The NXT Gen: 10/10/18

We’re back for another strong edition of NXT tv. With only two matches and a solid over-arching story, this episode flew by in the blink of an eye. We still have no idea who attacked Aleister Black and it seems William Regal isn’t any closer to solving the crime. So with no time to waste, let’s get to it!


The Matches:

Keith Lee defeated Kona Reeves by Pinfall: This was a typical squash match to make Lee look like a million bucks. Reeves did get some offense in but in no way did he get close to winning. Lee showed once again how athletic he is for a performer of his size and build. The crowd was behind Lee from the opening bell and didn’t waver their support at all. Lee is building up wins and momentum on a weekly basis, surely the NXT Championship will be in his sights soon.

NXT North American Championship: Ricochet defeated Pete Dunne and Adam Cole: This match got plenty of time and deservedly so. These three tore the damn house down for the North American Championship. In a week where we have already seen a hell of a triple threat from NJPW, NXT definitely came to play. All three had their moments where it felt like victory was in their grasp. But it was the high flying of Ricochet that would eventually prevail and he’d retain the title.


The Stories:

The main story that has filled a majority of NXT television for weeks now is the mystery of who attacked Aleister Black. We get an in-ring promo from the NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa not only defending his innocence but calling out Velveteen Dream for daring to point the finger at him in the crime. The two trade some razor-sharp barbs until they’re interrupted by Nikki Cross. Cross is the true key to solving this mystery as she is the only one that knows who actually left Black lying.

She taunts both Dream and Ciampa by repeating the phrase “I know what you did.” The crowd even got in on the act chanting “Nikki knows a secret,” and “she knows!” This wouldn’t be the last time we’d see Nikki tonight either as she continues to have all the cards. We’ll also get to see Cross in action next week as she is part of a huge double main event facing off against her rival, Bianca Belair.

Later we see Kassius Ohno confronting William Regal over his lack of competition. Ohno reminds Regal of what he is capable of and demands more action. Ohno is requesting a match against Regal’s “shiny new toy.” Now he is clearly referring to Matt Riddle, as Riddle has yet to make his TV debut (beyond appearing in the crowd).

Just as Regal has had enough, Nikki Cross shows up once again. Much like earlier in the night, Cross looks at Ohno and recites “I know what you did.” I personally am in the camp that Ohno is the attacker of Black, but we still have a long ways to go to find out for sure.

We get a quick recap of the feud between the Undisputed Era and War Raiders. We find out that next week the other half of the blockbuster double main event will be Undisputed Era defending their NXT Tag Titles against War Raiders. If you’ve seen the battles these four men have had in other promotions, you know this match will be absolutely nuts.

We finally come to the main event where we get three men that have been involved in each others’ business for months now. Cole the inaugural North American Champion, Ricochet, the man to unseat him, and Dunne, the dominant UK Champion. These three have an insane level of chemistry and this math was damn awesome.

like I said above at point in this match each wrestler looked as if they’d be walking out as the champion. When Undisputed Era began their feud by attacking Ricochet it was Mustache Mountain and Dunne that came to his aid. In the weeks after these three have had different combinations of tag matches or singles all involving each other. This match called back to all of those previous battles and tied a nice bow on the feud. I don’t see this rivalry ending with this match though.


Overall Reaction:

This was a hell of a show from top to bottom. The two matches delivered with hard-hitting and exciting action and the Aleister Black assault story continues to take the imagination. I have no idea when we’ll find out exactly who attacked Black, or if it was even a single person.

One thing remains true, the answers live and die with Nikkie Cross, and she holds all the cards. Once again NXt benefits form their urgency with only having an hour of weekly television. They deliver fast-paced action and continue to develop storylines for much of the roster weekly.

Overall Rating: 8/10


Thanks for reading this week’s NXT Gen, please feel free to drop any feedback below!



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