Last week we had yet another wild and interesting edition of 205 Live. With two enticing matchups that set the stage for things to come. So here are my thoughts on the episode.   Match 1: Gran Metalik vs. Buddy Murphy We started the night off with a match that included two dynamic and devastating performers as they attempted to improve their already high … Continue reading CRUISERWEIGHT CHAOS: 9/11/18


  Hello everyone and welcome to my weekly 205 Live review. Heading into this week we had some big news regarding the Cruiserweight Championship and it’s next contender, that man will be Buddy Murphy, thanks to his extraordinary victory last week. However, the question still remained, what would the fallout be after that huge announcement? Well, the time has come to find out so here … Continue reading CRUISERWEIGHT CHAOS: 9/4/18

Cruiserweight Chaos: 8/25/18

Hello everyone and welcome to my weekly 205 live review series this episode had a lot of interesting matchups that I am ready to give my thoughts on so let’s get started! Match 1: Akira Tozawa vs Brian Kendrick We opened the night with a nice match between two former Cruiserweight Champions where Tozawa was looking for some much-needed revenge after the violent ambush from … Continue reading Cruiserweight Chaos: 8/25/18

Cruiserweight Chaos: 8/21/18

  Earlier this week we had seen yet another wild addition of 205 Live which was the finale of a very WWE centric weekend of events in Brooklyn New York, and the cruiserweight division was well represented during the second biggest weekend on the professional wrestling calendar! However, there was one question on everyone’s mind could they keep up the momentum? it’s time to find … Continue reading Cruiserweight Chaos: 8/21/18