The RAW Refresh: 10/8/18

It’s showtime! With the dust of Super Show-Down settling and the storms of Evolution and Crown Jewel brewing, RAW was a hell of a show. Coming from the Allstate Arena in Chicago, the WWE did not disappoint. For the first time in a long time, RAW was solid from start to finish. Were there some funky parts, sure but for the most part they hit a home run. With that said, let’s get to the action!


The Matches:


Bobby Lashley defeated Kevin Owens by Pinfall: The big story coming out of this is the double turn making Lashley/Rush the heels and Owens the babyface. It came out after the match that Owens is in need of surgery and they attack of Lashley on Owens was a way to write him off.

Ronda Rousey/Bella Twins defeated Riott Squad by Submission: Quick fun match that saw Liv get some solid shots in on Brie. The end came when Rousey made Riott tap to the armbar. Following the match, The Bellas attacked Rousey and left her in a heap.

Finn Balor/Bayley defeated Jinder Mahal/Alicia Fox by Pinfall: Not too much here honestly. The fun chemistry between Balor and Bayley continues as they move through the MMC.

Kurt Angle won the Global Battle Royal: Angle was dressed as Los Conquistador and actually sat the entire match out. Once Corbin thought that he had the win, Angle snuck back in and started throwing some suplexes. Angle tossed Corbin to win and book his match for Crown Jewel.

Ember Moon defeated Nia Jax by Countout: Friendly match that gained some intensity. The match spilled to the outside and Ember was able to make it back by the 10-count. We may see something come to fruition in time for Evolution.

Bobby Roode/Chad Gable defeated The Ascension by Pinfall: Quick tag match used to further an eventual Roode heel turn. AOP come out after the match and destroy Roode/Gable.

Strowman/Ziggler/McIntyre defeated The SHIELD by Pinfall: This was a hell of a main event with plenty of time. I honestly feel like this exceeded their match from Australia. Some great action with all six men getting their time to shine. The ending came when Roman/Rollins took out Strowman/Ziggler on the outside and Dean got nailed by McIntyre with a Claymore Kick.


The Stories:


The Attitude Era Lives Again

The show kicked off with Triple H and HBK coming to the ring to address the actions of the Brothers of Destruction. After Triple H defeated Undertaker in Australia, the BOD attacked the former DX and left them laying again. The two veterans were none too thrilled with the actions of Kane and Taker. They spoke about respect and how what they once had for the brothers, was gone. The entire promo was used to build to a tag match at Crown Jewel.

At the event in Saudi Arabia, it will be the reformed Degeneration-X taking on The Brothers of Destruction. This will mark the return of Shawn Michaels to in-ring competition. He’s been on the sidelines and very staunch in his never coming back after losing to Taker at WrestleMania 26. I guess when a prince wants to drop a Brinks truck off at your house, you change your mind pretty quickly.

Evolution Takes Shape

After weeks of aligning herself with the stars of Total Divas, Ronda Rousey learned a very expensive lesson on Monday night. Opportunity and envy can never be your friend. With her back turned Rousey was attacked by Nikki Bella, setting up a match for Evolution. The Bellas continued to lay a beating to Rousey, though the champ had small moments of offense. The real question is, where was Natalya? She made an appearance afterward but wasn’t there for her friend when she needed it the most.

Trish Stratus made her return much to the delight of the Chicago crowd. She went right to work and called out Alexa Bliss and Mickie James. The two went back and forth on the mic, each landing their barbs. Eventually, Bliss and James made their way to the ring to face-off with Stratus. They proposed a tag match instead of a singles between Bliss and Trish. Trish is all for the idea and says she needs a partner then, cue Lita’s music! Lita made her way to the ring and the legends clean house. Lita even teased a moonsault before being thwarted.

These are some big developments for the fast approaching all women’s show. With Evolution not far in the future, WWE really needs to start pushing it and added some matches. With it being advertised as having women from all eras, it’s time to start building that interest.


A Crack in the SHIELD

Another week has gone by and another crack in The SHIELD’S armor seems to be showing. After a successful trip down under this weekend, the brothers looked as if they were on the same page. The main event would leave that in serious question. I’ve talked about it for weeks and it just seems inevitable that someone will be turning to destroy the SHIELD. The obvious choice is Ambrose. He’s the only one without any gold, he’s said he is annoyed with having to clean up everyone’s messes and he seems beyond frustrated.

With that said, Ambrose has shown time and time again that he can be the most reliable member of the group. He has been there each and every time that either Seth or Roman have needed some backup. Whereas it seems when he is the one in need, the other two either aren’t around or they show up when it’s the wrong time. After taking the loss for his team on Monday, Dean simply walked out. No music, no fist bump, he just left the other two in the ring. This will be a hell of a story to keep our eyes on.


Overall Reaction:

This was a fantastic episode of RAW, and I don’t say that often. It is mind-boggling that they could put together such an action-packed show like this and have it not be the norm. They have the same time constraints, same writers, and same talent each and every week and yet this is like a miracle. Like I listed above I could’ve done without some of the matches as they didn’t do anything for me but from start to finish this was a great RAW.

Overall Rating: 8/10


Thanks for taking the time to check out The RAW Refresh and feel free to leave any feedback down below!



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