Cruiserweight Chaos: 10/10/18


Hello everyone and welcome to yet another installment of my 205 Live review series. This episode had a lot to build on thanks to the incredible Cruiserweight Championship match at Super Show-Down in Australia. So without further ado here are my thoughts on this weeks episode.

We opened with a nice video package showcasing some highlights from the Cruiserweight Championship match in Australia. I loved how it helped heighten the importance of Buddy Murphy’s championship win and I’m really intrigued to see what happens next in his run.


Match 1: Lio Rush Open Challenge

After that video package, we had the first contest of the evening, between two of the brands top battlers. As Lince Dorado answered the Lio Rush Open Challenge that was laid down this past week.

This was a very nice opening match which set the tone for the proceedings to come. I really enjoyed the new aggression shown by Dorado after he got unmasked for the first time a few weeks ago. I really think that storyline has potential if they choose to follow up on it in the future.

Lio Rush was a good mix of athletic and arrogant as per usual. The fact that he’s now a heel on RAW with Bobby Lashley adds an extra layer of character consistency, which makes it somewhat easier to invest in the storylines he takes part in on both brands.

The decision to have Mike Bennett interrupt the match and make his 205 Live debut was very good because it serves multiple purposes. Such as opening the door for a rematch between Lio and Lince down the road thanks to the indecisive finish. whilst giving the 205 Live roster a fresh face to play off of making lots of interesting possibilities as a result.

Overall match grade 7 out of 10


I really enjoyed this because not only was it a solid contest with numerous story arcs coming out of it, but it was also a nice introduction for a new star. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Prior to the main event, we got the announcement of two major bouts for next week, Drew Gulack vs Akira Tozawa and Mustafa Ali vs Hideo Itami in a falls count anywhere match! Both are guaranteed to be good contests worth checking out.


Main Event: Cedric Alexander Vs Tony Nese

We closed the night with a great main event. The former champion Cedric Alexander squared off with the proficient powerhouse known as Tony Nese. Neese was making his return after an excellent match with Johnny Gargano a few weeks ago on NXT.

The story being told here was simple and yet really effective. Both the commentary and the action in the ring tried to portray the idea that Cedric Alexander’s championship loss was really affecting him mentally. Causing him to make some disastrous errors in technique, very unbecoming of a former champion of his caliber. Honestly, I really loved the story because it made the championship feel important and treating the title change as a big deal like it deserved.

I’ve also been a huge fan of Tony Nese for the longest time and it is great to see him in the main event picture for the time being. He more than held his own with one of the brands top attractions in Alexander. After a very back-and-forth exchange Tony Nese picked up the shocking victory with a 450 Splash, sending Cedric Alexander even deeper into his mentally draining downward spiral.

Overall match grade 8 out of 10


This was a great match in terms of athleticism and storytelling. I am extremely interested to see what happens next with Cedric now that he has begun a slight losing streak. I’m sure it will have a worthy payoff at some point. Tony also showed nice promise in the main event picture that I really hope is capitalized on!

This was a very good episode that set some nice stories in motion for the future, whilst providing the great wrestling that we have come to expect from the show and was a really fun watch. See you guys next week!


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