The NXT Gen: 10/3/18

Hello again everyone! Welcome to our brand new series that will be covering NXT on a weekly basis. NXT is easily one of the best hours of wrestling television in my opinion. It’s a great length so it doesn’t feel like a chore. There’s urgency due to that very time constraint. And the matches tend to be just ridiculous on a week by week case. With that said, let’s get to the action!


The Matches:

Lacey Evans defeated Candice LeRae by Pin: We kicked off the action on this episode with a firecracker of a match from Lacey Evans and Candice Wrestling. Candice entered to her usual wave of applause that was quickly silenced by boos for Evans. Again, this was a really fun match and a great way to kick off the show as it got the crowd fired up. Evans was able to trick Candice into losing her temper which opened up a chance for Evans to plant her with a Woman’s Right for the win.

The Forgotten Sons defeated  Mixon/Rise/Kirsh by Pin: This was a textbook squash match if there ever was one. The Sons absolutely dominated the three other talents and got the easy win.

Johnny Gargano defeated Tony Nese by Submission: I could watch these two wrestle every damn day of the week and not get tired of it. Both brought all of their high flying and heavy hitting much to the delight of the NXT Arena. Both men had their chances to walk away with a victory in this heated battle. The end would come when Gargano was finally able to lock in the Gargano Escape for the big win. I highly recommend checking this match out!

Lars Sullivan defeated EC3 by Pin: This was a hell of a main event and it told a great story. This was a callback to Lars taking EC3 out of action and now has to pay for his past sins. The One Percent absolutely brought every bit of heart he has to this fight. EC3 gave what he had and unfortunately, it just wasn’t enough. Sullivan was able to capitalize on the empty gas tank of Carter and put him away for the win.


The Stories:

We kick off NXT with the one and only, Nikki Cross. She is bouncing back and forth between challenging Bianca Belair and chirping about who attacked Aleister Black. I was curious when SANITY was called up to SDL and Nikki was left back in NXT what the reasoning was. It definitely feels like she has a bigger role to play in the current landscape of NXT.

In generations past it felt like they would leave one veteran in NXT to stay with the women and it appears Nikki might have that honor now. Nikki challenges Bianca to another match which will take place in two weeks. She also reminds everyone that she has the answer to who it was that attacked Aleister. She is playing a major role in not only the women’s division but the men’s as well.

Last week Velveteen Dream accused Tomaso Ciampa of being the attacker of Aleister Balck. Now, this isn’t the first time the NXT Champ has been accused of the crime. Previously Otis Dozovic had thumbed Ciampa and he paid for his accusation last week. Dream would also not shy away from placing the blame on the champ and with reason. This form of Ciampa has been a textbook opportunist and takes every chance he gets.

Ciampa had a rebuttal for Dream this week and made sure his message was clear. Don’t put the champ’s name in your mouth unless you want to suffer the consequences. He was able to put Otis down and is definitely not afraid to do so again to Velveteen Dream. “Stay out of the champ’s spotlight… I will be the guy that turns the dream into a nightmare” said Ciampa. And with that cold and dark comment, the Dream is on notice.


Overall Reaction:

This was a really fun episode of NXT. Like I said before, they fly by each week not only due to the shorter time slot but also the action. There isn’t a single wasted second on an episode of NXT and that makes the show must-see. I enjoyed this episode as they not only set up a new program for Velveteen Dream and Ciampa but furthered the stories for Cross/Belair and Sullivan/EC3. I gotta go and give this episode a 7/10. I didn’t care for the squash match at all and that brought me down a notch.

Thanks for reading my recap and please leave any and all feedback down below!


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