G1 Climax 28 Night 9 Review

Folks we are back with some solid A-Block action! Emanating from Shizuoka, tonight’s event did some serious work towards separating the true contenders from those who will soon be eliminated. With that said, let’s go!   Minoru Suzuki vs Michael Elgin: Big Mike is off to a fast start with his power moves on full display. He’s controlling Suzuki early here by simply muscling him … Continue reading G1 Climax 28 Night 9 Review

Punk & Cabana v. Amann Trial Verdict

In what has been an incredibly interesting and to some extent downright strange event over the last week, the end of the Dr. Amann-Cabana/Punk trial has arrived. After testimony from the parties involved as well as other WWE medical team staff, wrestlers, and Punk’s wife, it was left in the jury’s hands. After only a couple hours the verdict was in and was in favor … Continue reading Punk & Cabana v. Amann Trial Verdict