New Japan: Wrestle Kingdom 13 Matches Announced!

Hello, again friends! We are gearing up for the best time of the wrestling year, Wrestle Kingdom season! Wrestle Kingdom is the WrestleMania for New Japan and where the biggest feuds come to fruition. It also kicks off the calendar year for wrestling and really sets the tone for the wrestling world. The following matches were added to the card that already contains the IWGP Heavyweight Championship match pitting Kenny Omega against Hiroshi Tanahashi. With that said, let’s get to the card!



IWGP Junior Tag Title Triple Threat:

Suzuki Gun (c) vs Roppongi 3K vs Los Ingobernables

This match is actually a rematch of the finals from the Super Junior Tag League. Roppongi 3K actually won the tournament and the rights to the title match but in true Wrestle Kingdom fashion, the more the merrier! THese six know each other very well and have a good chemistry so this should be a barn burner. In years past the Junior Tag League is the pacesetter so I imagine this will open the show.



IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship:

Kushida (c) vs Taiji Ishimori

Ever since joining the Bullet Club Ishimori has been a force. He had a great run through the Best of the Super Juniors and had a strong showing in the Super Junior Tag League. Kushida is the flag bearer for the Juniors and the heir apparent to Jushin Thunder Liger. Kushida will be putting his recently won Junior Heavyweight Title on the line against the Bone  Soldier. Ishimori will be a serious test and may force Kushida to move to the heavyweight division.



Kazuchika Okada vs Jay White

This story is filled with drama and this match is gonna be violent. Earlier this year Jay White spurned the Bullet Club in favor of CHAOS. When he joined though he made it very clear that he would still be gunning for Okada. Months later White would make good on his promise and usurp Okada as the leader of CHAOS. Not only did he take Okada’s role at the top but he stole his best friend and manager Gedo as well. Soon after his coup Jay and Gedo would join forces with the Bullet Club OGs forming a supergroup of the two factions. This is Okada’s chance to get his hands on Switchblade and gain a measure of revenge.



IWGP Intercontinental Championship:

Chris Jericho (c) vs Tetsuya Naito

These two first faced off at Dominion earlier this year. Jericho has been targeting Naito for the better part of 2018. He was able to topple the LIJ frontman and secure the Intercontinental Championship. Jericho wouldn’t make a defense until Power Struggle earlier this month. This would get Jericho a match with Naito’s LIJ stablemate Evil. Jericho would successfully defend his title and would even attack Evil after the bell. This would send Naito to the ring to aid his friend and run Jericho off. Despite Jericho’s protests, his rematch with Naito is set and the Intercontinental Title will be on the line at the Tokyo Dome.


This is shaping up to be a hell of a show and New Japan doesn’t miss at Wrestle Kingdom. We still have the World Tag League to decide the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Title match for the Tokyo Dome. There’s also the NEVER Openweight Championship, NEVER 6-Man Tag Titles and whatever devastation Minoru Suzuki will cause!

Thanks for checking out this New Japan update and keep your eyes posted to Wrestlaholi for all of your Wrestle Kingdom coverage!


3 thoughts on “New Japan: Wrestle Kingdom 13 Matches Announced!

  1. dragonsandzombies

    I am so sad that Will Ospreay is injured.. i was looking forward to him vs Ibushi.. Now it looks like it’s gonna be Goto vs Ibushi, if they don’t do it before that. Not bad either.. but not what I wanted 😀

    I wonder who will challenge for the US title? Juice again?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Brendan Mizgala

      I can definitely see your disappointment but I’d also much rather have Will healthy for his quality of life. As far as the US Title goes it all depends on if Trent wins it from Cody. Depending on who wins that match the WK13 match could be drastically different. Always great to hear from you my friend!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. dragonsandzombies

        Oh snap, I totally forgot that Trent has a title shot soon!

        I agree on Ospreay though.. the rest was long overdue! I hope the match with Ibushi will happen another time.

        Thanks, always good to read your posts 🙂


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