Hello everyone and welcome to the next installment of my 205 Live review article. This week had some very fun matches that I would like to give my opinion on but first, there is something I would like to address.

Some of you may have noticed that there was not a Cruiserweight Chaos last week. Honestly, I was super busy last week and time just got away from me. In the future, I will do my best to keep this as a weekly fixture and I apologize for my inability to do so last week, with that being said let’s get to the action!


Match 1: Akira Tozawa vs Gentlemen Jack Gallagher

We opened the night with a solid technical exchange between in my opinion two of the most under-appreciated members of the entire 205 Live division. Both of these great competitors squared off in the hopes of impressing current General Manager Drake Maverick with a win. Gaining some much-needed revenge on their rival in the process as well.

I really enjoyed this match and the great mix between technical and aggressive moves. Everything in this match felt crisp and like it was done with a purpose, which I appreciated from an artistic point of view.

Tozawa finished things up with an empathic victory but that’s not where things ended…..

After bringing back his much-anticipated series of powerpoint presentations it was revealed that Drew Gulak and Jack Gallagher see Brian Kendrick as the weak link in their trio. And thus he was kicked out in an absolutely brutal two on one assault.

Overall Match and Segment Grade 7 out of 10.


All things considered, this was a very solid opener and I am very intrigued by the apparent babyface turn of The Brian Kendrick. I honestly think it could lead to some very fun scenarios down the road.

We then had a very well produced video package showcasing both the challenger’s and champion’s journeys heading into Super Show-Down this Saturday. It really helped give insight into each of the competitors and gave an understanding of what their mindsets are heading into the much-anticipated contest. I cannot wait to see what happens when Buddy Murphy squares off with Cedric Alexander for the Cruiserweight Championship!

The Lio Rush Open Challenge next week should also be very interesting and it offers lots of possibilities for surprises and excitement.


Match 2: Kalisto vs TJP

We ended the night with what was the next step in a brooding rivalry between the Lucha House Party and TJP. This storyline has been very entertaining so far and I like how TJ is using his legitimate background in Lucha Libre to get under more people’s skin and provide much-needed context to an otherwise random feud.

As far as the action itself, it was extremely fast-paced and technically proficient. Which is exactly what I expected from combatants of this caliber. TJ being able to keep up with Kalisto in terms of the highflying affairs was astounding and made this feel like a brutal and hard-hitting competition. Both guys went back-and-forth to prove the old adage of whatever you can do I can do better.

This finish was also crafted nicely because it kept TJP strong while leaving the doors open for future bouts thanks to the sneaky way in which Kalisto rolled him up. Lince Dorado came out in hopes of stopping TJP From ripping the mask off of his mentor just like he had done to him weeks prior. This gave Kalisto the opening he needed to get the big win.

Despite his best efforts and helping his friend get the victory, Dorado still could not help Kailsto keep his mask. After a dastardly and disrespectful post-match assault, TJP got his prize.

Match Grade 8.5 out of 10


This match honestly did everything that it was supposed to do and certainly lived up to the height as a first time meeting between two former champions. Things are bound to pick up in terms of intensity from here on out. I think that will be really fun to see how it all plans out in the coming weeks.

Overall I really enjoyed this episode because it had two solid matches that told intriguing stories. They also kept the majorly important championship match in the forefront of fans minds heading into Super Show-Down in Australia on Saturday.

Thanks for reading this review and I will see you guys next week!


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