Jay Lethal for the ROH World Championship this past Friday night there was truly a big fight feel in the air. He helped create that with some masterful storytelling, such as not shaking Jay’s hand before the start of the match and contemplating cheating on numerous occasions. The great emotional journey he took the fans on was impressive considering his young age.

He capped off the weekend with an amazing match with Marty Scurll at NJPW: Fighting Spirit Unleashed. The match was for a slot in the finals of a Junior Heavyweight Championship tournament. Though Will would also lose that match, he did more this weekend in losses than many achieve with victories.

He truly showed the makings of someone with a very bright future and I can’t wait to see what he does next! That is why he is this week’s Wrestler Of The Week.

As always thank you for reading this passage and I appreciate any feedback or critiques!


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